NECA SDCC Exclusive Etched Pennywise Figure Review

NECA always knocks it out of the park with their convention exclusives.  This year, they bought a huge amount to the table from various entertainment properties.  While I was only interested in two of them, the quality was there with all of them.  The first of the two I’ll be showcasing this week is the Etched Pennywise action figure. It arrived at the end of July but I’ve taken it easy this summer.

This figure is a great example of a convention exclusive because it’s the same figure that has already made it to retail but it’s a repaint.  I’m thinking only Pennywise/IT diehards would be interested in this.  Then again, it seems many exclusive from NECA end up going up in value once stock is diminished and resellers (scalpers?) always seem to get as many as they can to flip.  I’ve thankfully been lucky enough to get their exclusives during the three days they have them available online.

I got this because I’ve been on a roll getting all of NECA’s Pennywise figures and really dug the packaging (and I also really liked the movie, of course).

Like all of NECA’s Ultimate line of figures, it comes in window-box packaging so people who love keeping their figures in the package (like me) can admire them without taking them out.  The front features Pennywise sketched in a line art style.  I have no idea if there is a proper name for it.  The IT logo is a glossy red and really pops out at you.  I wasn’t expecting that and it surprised me when the package arrived.  The back showcases the figure, and the extra portrait in various poses.  He looks like a statue no matter how he is posed on the back.

On the inside, the figure is shown in another cool pose while on the right the figure is ready to be admired.  As you can see, you get a figure, two balloons (one to match the figure and one red), an extra portrait, and one interchangeable hand.

I’m not surprise by now that this figure uses the same body as all the other Pennywise figures.  I mean, he wore the same outfit all movie, so why should NECA spend more to created different figures from the head down? I’m fine with that.  That means money goes to all the different portraits and accessories we’ve been treated to so far.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out all my other reviews of those figures using the search engine or “NECA” tab.

I do really like how the etching and gray-scale paint turned out.  Props to however they got the paint to look this good and give it that etched look.   I love looking for all the intricate line details all over the figure. Superb!


The figure is packaged with two portraits we’ve already gotten before.  This is technically the first Pennywise figure NECA released repackaged.  I show a comparison in my video at the end of this feature for you to check out! Think of it as a “video exclusive” part for me to get you over there (and sub!)

Although this head was previously released, having it with this paint scheme makes me kinda appreciate the finer details done with the sculpt, especially on the forehead. I also like how the figure has a darker look on the right side and the black line details ease up as you go to the left.

Version 2

The second portrait is OK.  I think putting this on the figure may give him even more of a statuesque look because it looks like he’s looking out in the distance just thinking about something.  If I took these out of the box, I don’t think I’d ever use this one, though.


When ordering the figure, I got it more as a collector who just had to snag every Pennywise for his collection.  After getting it in hand, I love how unique it is and appreciate it even more than I thought I would just being a repaint.

Enjoy the video!