Star Wars: TVC Wave 7 Action Figures and Tatooine Skiff Review


I’m back with more Star Wars: The Vintage Collection goodness.  Yes, I know it’s not Triple Force Friday stuff, but that’s all coming.  I have to finish the backlog of toys before I get to that stuff.

This little review will focus on three out of the four figures from Wave 7.  I’m missing Luke Skywalker as he appeared on Crait in The Last Jedi.  For some reason, he’s the one that’s sold out everywhere online.  I have not seen any of these figures on the pegs anywhere but I have now started to see the Skiff at EB Games here in Canada.

Again, if you’re new, I give my two cents about these figures in the package.  Why? Because that’s how I collect and I hang these on the wall.  I love the front of the packaging but I loathe the back.  Here we go!


Death Star Gunner

Colour me surprised to see the Death Star Gunner on a Rogue One card.  I’ve watched the movie a bunch of times, but for some reason, the Gunner being in it was something that passed me by.  I always thing of him as A New Hope character only.

No matter what movie you associate this character with more, there’s no questioning it’s a cool looking figure (that’s why I bought the Hot Toys sixth scale version).  While the outfit is all black, the chest piece being more of a matte finish breaks up the glossy look of the arms and the helmet.  I also like the wrinkling and textures found on the arms and legs.

The helmet is the piece I like the most, and after comparing, it is a bit different from the helmet the Gunners wore in A New Hope.  The Imperial logo is front and centre and my piece looks like it survived the assembly line without scratching.  The only thing I’m not a fan of is how they shaped the bubble for the figure because it makes the antenna curve and I’m sure it would be hard to straighten out.  I also think it’s a tad too long compared to the picture.  Nit picking aside, I dig it!


Imperial Assault Tank Commander

It’s only fitting the Tank Commander is released to go along with the vehicle that is still currently available.  Although I collect boxed and carded toys, I still passed on the tank because I just don’t like the look of it.  I do like the figure, though!

More variations of Troopers are a plus in my books and I’ll continue to by them.  I also love when they feature some weathering effects to break up the pure white of the figure.  It makes it look like he’s seen some action and has been on the front lines.

The paint is clean on my figure and I love all the little details on the armour pieces.  The helmet is, again, my favourite part of the figure because it’s unique and is just an awesome design.  This is another win!


Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)

I think it’s a great throwback to the vintage line with the name of the character in words on the package.  The little picture of Luke and Leia on the front is cool, too!

This version of R2-D2 is clearly different than the one on the package because he’s filthy! I don’t remember him being that dirty on Tatooine, but then again, maybe I’ve just never paid attention to his level of filth.  The paint job to showcase the dirt is done well, but maybe he’ll be too roughed up for some people.

As an R2-D2 figure, though, it’s a really good sculpt.  It’s amazing to see just how much a character that seems as basic as this can still see improvements in the sculpt as the years go on.  I’m just on the fence whether or not the wiring on the “feet” are a bit too long.  Thoughts?


Tattoine Skiff

The main reason I got this is because I was one of the people that backed “the Barge,” otherwise known as the Khetanna.  I never reviewed it on my site because I’ve kept it in the box and have nowhere to display it in my house.  I couldn’t pass up being a part of Hasbro/Star Wars history and made sure I snagged one.  This companion piece was needed in case I ever win the lottery and buy a bigger house to set up a display.  Not only that, but the box and how the figures are displayed make this a cool thing to look at.


Although I don’t have it out to take pictures, the level of detail on this thing is quite surprising for the $50-60 (Canadian) price point.  If you click the pics below, you can see the amazing detail on the wiring, the controls, the removable panels, and more!

It’s great to see that the Skiff is able to rotate a bit to the side to mimic what happens in the movie.  The little wings on the back are adjustable, too.  If that’s not good enough for you, from the pics on the box, the paint and weathering effects work very well, making it look like it has seen the desert sea.

All in all, this is a great wave of figures and an excellent vehicle.  I’ve had them for a while as I ordered them from Hasbro Pulse with a bunch of other stuff to make the insane price on just one or two figures worth it.  Unfortunately, they still don’t have the Crait Luke back up for sale and many Canadian online retailers (and regular retail stores in my area), don’t have him.  Once I get him, I’m sure I’ll feature him in another review.  I’m happy with the figures and I hope, one day, I have the room to open up the Khetanna and the Skiff to set them up.

Enjoy the video!