Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Wave 6 Action Figure Review


Hot off the heels of featuring Wave 5 and previous waves over the last few weeks here on my site, there’s lot of Star Wars product to be had.  Let’s not forget about Force Friday happening in a few days.

I snagged all these figures from EB Games here in Canada.  It’s so nice to see product arrive just down the road from my house.  I was hoping to get them at Heroes, but I didn’t see them the last time I was in.

So I don’t take up too much of your reading time, I’ll state my usual warning for those who have never been here before: I collect these and hang them up.  I love the nostalgia from the front of the cards but I can’t stand the backs of them.  It’s how I collect and I’m fine with that.


Elite Praetorian Guard

I’m a fan of the look of the Praetorian Guards and I had no problem getting a sixth scale one from Hot Toys or buying up the other 3 3/4″ versions that feature less articulation.  I’m sure many fans will pick up a few of these to army build (well, those who actually liked The Last Jedi anyway), due to the increased amount of articulation in this line.

The figure’s armour has many various segments and I think it transfers over well onto a figure of this size.  That glossy red is bright enough to give many a headache as well.

While may aren’t fans of soft goods, I tend to like them on most figures.  On this one, though, I wish it was more of a soft plastic instead of fabric as it would have blended in more.

While the helmet is sculpted well, I can’t get over the little details Hasbro added on the neck and under the shoulder armour.  Sometimes it’s those small touches that make me smile with a figure because you know those textures didn’t need to be added.  Then again, at $18 Canadian a figure…..


Lando Calrissian

While I liked Solo and really want a second movie,  I wasn’t thinking a TVC representation of Lando Calrissian would be on top of Hasbro’s list before getting out other characters.  Well, here he is whether you want him or not.

Looking at the pics below, the elephant in the room is the paint on the above the figure’s eyebrows.  I have now idea what happened here and if more figures ended up mine.  It looks like he hit his head and he got a nasty bruise.  I really have to pay closer attention to the paint on the portraits of these figures because I get so focused on searching for a pristine card, I miss out on paint errors like this until I get them home and start doing my reviews.  It’s not the first time it’s happened with figures in TVC.

While the paint on the face disappoints me, I am a fan of the blaster and the paint on the outfit.  The yellow shirt and the white on the tie really break up how dark everything else regarding his outfit is.   I’m sure I’d dig this figure more if the paint on the face wasn’t so distracting.  If this one goes on sale down the road and I find one, I’ll buy another one if it looks better.



Imperial Stormtrooper

Army builders, rejoice! You get more Stormtroopers at retail to buy to army build with! This is good news for them and great news for people who loved the Rogue One Stormtrooper design.  I really wish I bought a Hot Toys version when they were a decent price.

There are many places online to check out the subtle changes in the Stormtrooper helmet and armour from the various Star Wars movies.  Fans fight all the time whether the original one from A New Hope, the Return of the Jedi update, or Rogue One representation is their favourite.   I say, the more the merrier and it allows people to create a mix of all three or have huge armies from each of those three movies.

I love the helmet on the figure and I love figures that come off the line like this that don’t have any paint smudges, so just looks vibrant.  This is great figure and now I know why Hasbro made solid cases of it available.




The last wave had four of the most iconic Star Wars characters: Luke, Leia, Vader, and Han…but where was Chewie?? Thankfully A New Hope representation of Han’s sidekick arrives in this wave and it looks awesome!

While you can admire all the various textures on this figure and how the fur is sculpted, you also have to take in how the various paint on this figure’s fur really help bring the whole package together.  This is my favourite figure of this wave because I just think everything comes together so well.

I love how they sculpted the fur on Chewbacca’s left hand to hang down, with the intent for collectors to pose Chewie with his bowcaster and give the fur a natural look.  Some may not like it, but I think with so many other Chewbacca figures out there, this idea may bring more variety to someone’s Chewbacca’s figure display.

I don’t think I really need to gush about the portrait of this figure. As you can see, they knocked it out of the park there.  Thankfully there’s no paint slop on the mouth and the pupils are in the proper place.


Captain Phasma

This figure is probably the one people want the least.  This character was disappointing in both movies, although she looks pretty awesome.  Collectors aren’t just big on this character, so why it is in TVC right now is beyond me.  I suppose the movies are still in people’s minds, she’s recognizable to kids (probably), and she has not been represented in this line before.  Maybe those points will cause her to not sit on the pegs like some other female figures in this line.

Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to take a photo of the back of this card, but you can see it in the video at the end of this feature if you need to see it.


All griping aside for the actual demand of this figure, it is done really well.  The silver pops on the black and I like the work done on the cape.  The blaster has great detail and paintwork on it, too! Without getting too wordy, I can all the same positives about the helmet.  For a character without much hype anymore, at least it’s well done for fans of hers.

To wrap things up, I think this is a fine wave.  There’s representation of various Star Wars films and most of the figures aren’t too shabby!

Enjoy the vid!