Hasbro Star Wars 2019 Convention Action Figure Exclusives Review


It’s time for my last feature on “older” Star Wars figures I’ve snagged over the past little while before I get to all the new stuff released for Triple Force Friday (including the sixth scale Sith Trooper from Hot Toys).

For this feature, I’m taking a look at three of the convention exclusives that Hasbro had for the summer and late summer at SDCC and Fan Expo in Toronto.  These exclusives sold out fast and the aftermarket price on them (well, at least two of them), has remained constantly high.

I got the Luke Skywalker Jedi Destiny Set and the Sith Trooper on Hasbro Pulse.  Unfortunately, it was on two different days and the shipping was crazy expensive and that’s why  picked up some of TVC figures and the Tatooine Skiff I’ve featured.  I needed extra loot to justify the shipping cost.

The Boba Fett was a “must have,” especially because it fits with the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope Black Series figures I have.  I got him online and I paid less than the current aftermarket price.  I’m OK with that, though.  Others unfortunately can’t swallow the price, and I get that.

I’m going to take a look at these in the order of my favourites.  I also have a special look at another Black Series exclusive I’ve had for a while that I decided to sneak into this feature.  Let’s go!


Sith Trooper

This release (and the sixth scale one from Hot Toys) was the first way to get your hands on a new figure from The Rise of Skywalker.  Suffice to say, everyone ate this one up at this year’s SDCC.

The figure comes in the same kind of packaging the earlier Jyn Erso and First Order Stormtroopers came in during past SDCC events (both of which I’m oddly missing).  The slipcase is a very bright glossy red and has the Star Wars logo embossed on the front.  It looks really cool.

When you lift off the slipcase, You can see the figure clearly and touch it due to it having no plastic over the figure.  The back of the box features a larger picture of the Sith Trooper that was featured on the front.

Opening up the side panels reveals five different weapons.  While two of these come with the standard version, having my three extra huge weapons was something I couldn’t pass up, even though I’m not going to take anything out of the package anyway.


Look at those glorious weapons! Two I understand him coming with, but what on earth is the one on the top right? As well, does he come with the jaws of life? Is the bottom right one a leaf blower? I need to see these weapons in action on the big screen to totally understand what the functions are.

As for the figure itself, it’s also a very bright glossy red that contrasts well with the black under suit.  I waited until I got this figure, and the sixth scale one, to really compare it to the First Order Stormtroopers.  There are quite a few differences in the armour and the helmet.  I’ll save those comparisons for my sixth scale review, coming up within the next few days.

I do like the etchings all over the armor and the helmet.  I’m curious to see if these Troopers are going to be more aggressive and accurate in the film or if they’re just clumsy Stormtroopers in red.  I’m going to guess the latter.


Boba Fett (Black Series – The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Card)

I’ve shown my love and appreciate for the anniversary line of A New Hope on these large cards.  I made sure I got all of wave one and two and got the exclusive X-Wing Luke, too!  This jumbo card with the holographic foil effect fits right in with the X-Wing Luke well and makes this release seem like it is a big deal.  I wouldn’t doubt if Hasbro actually re-releases this next year for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, but it just has a plain card with no foil effects and a different backing visual.  The figure also won’t have this particular paint scheme – see the description of the figure below.

Those Kenner inspired colours do make this figure pop, huh? It’s just a great looking figure! This really brings me back to my childhood.  I would have had so much fun with this if I was a kid.

All the sculpting and paint all over this figure is top notch and I really couldn’t find much to nit-pick about.  To me, this is figure perfection.


Click the pics for the larger images just to get a better look at the armor and the pouches.  Hell, the helmet of the figure is simply gorgeous.  I’m not sure if it’s this colour scheme that just makes me drool over this particular figure over the other Boba Fett Black Series release, but everything here just clicks for me.  Fantastic!


Luke Skywalker: Jedi Destiny Set

So if I’m so impressed with the Boba Fett figure, why am I featuring this one last if I’m ordering them in a particular manner? It’s because I had no idea I was going to be this blown away with this set than I was.  I knew I was really going to like (ahem, love) Boba Fett, but since I got this set in hand, it was the one I’ve spent the most time admiring.  I want to make it clear to those that may have passed on this set for the Sith Trooper and/or Fett, you need to get this.

We’ve seen Hasbro use the “Special Action Figure Set” packaging for special releases and last year’s Dr. Aphra set (one I actually passed on, if you can believe it).  I’ve never been a huge fan of the packaging, but with this release, the foil treatment made me really love it.

The front works because the foil really brings out the Star Wars logo and the dual line border looks great.  The real star is the artwork on the back of the packaging.  Click to enlarge it because it is a sight to behold.  The collage of Luke’s journey from farm boy to galactic hero is all there to be seen.


As you can see, you get Luke in a Stormtrooper disguise from A New Hope, X-Wing Luke from A New Hope and as he travels to Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back, and Luke in his Jedi garbs from Return of the Jedi.  Two out of the three figures have helmets, while the third has a soft goods cape.  All three also have a blaster and Jedi Luke has his appropriate lightsaber.  There’s so much goodness here.

I’m unsure how many of these, if any, are repacks of previous figures in TVC line, as I never collected it up until it rebooted. If anyone wants to share that with me, I can give this an edit.


This figure looks pretty good and is very similar to the recent release of the Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise that was released earlier on this year.  The portrait is not too bad and far from the worst Luke sculpt I’ve seen recently.  I think it’s actually better than average.

The outfit for this figure is awesome.  It makes me sad that I passed on Sideshow’s sixth scale version of Luke in the X-Wing pilot garbs.   I think the portrait on this figure is one of the best Luke Skywalker sculpts I’ve ever seen.  I hope Hasbro keeps whoever did this sculpt always on their Luke figures because this blows me away.  While still not 100% Mark Hamill, it’s pretty damn good!

Yes, the Jedi outfit isn’t the most exciting, but at least the soft goods breaks up the plastic.  This is another portrait that looks great, too! I think it’s the second best one out of the three and again, helps with the overall “wow factor” with this set.  Again, if you passed on this, hopefully all these pics and my insight make you go after it.


Emperor Palpatine – Amazon Exclusive

Consider us Canucks lucky because we got this Amazon exclusive mid August.  I’ve been sitting on showcasing him for a while, but needed a good place to fit him in, considering I’m just giving my two cents of the figure in the package. Want an amazing Palpatine out of the package? Check out my review of the Hot Toys sixth scale figure!

That said, this figure comes in a larger than usual box.  It’s only fitting considering Palpatine comes with his throne, two force lightning pieces, two heads, and his throne.  That’s a lot of stuff for around $50!  For someone like me, who was planning on displaying it in the box, I love being able to see everything clearly and mine was shipped without any damage!

I think Hasbro did a great job with the robe on this figure.  I just wish the hood sat a bit better in the package for me because it’s bunched up on the figure’s left side.  I also wish his left hand was showing.  Oh well, those are just minor gripes because I’m choosing to leave it in the box.  At least the portrait looks spot on!

The two additional portraits are sculpted very well and are downright creepy! Good, good!!! It’s great they decided to include a portrait that will work along with the force lightning, if that’s how you choose to display him.

I also wanted to point out the little details with the panel on the right side of the chair.  I love the small details on figures and accessories.

Overall, all three convention exclusives are hits with me and I still can’t believe how much I love the Luke set.  The Amazon exclusive Emperor is nothing to scoff at either, and the US market has had a hard time keeping up with demand and I’ve seen many boxes get shipped with major damage.  Hopefully everyone who wants one gets one.

Enjoy the video review!