MOTUC Power-Con Exclusive Slamurai and Snake Warriors Set Review


I wanted to get this review outsooner, but I was enjoying the last bit of my holidays and, as you’ll see in a bit, there is one aspect of this set that had a slight error and I was holding off to get a replacement before doing the photos.  I decided just to get it finished and I can always add a few updated pictures down the road.

The Power-Con had two MOTUC releases: this box set of three figures I’ll be reviewing here and the awesome Horde Zombie He-Man, that I’ve already reviewed.  Make sure to check that out on my site and YouTube Channel (there’s a video for these figures embedded at the end of this feature).  Sadly, these may be there very last Classics figures we may ever see.  Perhaps we’ll get something for Power-Con next year or Super7 will be given the go-ahead to do some more in 2021.  It’s bittersweet, I tell you.

Let’s focus on the positive side – we got more new Classics figures this year, although these guys are made up of previously made parts.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, seeing how MOTU is known for reusing parts in both Classics and the vintage line.  There’s just no new tooling whatsoever in this pack aside from a cloth piece, something some people in the online community whined about because, well, it’s the Internet.

The packaging is that large, oversized box we’ve seen many times before and it features some stellar artwork on the back with two loaded bios for Slamurai and the Snake Troopers.

I’m going to focus on Slamurai first.  As I say in my video review, there is so much to unpack here in this bio.  While I’ll let you do the reading and make your own decision, this bio makes me want a Lady Slither figure even more, although the odds of getting one in the Classics line/form is close to zero.  This is one exciting bio!


I’ll apologize in advance: I really should go out and get a black backdrop.  I used to have one for my old set up, but never got one for the upgraded area.  I think I will soon now that I’ve taken shots of this figure, because the white on white is a pain to see.  I’ve tried to add some definition to help out and changed my camera settings.

As you can see, Slamurai is basically Ninjor in white and features the bonus bottom piece that shipped with Ninjor for the Jitsu figure years ago.  The buck is the standard one we’re used to and I’m happy to say all the articulation on my figure is tight and hold up to many poses.

I’m a big fan of the colours on the armour piece and the section that hangs under his waist.  Although these parts are reused, the different colour scheme does make them look like they’re new at first glance.  I had no issue removing the pieces or putting them back on.

As you can see, Slamurai has a hole in the back of the chest piece to plug in one of the accessories.  Unfortunately, for this review, I didn’t take any pictures of the arrow quiver inserted because it was missing a part to attach the bow.  I go into that more later.

While I haven’t featured Ninjor yet on my site for my MOTUC Rewind series, where I’m going back through the figures in the order they were released, anyone who has the Ninjor figure can clearly see it’s the same portrait sculpt.

While the paint is clean on the eyebrows, I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with the eyes.  It looks like they are supposed to be one colour to make it look like he’s kinda supernatural in a sense, not having the same kind of pupils as humans.  Unfortunately, my figure’s left eye has too much white near the left side of the eye, making him look a bit goofy.

For those of you wanting to see Slamurai beside Ninjor, here you go! As you can see, they’re the same except for the left hand and the shin/foot area.

A cool little bonus is that Slamurai comes with an additional portrait so you can have a different display option on your shelf.  Although I haven’t featured Ninjor yet, I have taken a look back at Sy-Klone.  This portrait is the 200X style head that came out in the head pack for that figure.  I think the figure’s head looks really cool with the colours used but I have the same issue with the eyes.  This figure has issues with the right eye and it shows in some of the pictures in this feature.

For you to see just how a paint scheme can make a previously released sculpt look new, here are the two portraits side by side.


If a second portrait isn’t enough for you, you can remove all the plastic pieces on the figure and put on a newly created cloth piece.  This gives you yet another option to display Slamurai on your shelf.

If you’ve been to my site before, you know if there are different display options, I buy more than one figure so I can showcase them all.  With four potential ways to display this figure, and it only being a part of an expensive three pack exclusive, that won’t be happening.  I’ll really have to ponder what style to have him represent on my shelf.  I may be leaning towards the soft goods look because it’s unique to the series.

The piece is easy to put on and the Velcro belt that wraps around the waist helps keep it in place.  I love how the print on the cloth is clean and pops out thanks to the colours used.


All of Slamurai’s weapons are the same ones that came with Ninjor, but in different colours.  He comes with nunchucks, a katana, a bow and arrow, and a quiver with arrows permanently sculpted into them.

While I don’t show a picture here, the other side of the quiver is supposed to have a clip that can hold the bow in place.  Unfortunately, mine shipped without that piece and there is a hollow square section instead.  I show it in the video.  I have reached out to see if I can get another piece and was told it’s on the way.  I may add some additional pictures of the figure looking more “complete” when it arrives, so check back in a week.

UPDATE: I was sent a new piece to be able to connect the bow to the quiver pieces, so I’m a happy man.  Thank you Power-Con customer service!!!

With two heads to swap, many weapons, and two different outfits, you have many ways to have Slamurai rock it on your shelf.

Now that I’ve given my two cents on Slamurai, it’s time to look at the Snake Troopers.  Just like Slamurai’s bio, this one is jam packed.  I love that Lord Gr’Asp is included and plays an important role.  The union of the Horde and The Snake Men is always head scratching knowing that all the evil factions have double crossing each other in the back of their heads.  I really like this bio a lot.


As you can see, the two Snake Troopers are basically a mash up of the Horde Trooper (yet to be featured in my Rewind series), Rattlor, and King Hssss (although he has different feet).  Again, all the articulation is tight and works well.  The only issue I have, and it’s the same with my other Horder Troopers, is I find they lean to their right a bit.

I really like the Horde Trooper armor cast in black and it makes me crave for some regular Horde Troopers with this look.   If Star Wars can have a million variations on the Stormtrooper, why can’t the Horde?


Continuing on with the reuse of parts, both heads included are just Rattlor’s head but in different colours.  A cool little tribal-like design is included on the top of both of their heads for some added uniqueness.  I’m curious as to why we got two Rattlor heads instead of some of the heads that were included with the Snake Men pack.  I suppose there’s nothing stopping any of us to just put some of those heads on these guys.  I should have thought of that before I finished up my photo shoot for these!


The only weapon that comes with the Snake Troopers is Blast Attack’s weapon but in a different colour.  While I don’t mind them having this weapon, I would have perhaps like to have seen a different weapon or two also included instead of a second one of these to add some more diversity.  Then again, when you have them both holding the same weapon, they look like guards and it is a cool visual.


I really enjoyed posing the Snake Troopers and I’m sure many will have a blast, too.  I wish the left hand was open just a bit more to make it easier for them to hold the weapon with both hands.

For those of you who are really creative, you can set up some battle scenes between Slamurai and the Snake Troopers.  I can only imagine how awesome it would be to see those collector’s set up who ended up getting four or six of these guys!


Yep, the set features figures made up of previously released figures and was/is pricey.  I knew that when I out in my order and have no regrets.  Just like the Horde Zombie He-Man, this three-pack has one of the lowest runs in Classics and I’m sure the aftermarket price is just going to continue to rise, not that I’m watching.  I’m happy with the set but it’s a bit sad in the sense that these Power-Con exclusives may be the last MOTUC figures we ever see.  I’m still being hopeful, though.


Enjoy the video review!