Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Wave 4 Action Figure Review


I’m back, taking a look at most of wave four of the Star Wars Vintage Collection figures!  Full disclosure: a) I don’t open these as I love the packaging and hang them on my wall, b) I still don’t have the Klaatu as this wave has not even been on the pegs here anywhere in Canada that I know of, and, c) the Clone Trooper isn’t a part of this wave.  That’s quite the mouthful, so I’m just jumping into my thoughts on these figures!


Saelt-Marae  (Yak Face)

I’ve never showcased it here, but I have on my Instagram and official Facebook page for this site, but I bought the Haslab Barge.  I still have the thing in the box as I really have nowhere to display it.  It came with Ol’ Yak Face here (ahem, Saelt-Marae), but on a different package with a coin to mimic the 80s Power of the Force line.  The one I’m showing below is the retail version of the figure.

While I’m not some crazed Saelt-Marae fan boy, I do really like the character.  He’s got this gentle and kind look to him, which is almost ironic considering he worked for Jabba.

I love the sculpt of the portrait as it really looks like the character in the film  The various paint on the face really help bring it to life, especially the red, glossy nose.

That’s not to take anything away from the soft-goods coat or the sculpting on the fur portion of the figure’s upper half.  His weapon looks really good, too.  The only concern I have, if I ever took this out, is how his feet are positioned in the package.  Is it warping the figure and making it unable to stand properly or is my figure just messed?  I don’t want him to have the ol’ Jimmy legs!


Scarif Stormtrooper

You know when new Stormtroopers hit the pegs, they tend to be the ones that go the fastest due to people wanting to army build.  Whle the Scarif Stormtrooper is from Rogue One and not an Original Trilogy design, people have flocked to them and even making the sixth scale version (well, the Shoretrooper) a much sought after piece.  I love mine!

I think collectors also clamor to the Vintage Collection version of Troopers because of the added articulation for better dynamic posing.  Unless they’re standing at attention, you want variety with your army, right?

The weathering on the figure’s armor is done well but not distracting in the least.  I love the look of the helmet in this scale, too.  It’s amazing to see how accurate they can be in this day in age in this scale.  They even have nailed the little pouch at the front of the belt, and both details on either arm.  This is a stellar figure.


Princess Leia Organa (Boushh)

I used to play with the vintage figure all the time.  It was one of my favourites when I was a kid.  It was the helmet.  The helmet was just awesome! It probably didn’t help that I watched the Jabba portion of Return of the Jedi on repeat for years when I finally got the movie (illegally) on VHS in the early 80s.  I loved the monsters and Boushh was a part of it all, albeit for a brief time.

While the outfit and helmet are top notch here, the face isn’t done too well.  With all the success Hasbro has had with human head sculpts lately (except those I didn’t like in the last wave of the Black Series), this one is a tad disappointing.  Yes, you can tell it’s a female but I don’t think it looks like Carrie Fisher at all.  I suppose that shouldn’t matter too much as people will probably buy this figure to keep the helmet on.  If I took this out of the package, I know I would!


41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper

For your army building pleasure, this online exclusive (but found at EB Games here in Canada) will help you amass your own Elite Corps army.  Now I’m sure people will demand Commander Gree in this scale to help lead them.

The portrait really doesn’t do anything for me but, like Boushh, I don’t think it matters as many will have the helmet on their figure(s).  The helmet is sculpted very well and makes me clamor to finally get myself a sixth scale version.  The rest of the outfit is OK, but the green is just too wonky for my taste.  I’m sure army builders will eat this figure up.


That’s my write up. Enjoy the video review with some additional insight!