Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Snake Face


2013 was turning out to be an amazing year for MOTUC figures and April’s figure was continuing that trend with the release of Snake Face.  Thankfully it was the only figure for that month because my wallet was destroyed by the first four months of figures.

Snake Face was one of the vintage figures I never had as a kid.  My cousin had him and I loved playing with it when I went to visit.  My mom was really great with snagging me all the figures so I have no idea why this one didn’t come into my possession.  That being said, I was all for the Classics Snake Face because I could finally have one of the later characters in the vintage line finally in my possession.

The bio is interesting because it makes it apparent how old Snake Face is.  He was working for the Snake Men under the leadership of The Unnamed One.  I still really don’t know who the Great Black Wizard is, though. Perhaps I missed out more information about this character in other bios, besides the one that links him to Draego-Man.

While the legs and boots were reused, there is a lot of new sculpting we got with this figure.  It’s great to notice as I posed and played around with the figure, the articulation is still tight on it five years after getting it.  The bulkier armor is noticeable on this guy, though, and it takes away from the overall aesthetic for me just a bit.

My favourite thing is how the scales are prevalent on the top half of the figure.  I wish the legs had the same texture.  Fortunately, the scaling (and the paint) slowly vanish as you work your way down the figure’s arms and it does make the legs blend in.

Although the armor is a tad bulky, I do love the design of it.  There’s something ancient about it, like he fought in a gladiator-type war.  I also really dig the large Snake Men logo right in the middle.

I’m happy the Four Horsemen sculpted the snakes on the arms of Snake Face.  It really adds to the evil vibe he’s supposed to give off.  My wife hates snakes, so adding stuff like this really can irk people and make them feel uncomfortable and I’m all for that with an evil action figure.


The portrait on this guy is done really well.  The eyes are huge and menacing.  The expression with the open mouth, and fangs showing, really accentuate the anger and fierceness.

His helmet features many snakes, with one large one on top in the middle.  It’s so cool to see the snake tails hanging out from the back of the helmet.  That’s some fine attention to detail there!

The action feature on the vintage figure for this character allowed you to push a lever up on the his back which would make snakes pop out of his face.  Seeing how we didn’t get working action features in the Classics line, a second portrait was included where snakes pop out even further out of the character’s face than the vintage figure’s face.  I simply love it!  How can you not dig that tongue?

If the longer snakes protruding from the head isn’t enough for you, you can remove tabs in the armor and insert two snakes as well!  This really brings up the intensity of the figure.  Imagine trying to protect yourself from a Medusa-like effect only to have to watch out for getting bit in the waist, too? Yikes!


Two accessories are also included with Snake Face, bringing even more value to the figure.  First off, you get the standard Snake Men staff but colour scheme exclusive to Snake Face.  As well, you get a shield that is based off of the character’s shield that came with NECA’s Staction of this character for their 200X representation.  I’m glad they included it.


No matter which portrait you choose, you’ll have one scary looking guy on your shelf.  Seeing how the figure came with two heads, I had to buy my usual two so I could have him displayed both ways permanently.

Overall, I’m happy with how Snake Face turned out.  It was great seeing how fast the Snake Men’s numbers were increasing in Classics and the level of detail The Four Horsemen were putting into this faction.  Most times, when people are checking out my collection, if Snake Face is noticed, most people give him some kind of reaction, and that’s always fun to watch.


Note: my apologies for the dust found on the armor of the figure that has the snakes coming out of his face.  I didn’t realize it was like that for some reason until after I did all the editing.