Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Wave 5 Action Figure Review


I’m back with some more Vintage Collection goodness.  This wave hasn’t showed up in most areas I frequent, but at least I got them from my local comic and collectibles place, Heroes, here in London.  I suppose if I really wanted them, I could have paid upwards of $30 a figure on, which is outrageous considering these are $18 plus tax at retail (still a high price point at that).

This wave features previously released figures.  From what I’ve seen/read, these repacks feature the same figure and front picture on the card while having a different backing, showcasing newly released figures.  These toys even have their first run TVC number in the top right corner.  People like me, who never collected these back when they came out (due to MOTUC taking all my money), get another chance at them, while others can protect their first run investment.

I’m not a fan of the backs of these cards because I think they’re quite ugly and feature way too much text.  Thankfully I buy these and just hang them on the wall to admire. Although I’m sure I’d appreciate all the points of articulation if I took them out, I like to collect them on card.  With them hanging, I pay no attention to the back.  Here we go!


Princess Leia Organa (Hoth)

Yeah, we’ve had Princess Leia in this outfit a few times in various scales over the past year and a bit.  The Black Series representation had a few releases and the most excellent Hot Toys sixth scale version was released earlier in the year (check out my review of that one).  I don’t mind getting this re-released because more Leia is fine with me.

Let’s get to the positive first: the outfit looks great.  The fine details in the “stitching” come through well, as does the slight changes in the paint scheme.

What’s bad? Well, I think the blasters looks a little too big, but without being to put it in her hand, it just may be my perspective.

The horrible? Look at the face! I didn’t notice the horrible job on it when I bought the figure (I was paying attention to getting a card that wasn’t bent).  It wasn’t until I started doing my video (embedded below), that I noticed something wasn’t right.  Looking through the video camera screen, I still wasn’t convinced it was really that bad and it must be looking awful due to the plastic or angle.  Well, look below and you can see the assembly line really screwed up the placement of the right eye.  She almost looks like Sloth from The Goonies.  I think I may have to get another one of these because this screw up will bug me every time I see the figure.  My daughter can play with this one.


Han Solo (Echo Base)

To go along with Leia, we get Han in these garbs.  I am a fan of this outfit and still have yet to score a sixth scale version of Han on Hoth (Captain Solo) from Sideshow Collectibles.

To my eyes, the size of the blaster and the placement of the eyes don’t hinder this figure like Leia’s, so that’s great to see.  They both look pretty good and the face is a decent representation of Harrison Ford.

The outfit also showcases a lot of detail, bringing the textures of the outfit to life.  I even really like the work done on the belt and holster.  Adding the included mask and tool give collectors a different way to have Han posed and represented on their shelves instead of just a blaster wielding smart ass.  Now he can be a ship welding smart ass! I love it!



Darth Vader

I seriously have to count how many Darth Vader figures I have.  If I have to do that, I can only imagine those who didn’t stop collecting in this scale after the Saga Collection, like I did.

I can see how people aren’t a fan of soft goods on figures because, as you can see, when they’re all squished into the bubble and not adjusted well, it comes off a bit wonky.  I don’t mind them and appreciate the effort put in to getting them to look great in this scale.  Perhaps it’s because I also collect sixth scale figures.

Without being able to take this figure out and adjust stuff, it still doesn’t look bad to me.  The electronic piece on his chest is sculpted and painted well, and I can say the same for the belt.  I’m sure most would also agree the helmet is sculpted adequately with paint accents in all the right places.

The thing I don’t like? The big string around his neck for the cape.  It’s far to big, thick, and distracting.  Besides that part, I really like this figure.


Luke Skywalker (Endor)

If we can’t have Leia without Han in this wave, then I suppose we can’t have Vader without Luke.  We get Luke’s outfit representation when he gets picked up on Endor to be delivered to Palpatine on the Death Star.

The outfit isn’t anything to write how about.  At least Hasbro tried to add some texture to it to break up the solid black look.

I’ve been really going back and forth on the portrait sculpt for this figure.  From afar and some angles, I’m not a fan, but when I look at the picture to the bottom right I took, it’s actually not that bad.  I can’t wait for the day when we finally get the essential Mark Hamill head sculpt.  I know we’ll get one before I die.

Oh yeah…what in the hell is with the sculpt of the figure’s left hand? It’s really weird.  Is it just my figure???

This set of four makes a pretty solid wave.  If I didn’t have the issue with Leia’s eyes and the string for Vader’s cape, I’d score it higher in my books.  Nonetheless, I’m happy to get these without having to pay secondary market prices for earlier figures.

Enjoy the video!