Horde Zombie He-Man Power-Con 2019 Exclusive Review


Another year of Power-Con has come and gone and I swear one day I’ll make it there! If I didn’t buy so many damn toys, maybe it would be doable!  Kidding aside, it looked like this year was another stellar year with announcements, good and bad.  I’m pumped to see where the new Netflix cartoon takes us with Kevin Smith, but I was bummed with demise of Classics and Club Grayskull.  While I did buy the Origins SDCC release and may get Skeletor, as of right now, I don’t think that line will one I collect. I just don’t have the room or passion to start another MOTU line.

Thankfully, the exclusives this year from Power-Con give MOTUC some love courtesy of Mattel.  Yeah, Mattel made these! I was just as surprised when I found that out.  Now that all the news about Mattel, the movie, and the new line has been revealed, I guess it all makes sense now.

The packaging for this figure is awesome! Look at it dripping in all that slime goodness! I love how it is all over the front and back of the packing! Make sure to see the video at the end of this feature to see the sides, too!

There’s a lot to this bio and it’s quite surprising to read because of a) the number of characters I’ve never heard about and b) how He-Man actually was transformed into a “Horde Zombie” more than once.  I said it in my video review, but this bio actually makes me sad that we won’t be seeing any Classics in a while because I want to know and see more characters!

This figure is awesome! Yeah, the glossiness is actually intentional this time around to give him that slimy shine! All the articulation you expect his found here and, for the most part, most of the limbs are tight.

I love how the harness has changed colour due to the slime effect.  The plastic piece that holds his sword or axe in place is actually removable.  I don’t remember any of my other He-Man figures having that piece removable.  Holding the weapons in place is actually a chore because the plastic is so flimsy and the weapons slide all the way down.   I even put the piece on upside down in the picture below without even realizing it when it fell off the first time.

The figure comes with three portraits.  If you’ve visited my page before, you know that I’m the type of collector where I’ll buy extra figures so I can display them with all the heads they come with.  With the cost of this figure and the aftermarket price rising, I don’t think that will be doable.

We get the Oo-Lar head, the standard Classics head, and the Ultimates head.  All three are done well and I love how they are all translucent at the bottom and then get darker as you go up the face. Now the only problem is to decide what portrait to display the figure with.  I’m leaning towards the face the figure came packed with on as it gives me a bit more diversity, although the OG head is quite enticing.

Even has a Horde Zombie, He-Man still needs his signature weapons! The figure comes with classics (excuse the pun) but with the same aesthetics of the figure.  I really like how they turned out.


I can’t say it enough: I really love the look of this figure and having the weapons in hand just make it even better.  I could type more words out but I think the pictures will do the talking here.


This figure is a home run and I really feel bad for those that missed out on it.  I know there are going to be people paying a premium for it on the aftermarket, but I guess that’s the downside of collecting.  It was advertised that this figure (and the other three pack I’ll be featuring soon) would be some of the lowest produced figures in all of Classics and were forewarned.  Yeah, this figure was expensive, but in hand, I’m blown away.  It’s almost like the perfect swan-song for the line: ending with a He-Man figure.


Enjoy the video!