Star Wars Celebration Black Series Episode One Exclusive Figures Review

Version 2

I’m late to the party with these figures because it took me a while to acquire them at a price that wouldn’t make me cry.  Hasbro Pulse had these two figures, that were exclusive to this years Star Wars Celebration convention, available on their site, but they sold out in less than two minutes.  I tired to get them!

These are figures that have been released at retail but celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace with their large foil cards that are similar to the 40th anniversary of Episode IV: A New Hope Black Series figures.

These are figures us collectors want more for the special cards/packaging and less for the figures.  I mean, if you got Obi-Wan Kenobi, you got him a few months before Hasbro released him in the regular Black Series packaging for the retail market  (click for my review of that).  I wanted them for bragging rights and to fit in with the other wickedly packaged Episode IV figures.

I finally got them off Ebay and they cost me about $50 US each with shipping that didn’t break the bank.  While these have been in collector’s hands for a while now, I figured (excuse the pun), I’d showcase them here on my site and in the video at the end.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

So, as mentioned, these figures are on an oversized card.  I love the look of the foil application all over as it makes the card really pop!  The aesthetic continues on the back of the card with a still from the movie and a bio.  I love it all!

Here is a closer picture of the figure, for those who may only have the retail version, so you can see there aren’t any differences.  It’s a great looking figure and I think the eyes on this one look better than the ones on my retail figure.

Here’s a closer look of the retail figure next to the anniversary one.  Besides the positioning of the braid and the small differences with the eyes (which can always vary from figure to figure), I didn’t see any differences between them.  They probably both came off the line at the same time.


I decided in this feature (and video below) to get out my original figure to take a picture beside this anniversary release.  In the video, I start off talking about my experience going to the movie for the 12:01 am showing and going to pick up all the figures available the day they were put out.  I hope you check it out! Imagine these also came with a larger commemorative Commtech chip, too?



Darth Maul

As you can see, it’s the same packaging as Obi-Wan, but with a different bio, scene on the back, and of course, featuring Darth Maul on the front.  I don’t know if I can gush any more about them than I already have.

Below are closer looks at the figure in the packaging and the portrait.  I wanted to give those who don’t have this figure but maybe have the first release, a knockoff, or the Archive Series release a closer look to see any subtle differences.

Compared to the first release of Maul from way back in the day, I find the new one to have a glossier robe that seems to pop out on the left hand side and the sides come closer together in the front.  Is it a new robe or the heat on, causing the robe to look a bit different?  As well, the paint application of Maul’s tattooing is thinner than the original release.  Anything else I’m missing besides the exclusion of the second portrait?  I can’t compare this figure to the Archive Series release because I did not pic it up.


And again, for the hell of it, here’s the original 3 3/4″ release next to the anniversary release.


If you’re looking to protect your figures, Figure Shield are a great option.  I already reviewed them on my site when I got the cases for the 40th anniversary figures, so you can check that out if you missed it (and the video).  When I knew these were coming, I reached out to them and then sent along five cases.  Now I’m hoping to score this year’s SDCC Boba Fett on an oversized card.  Check out the video right under this picture where I show also how the cases are shipped.


Yeah, I knew they were figures I already had (or getting), but I really wanted this set.  They’re cool to look at and go well with the others.  Also, realizing this film is has turned 20 now makes me feel old.  Check out my Instagram page, linked on the main page to see these hanging up with the others!

Enjoy the video!