New Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Action Figures! Thoughts and Pics!


I’m back with some more new (at least to me) Star Wars Vintage Collection figures.  I already looked recently at most of Wave 4.  In this feature, I’ll be showcasing the last figure I needed from that wave and a few Internet exclusives!  Regular disclosure: I buy these for the figure and packaging and hang them up to display.  Sorry if you don’t like that.  Let’s get at it!


Klaatu (Skiff Guard)

With obtaining Klaatu here, my Wave 4 collection is now complete.  The figures in this feature, and in Wave 4, were really heavy on Return of the Jedi characters around Jabba and the Barge.  This is probably due to the Skiff now been released and Jabba’s Barge being released earlier in the year. It gives collectors new figures to place on those items.

I’m a fan of creatures that hung around Jabba and worked for him.  The more the merrier, I say.  If anything, I find the creature representation from Jabba’s Palace is sorely lacking in The Black Series, but that’s another story.

This figure’s paint is great.  Look at the paint on the leathery piece near his neck! A figure this small doesn’t need fine touches like this, but there it is!   The weathered, sandy look of the outfit makes it seem like ol’ Klaatu here has seen many days out on the Skiff, tossing people into the Sarlacc.

If the outfit isn’t cool enough for you, the sculpt on the portrait is quite impressive.  All the different textures and parts that hang off his face are quite the site.  Add the intricate paint job and you have a winner here.  I’ll also put the horns up for the weapon, too! This is a fantastic figure!


Gamorrean Guard

I loved my vintage Gamorrean Guard when I was a kid and my daughter still plays with it.  She calls it “Pig Man.”  I just had to share that.

This figure is an Internet exclusive and is a bit pricier than other figure in the line.  The reason is he is a big larger, and more plastic equals more dough.   Look how nice and snug he seems in that bubble.

Upon closer inspection, it’s hard to make out too much of the outfit when I have him trapped in his plastic prison.  The soft goods (which I really dig) are pressed in making it look like it’s higher than it should be.  You can see, in the portrait picture, the detailing on the shoulder armor and on the armor underneath the chin and belt.  Speaking of the belt, that thing looks great for such a small piece.  Little things like those make me a-ok with the price of this figure.

Speaking of value for the money, look how great the portrait is.  The paint on the face and helmet is clean and I really love all the bunched up skin and wrinkles at the top of the snout and around the eyes and on the forehead.  This is another stellar sculpt for this line.


Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard)

From what I thought I read, this was a Walmart exclusive in the US but I got it from a seller on, not .ca.  Unfortunately it arrived with so much card damage, Amazon told me to keep it and refunded me in full.  I plan on getting another eventually, but I still thought I’d showcase the figure and the warped card on here.

I think the work done on the outfit is OK and doesn’t excite me like the other two figures.  For me, as a kid, and now as an adult, the main draw with this figure is the helmet he wears and Lando’s overall look with it on.  I think the helmet is well done and if I took this figure out, the helmet would always be on the figure.

I find the face sculpt is just so-so for me.  It does look a bit like Billy Dee Williams but I think it’s the paint for the mustache that throws it all off for me a bit.  It doesn’t look even.  There’s also a bit of a smudge on his face in between the eyebrows.  I hope I have better luck with the next one I buy. Minor gripes aside, I’m glad Lando as a Skiff Guard is represented!


Boba Fett

The most famous bounty hunter in the world gets another figure.  Who would have thought?  This one I got from Hasbro Pulse and I think it’s just a reissue of the past TVC Boba Fett, just on a new card (well, the back is different and so are the warning and age label on the front).

What can I say about Boba Fett that hasn’t been said already? Seriously, though, this figure is a good representation of the character and the paint is well done on this figure.  I really like the scraping and weathering on the helmet and the armor.  I really do like the little details on the weapons, too.  It’s so cool to see fine touches like the weapons in the pouches below the knee represented on figures this small.

Here’s the original TVC Boba Fett beside the new one.  I do a close-up in the video at the end of the feature, but you can click to enlarge to compare.

I’m almost positive this is the same figure as the original TVC one (with the blaster packed differently) with paint apps just slightly different.  Even the back of the card of the new one from Hasbro Pulse has the number 09 at the top, just like the original, which makes me believe this is just a re-release.  Anyone want to 100% confirm?

Here are all three vintage carded Fetts I have.  I only thought I had the one on the Return of the Jedi card, so I was surprised to look up and see the original TVC Fett.  Man, I have too many figures.  I thought I’d toss this in this feature to compare.  If find there are major differences with the ROTJ Fett with the sculpt and paint compared to the other two.


I’m happy I’m back into collecting this line.  I wish I could go back and snag all the past TVC figures I missed, but that would break the bank.  With no more Masters of the Universe Classics or Club Grayskull to collect, I guess the Star Wars VC will be getting some more attention from me and my bank account.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the video!!!