NECA’s Vic Rattlehead: Megadeth Mascot Quick Look Review

Hey, everyone! This isn’t going to be an in-depth review or feature like usual.  I snagged this figure from my local place, Heroes Comics, in July and have had it on the back burner to feature on here for a bit.  I had a busy July and early August with friends visiting and traveling to see family, as well as my daughter’s birthday week.

Excuses aside, when NECA announced they were releasing Vic Rattlehead from his appearance on Megadeth’s classic album Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?, I knew I had to get it.  Not only is this a classic and essential album for any music fan (especially metal), I had to support the release because I’m hoping this is the first in a line of releases from NECA to celebrate Megadeth’s albums, just like they have done with Iron Maiden (figures I should be collecting but haven’t). I also had to buy it because, well, it looked awesome.

Like most NECA stuff I have, I keep things in the box because that’s how I showcase them in my man-cave.  I don’t have the room for loose figures all over the place.  I also just love the packaging.

Speaking of the packaging, it’s awesome.  It totally reflects the album cover and I consider it to be a companion piece now to the cover.  I compare it in the brief video I shot that is embedded at the end of this write up.  The Megadeth logo is in your face, which just screams metal to me.  Not only that, Vic’s iconic pose is on the bottom right of the front and both sides.  The back features the figure but altered to make it look like it was actually apart of the album’s artwork.  I love it.

Although I’m not taking the figure out of the packaging, I know it’s odd to some to see the kind of colours on the figure.  I’ve been so used to this album cover since before I was even a teen,  I get what NECA was going for here.  I know this figure will feature all the usual articulation found in the retro line, like Freddy Krueger, so those wanting to pose him will have no issue doing so.

The one thing that is a bit off-putting to me with the clothing on the figure is the pants.  The stitching is so apparent and distracting in the front.  You would have thought the pants would have been sewn a bit better and done at the rear end.  Unfortunately, it’s all stitched and sewn in the crotch.

I love the work done on the hands as the bones for the hands are done well.  In one way, I do really want to take this out of the package because I want to check out the quality of the “For Sale” sign that’s included with the figure, too (not to mention just wanting to pose it).  I actually went back to Heroes a couple weeks after snagging this so I could have another to take out of the box (which my daughter would probably play with), but they didn’t have any.  At $35, I wasn’t buying two at the time of purchase as I was also picking up my Hot Toys Patrol Trooper   and that was a huge chunk of change at the time.


What would a Vic Rattlehead figure be if the portrait isn’t good? Well, this is and, again, it really makes me wishful that this is the start of NECA doing figures to represent all of Megadeth’s albums.

The skull is sculpted very well and the colours match the album cover, blending with the outfit and scheme of the album cover.  The chains attached to the skull are beautiful in their own weird way.  I think I’m most impressed with how the visor area and mouth turned out.  I think NECA really nailed the look here.


Yep. That’s it.  I’m finished.  Check out the video below for some additional thoughts I didn’t mention here.  I dig the figure and hope for more Megadeth/Vic Rattlehead releases.  I really wanted to make sure people knew this figure was out and worth the dough.