Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Skiff Guards TVC Action Figure Set Review


I’m back at it with a quick look at the Star Wars Vintage Collection set feature three of Jabba’s cronies – the Skiff crew! This set has been out for a while now and we’re just starting to see them trickle out at our Toys R Us locations here in Canada

As seen in Return of the Jedi, there were a few of these guys that were working with Jabba on Tatooine, on his barge and the skiffs that were taking Luke Skywalker and his crew to face their death at the Sarlacc Pit.

With the release of the massive barge playset, The Khetanna, earlier in the year and the Skiff now being in collector’s hand, it’s only fitting these guys were made so collectors had more of the actual characters seen on those two vehicles to display on them.

As of the time of writing this, my Skiff has just arrived, so it will be showcased next week.  I got the Khetanna, too, but never reviewed it as I have no place to really display the damn thing.  The box is massive and still a ball to look at.

If you are new, I hang the figures in TVC up on my walls and admire them that way.  So, I’m giving my usual two cents about I think about them but from a mint on card perspective.

The front of the box here isn’t very appealing.  Yeah, you see the three figures you get through the window, but man, this box isn’t anything to write home about.  I know it’s a throwback to packaging from the 80s but I didn’t think they had to go there.  At least the back of the box has a large action shot.  I’m putting this box somewhere safe and hanging up the figures individually in my collection area.




I think this guy is the most identifiable of the three in the set.  Perhaps it’s because he was on one of the Skiffs and in the heat of the battle, as you can see from the picture on the card.  Speaking of the card, all three feature a shot of the character and additional figures, along with their TVC number in the top right hand corner.  I find the backs of these cards to be so ugly.  Too much text.

My first impression of the figure is that he turned out really well.  I love the weathering all over the figure’s outfit, particularly on his sleeves.  He’s seen some sandy days.  I even give Hasbro props for the wrinkling and bunching up of the shirt and pants.  It brings more realism to such a tiny scale.

Where this figure wins the most, for me, is the sculpt of the portrait and the tiny little touches of additional paint all over it and the wash to make it more life-like.  Just look at the skin texture on this guy’s neck!  This is really well done and I hope collectors don’t pass on this guy because he’s part of a pricier set.



Ah, now I’m going back and forth whether ol’ Visam here could be more recognizable for collectors than Veladin.  No matter.  He’s still a cool looking figure.

While Visam doesn’t seem as filthy as Veladin on first glance, the weathering featured on the chest area does make it seem like he’s been out in the dunes of Tattoine just as much as his comrade.  It’s also great to see the additional large cannon that is included with him.  I’m curious if this plugs into the Khetanna.  I’ll just assume it does, or what would be the point?

My eyes may be deceiving me, but this seems to have the same sculpt but painted a different colour.  That’s ok considering they’re the same species.  At least the hat and the lighter skin tone distinguish him enough.


Brock Starsher

When you search the archives of Star Wars characters to find the most obscure, I’m sure ol’ Brock Starsher would come up.  He’s actually the figure I was most excited about. Why? He’s just so goofy looking.  I think he’s also the one that got his ass handed to him in Jabba’s palace.

I honestly don’t know why I was excited for this guy and I have no idea what his backstory is…and I don’t want to.  I want to keep the mystery surrounding him alive in my mind.

I think I was so excited to get him because he’s so goofy looking.  I mean, look at that helmet! It’s like it was painted black with black vacuum hoses attached on each side.  His outfit is pretty plain and doesn’t scream “evil” to me.  Nonetheless, I think it’s just hilarious that we have a plastic representation of this guy and I support it!

That’s my quick run down of each character in this set.  While many completists will want these guys, I’m not sure how many kids would really want this set to open and play with.  I think Hasbro isn’t concerned – they know they guys will sell to those who bought the barges and the skiffs.  I dig them all but I wish the packaging that encompassed them all was more attractive.

Enjoy the video!