Hot Toys Star Wars Count Dooku Sixth Scale Figure Review


Time for another sixth scale review! This time, I’m featuring the Hot Toys Count Dooku figure from Hot Toys based off of Christopher Lee’s character in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.  Fans have been clamoring for this figure for quite a while so it was a pleasant surprise when he was announced last year.

There have been quite a few prequel characters released over the last year with more to come! I’ve already taken a look at Anakin Skywalker (Light Side and Dark Side) and Obi-Wan Kenobi, so it’s only fitting a Sith Lord gets added to the bunch.

The packaging for the figure is what you expect with Hot Toys and their Star Wars line.  I do like when they add little things like the little banner thing at the bottom of this box.  It spruces it up a bit.

Once again, you’re treated to an excellent shot of the figure and you can see from the picture below how all the pieces are shipped.

Count Dooku is 13″ tall, which makes him just a tad taller than the other figures in the line.  It’s only fitting considering Christopher Lee is a tall guy.  At first glance, the figure seems pretty basic because there’s a huge cape and a black outfit.  While there isn’t a bunch of fancy stuff found on other character’s outfits, there is some quality work here, especially with the cape.  It has two layers and is very, very soft.  I need a blanket made out of the material they used for it!

All the usual articulation found on sixth scale figures is found on this figure.  The arms can lift almost horizontal, the elbows and knees bend well, and the movement in the legs, while minimal, is good and not loose whatsoever.  The ankle articulation works well, too, even with the large boots.

Below you can have a closer look at the outfit and the work done on the inside of the cape.  I didn’t have any issues except the right sleeve of the outfit is really dirty above the elbow.  I tried rubbing the stuff off, but it’s ingrained into the fabric.   I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it as clean looking as the left sleeve.  I show this more in-depth in my video review at the end of this feature.


The tailoring on the shirt, cape, and paints is well done.  I had no issue with any rips or loose threading.  The belt could be removable as it attaches at the back, but I don’t play around with any of that stuff, fearing I may mess something up and never put it back on the right way again.  There is a place on the belt to hang the lightsaber hilt.  There are two little pieces included to place into the hilt to hang it from the belt.  I didn’t take any pictures of that because I’ll always have Dooku holding his lightsaber in my display cabinet.

The boots are a very glossy black and bunch up quite a bit.  They’re not done as well as other footwear.  To boot (pun intended), my figure arrived with a small tear on the left piece.  I actually discovered it while filming my video review, so check that out to see where the tear is.  If you plan on getting this figure (or have it), make sure to look at the boots carefully.

Every time I think Hot Toys can’t get better, they do.  I mean, this portrait is spot on.  I actually don’t think you could get any more accurate than this.  From the sunken cheeks (and the slightly rosy look on them), to the wrinkles on the forehead, all the way to the inclusion of the age spots, the company just nailed it.

I’m a fan of the expression because he looks discontent, yet focused.  It works whether he’s in a static pose awaiting something to happen or in action.  They only nit-pick I have is I think the pupil on the right eye is off just a bit.  Moving it a millimeter or two towards the middle, away from the nose, would be perfect for me.

Count Dooku comes with seven additional hands, bringing the total to nine.  You have hands to hold the communicator/hologram projector, the lightsaber hilt, force lightning hands, and force action hands.  There are a lot of posing possibilities thanks to these hands and the accessories that come with the figure.

The first accessory I’ll showcase is the hologram projector.  This communication piece is really small and only features the detailing on the top of it as you see below.  There is a small hole to insert the various holograms included.  I really wish this piece was attached to another forearm that had a light-up feature because I think that really would have accentuated all the hologram pieces even more.


You get four different holograms with the figure and they’re all done really well.  I was a fan of the ones that came with my Obi-Wan Kenobi figure and the bonus one that came with the exclusive Darth Maul, so more of these are fine additions.

Roger, Roger! The Battle Droid looks great and really wets my appetite for Hot Toys’ version coming hopefully next year.

We know Jango Fett has been shown at various Cons, so I want that pre-order to drop soon.  This hologram just helps build that anticipation.  I love how details of Jango’s outfit show up even in this piece.

Finally, we get a hologram of a moon.  Wait! That’s no moon! Sorry…I couldn’t resist.  We all know the Death Star gets teased in the movie and you can recreate that scene with this piece.

Count Dooku looks great with these pieces in hand.  The only thing I found that was off was how he holds it.  The promo pics and the instructions show that this can be placed resting on the figure’s index figure.  For this final production piece, I couldn’t do it for the life of me.  I got it to stay in place by tucking it in slightly under the index finger and that still looked fine to me.

As expected, Dooku comes with his unique lightsaber hilt.  From what I see, this is the exact one that came with my Anakin Skywalker figure, except that one had the little piece in it to hang the hilt on a belt.  This hilt always made me think that H.R. Giger designed it.

You have the option of having the figure have a lit lightsaber with or without a light-up feature.  Like many figures released before, a forearm piece is included (with the batteries), so you can light up the blade.  The arm was easy to pop in and out.

As we’ve seen with recent Hot Toys releases, you get the regular blade and you get an “in-action” swing blade.  I usually find them to weigh down a figure’s arm a bit depending on the pose, so I usually don’t use them.

Dooku looks great posed with his lightsaber in hand.

I show it also in the video, but for those wondering, here’s the blade in the dark.  In the pictures above, you really can’t notice the pictures where I have the blade lit due to the lighting.

You want more? You got it! Dooku comes with Force lightning bolts!  These are the same ones that came with Emperor Palpatine but some of the pieces intertwine just a bit differently due to how they settled after manufacturing.  The colour of these bolts are just a tad lighter than the ones that came with The Emperor.


I love the look of Count Dooku shooting out the bolts!   Too bad I don’t have the space for him to permanently have them on in my display cabinets.  If I just had one in each section, it would be doable, but I have too many figures.

As usual, we get the standard display stand from Hot Toys.  There is no alternative piece to swap to change up the look of the base this time, though.  What you see is what you get.


I really couldn’t resist acting out this scene from Revenge of the Sith.  Poor Dooku!

Besides the quality control with the dirty right sleeve and the small cut on the left boot (both which I’ll be contacting Sideshow about), I really love this figure.  It’s another great representation of a Star Wars character in the sixth scale.  The amount of extras you get with it makes it worth the money.  Stay tuned because Yoda should be arriving in the next two weeks (I’m hoping) and he’ll be featured next.

Enjoy the video review (and share! Subscribe! Spread the love!)