Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Karatti


While only a few had been released up to this point, the characters from the much divisive The New Adventures of He-Man cartoon were still just trickling out in the MOTUC line.  While I dug Optikk and really liked Slush Head, Icarius was pretty damn boring.

The great thing about MOTUC was it was bringing me updated versions of characters I didn’t know I wanted until I had them in hand.  Again, Optikk and Slush Head were examples, but Karatti is probably not only my favourite New Adventures villain represented in the line, but I think this figure would make it into my top 20 of the line because I really, really love the design.

The bio was a real help for me with this character, as well as the write-up over at Wiki Grayskull, because I knew next to nothing about this guy when he arrived.  I’m not even sure if I like the bio as much because when I look at this character, I don’t see a character that is dumb as a rock.  He looks like a fierce space pirate and very intimidating.  Imagine my cringe when I found out that his name relates to his martial arts prowess.  That’s MOTU for you, though.

While we see those damn Trap-Jaw legs again (I was about done seeing them on figures at this point), my eyes always tend to gravitate to the upper half of the figure.  All the usual articulation on my figure still stands up and nothing is loose.  The upper shoulder armor doesn’t hinder any of the figure’s articulation either.

As mentioned, the upper half of this figure is fantastic.  The high tech aspects of it are apparent and I love how the heavy armor also blends with the cables and wiring.  It’s a neat touch to see what looks like some of Karatti’s skin can be seen through a translucent section.  That’s what it seems like to me anyway.  I also dig how the armor on the forearms and wrists, as well as the cod piece, all work together.

While I’m a huge fan of the armor, the portrait is where it’s at.  To me, this guy is half mutant and half cyborg.  Either that, or he was in such an intensive battle that he had to have half his face replaced with cybernetics, kind of reminiscent of Trap-Jaw.  It also looks like his “eyebrows” and spot between them are tattoos and tribal-like.  It all helps accentuates how his eyes are designed.  You have to look closely to see the tiny red pupils that are sunken in.

Karatti comes with two accessories: his Power Knife and Side-Arm Blaster.  I usually have him wielding both of them on my shelf.


With his Power Knife in hand, he looks deadly. Perhaps I’ve seen too many horror movies/slashers for my imagination to kick in.  When I see a guy in a horrific mask holding a knife, it doesn’t take much for it to appear in my head of what’s about to happen.  Those images come to mind with Karatti and another reason I can’t buy into the bio.


I love the look of the Side-Arm blaster.  It’s a really unique looking weapon and he’s always posed with it as a blaster.  I also think it doubles as some kind of axe if held a different way.  It’s like two weapons in one!

No matter how I pose Karatti, I’m always impressed.  I just really love this figure.

This figure has such a great design and makes him look way better than his cartoon counterpart.  A figure like this is a testament to how the Four Horsemen could take characters from a boring cartoon, which I never cared about, and create one hell of a figure I cherish on my shelf.  Too bad so many New Adventures haters passed on him.