NECA IT Ultimate Pennywise Figures (Dancing Clown/Well House) Review


I’m back with some more NECA Pennywise figures! I’ve picked these up over the past two months and, like always, want to give my two cents on my site about what I think about them.  As usual, I’ll state I keep my NECA stuff in the box as that’s how I like to display them.  I don’t have the room for hundreds of loose figures and boxes, so this is just how I collect.  With that stated, like usual, I’m getting to the toys!


Ultimate Well House Pennywise

I’ve been enjoying the many different Pennywise figures NECA has been producing.  Considering how the evil clown had many forms in the film, it’s only fitting that those should be represented in plastic form!

This Ultimate Well House Pennywise packaging is pretty damn awesome.  I love the balloon right in the middle of the run down house.  Not only can you see all the various heads included on the back, the portrait picture on the side of the packaging is spot on.  This is a bonus for in-box collectors who keep their boxes lined up with the sides showing.

As with all of NECA’s figures in the “Ultimate” line, we get excellent window box packaging so people like me, who keep these in the box, can admire the figure without doing anything with it! It’s always a bonus to see the figure posed on the inside flap, too.

I don’t think it’s a surprise by now to anyone that has collected the other Pennywise figures (check out my NECA tab on my main page to see more of the those figures), that the body is the same. There’s only so much I can say about it that I haven’t already said in previous reviews: it’s just well done!

We do get some extra hands, which is good, but the main selling point for this one is the new four portraits.  I love that these can fit on all the previously (and upcoming) Pennywise figures in this scale.  I’d LOVE to have the money to buy enough of these figures to display a figure with every single head that has been released.

All four portraits that come with this figure are amazing.  My favourite has to be the one that is already on the figure when it is shipped.  I just wish the pupil on the right eye was a little more centered.  This was the only one my EB Games had, so I didn’t have any other ones to go through.

The included fence post can be inserted into the head of the portrait that’s shown on the bottom right and would look amazing displayed on a shelf.  Man, I have to move and get a larger basement so I can unleash these things one day!

There is a lot of value here.  While some may not like the lack of accessories, it’s the portraits/heads that make it worth purchasing.


It – Pennywise Accessory Set

This is kind of hard to write about being a boxed collector.  It’s almost dumb in a way getting something like this and not opening it, but I digress.  Down the road I may have the room to open these things, and I don’t want to miss out.  Thankfully the packaging is top notch.  I did buy an extra of the A Nightmare on Elm St. accessory set because I needed to display that snake Freddy, but I bought the Friday the 13th accessory set and have it in the box.

At least the nice thing is you can see everything that is included on the back of the box and that includes: – a sewer diorama base, a Pennywise Jack in the Box, a Pennywise puppet, Georgie’s severed arm, a SS Georgie boat Accessory, and a red balloon.

One of the cool things I’ve read about is that you can take the head off the Pennywise in the sewer and interchange it with the other figures released.  That is an awesome idea and gives collectors another reason to buy more than one of these if they are displaying Pennywise with every single head on their shelves.  At $35 Canadian, this may be a bit pricey for some, but there is a lot of stuff here!


Ultimate Pennywise, The Dancing Clown

When this huge figure got announced, it didn’t even phase me how many version I already had of Pennywise, I had to get this one, too.  Why? Well, NECA included more heads, but this figure is massive in scale with the limbs it comes with!

For this packaging, the flap actually folds down instead of to the side.  I think it’s a great idea to spice it up a bit.  I think they did that because of the large size of this packaging.  I hope they incorporate this into any figure accessory sets.

Yep, it’s the same body and the head on the figure was previously released, but you’re still getting a lot of new stuff here.  As you can see at the bottom of the packaging, you can plug in some regular arms and it includes more hands, but why on Earth would you want to when it includes those huge, beautiful insect arms?!?

Look at the texture and paint on those arms! The ball joints will really help with those taking this out to pose it.  I am curious if this guy topples over, though, due to the weight of the hands.  Nonetheless, get a stand and if you have the room, have these arms out and ready to attack!


The portrait that comes already on the figure is fantastic, but we get three more new ones!  You get the head from the painting, and one really nasty one with the arms reaching out of his mouth.  I think that is absolutely awesome.  Just when you think you’ll never see something in toy/plastic form, NECA delivers.

In addition, NECA also includes a head that has a LED light up feature.  This figure was around $40 Canadian and when you think about all the portraits you get, the arms you can swap, AND huge insect arms, the LED head seems like going above and beyond.

NECA gives us collectors so much value for your money with their figures.  It’s great just to sit and take in all the goodness.  I guess the only thing I can’t comment on is how tough the joints are on these figures.  I know many find that NECA’s quality control with things snapping or breaking is always out there on the various Facebook groups, but I know heating the limbs up with hot water or a blow dryer is recommended.  Oh well, I’m admiring as they are here and I’m happy with that.

Enjoy the video!