NECA’s TMNT “The Capture of Splinter” SDCC 2019 Exclusive Review

My last review featured NECA’s Etched Pennywise figure that was a San Diego Comic Con 2019 exclusive and at the beginning of that feature, I discussed how NECA usually knocks their exclusives out of the park.  They’re usually so good that during the three day block where you can get them online, many sell out in minutes, if not seconds.  At the actual show, it’s no surprise they sell out of all stock.

Unfortunately, lots of exclusives get sold on the aftermarket for double or triple the price.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusives are ones that sell out in seconds and usually hit double or triple their original price quickly.

Last year NECA released a four pack of 7″ scale Turtles from the 1990 movie.  They’re basically the 18″ (quarter scale, all reviewed on this site and on my channel, by the way) shrunk down.  Not only did people clamor for these because the figures were so awesome but the packaging was also amazing.  It was a huge replica of the old VHS movie tape. I was lucky enough to get it last year but I never featured it on my site.  Why? I dunno.  I think by the time mine arrived, so many had their reviews up and it was already the end of August.  While I got this set earlier than last year, I have just been enjoying my summer with family and friends and not rushing myself on this site but thought I’d still showcase them anyway.

As you can see in the the title of the feature, this exclusive is entitled “The Capture of Splinter” and features Shredder, two Foot Soldiers, and Splinter, all in the 7″ scale.  Just like the Turtles set from last year, Shredder and the Foot Soliders have been shrunk down from their 18″ scale.  If you missed them, check out my reviews of Shredder and a Foot Solider in the 18″ scale so you can see them even larger (and out of the packaging) to compare.

I love the look of the box.  Many may not know what the box actually represents if they don’t notice (or are familiar with) the Foot Clan insignia.  Once you do, you realize you’re looking at a bandana! The bandana continues onto the back of the packaging.


The bandana packaging is actually a slipcase.  I was actually expecting a flap that opens upward or downward like previous TMNT exclusives, but we got something different here.  Once you slide the slipcase off, you’re treated to the figures in the package.  The sides have the figures up close while the back shows the figures in excellent poses, mimicking some scenes from the film



The first two figures I’ll quickly discuss are the Foot Soldiers.  If you own the 18″ version, you can see that just like the 18″ Turtles, NECA basically took the sculpt and shrank them down to this size, which is cool with me.  Both figures appear to be identical in body sculpts and portraits, which makes sense.  The only difference I can see is the direction of the front of the belt and how it hangs.

The double articulation in the elbows and the knees is found on this figure as well, so it really looks they wanted to make sure all the awesomeness of the quarter scale Foot Soldiers were found here.  This ensures lots of great posing possibilities for those taking them out of the box.

Shredder also appears to be the same as the quarter scale version I have and even includes a massive (and insanely well done) cape.  The first thing I did notice, though, was the pupils on the eyes.  My main gripe with the 18″ version was the placement of them.  They were painted where it makes the figure look up.  I really wanted him to be looking straight at his foes, and for this release, he’s doing that!  The “metal” armor part on top of his head is bit too crooked for me, though.

I’ll state here that it appears Shredder and the Foot Soldiers come with all their quarter scale weapons.  The set also includes a weapons rack for most of them.  From what I remember, NECA had a quarter scale weapons rack on display last year.  I wonder if that’s still coming.

DSC_0073DSC_0080I wanted this set because the way they were displayed in the packaging, as well first dibs on these before they go to specific stores/retailers in 2020).  But the main reason I had to snag this is because I needed to get the first screen accurate action figure of Splinter immediately!

The cloth outfit looks great, especially with all the frayed ends and torn pieces.  It really raises the realism of the figure.  As you can see, he’s packaged with the shackles (manacles) on his upper arms to replicate him being changed up.  That’s also why NECA included the box.  I doubt those will be included with the retail release.


Just like the all the figures in the movie line before Splinter, the level of detail all over figure is phenomenal.  Not only is the fur sculpted well, and the nails rodent-like, the little details like the dirty wrappings on the figure’s ankle and feet, are included.

I really love the portrait for this figure.  The textures and paint from the neck looking darker and rougher (and longer) then blending in smoothly to the cheek and nose area is so well done.  It’s so apparent they made sure that fans saw that Oroku Saki chopped off his right ear, too.  The detail in his eyes is also great..  I think the positioning of the pupils is decent on mine.  Overall, I’m so pleased with how the figure turned out.


For the hell of it, here some shots of this year’s exclusives with the one from last year, seeing how I never put it up on this site.

Yeah, I’m one of those guys that will keep this in the box.  It’s not that I’m saving this to sell for big money twenty years down the road.  I just like how it all looks boxed and I do like the collectable aspect of the set.  Besides, these will get to the retail environment eventually, so I can always get the figures to open up and display down the road. There just may be less items included per figure when they are out next year.  Who knows?  I can also guess that the shackles and box won’t be included with Splinter.  I’m curious if, for the retail release, if he may get a different portrait.

The last thing I’m curious about now is when we’ll be getting the quarter scale Splinter figure.  Hopefully we’ll see it at the next toy show in the fall.  I mean, we went quarter scale to 7″ scale, so why can’t we go in reverse?

Check out my other thoughts in the video! Enjoy!