Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Strobo


March of 2013 was a busy month for an already awesome year for MOTUC.  We had Fang Man and the subscription-only figure, King He-Man, so it was even more hard hitting for our wallets with the arrival of Strobo.

Strobo, you say? Yeah, I was in the same boat.  I couldn’t remember for the life of me that Strobo only appeared once in MOTU lore in a comic called “The Dark Power of Skeletor” in the Masters of the Universe magazine.  If you’d like to know more about the plot, check out this link.

The bio states he was the was the successor to Zodac, not Zodak. It’s quite wild to read that he fought alongside the MOTU but sometimes against them, too!  This is all going on as Jitsu was ruling Snake Mountain while Skeletor was out in space.  This bio gives me more questions than answers because, although he’s supposed to remain neutral, I’d love to know the battles he was in and why he fought against the good guys. I need answers!

As you can clearly see, this figure is basically a mash-up of Zodac and Sy-Klone.  Yes, we get a new cape, a new belt, and (from what I remember) a new groin area.  Besides that, there’s not too much new.  I will say, as I have before, I love capes on figures, and this new cape is fantastic.

I think the biggest talking point, besides the amalgamation of two character sculpts, is the huge mirror (sticker) piece in the middle of the man’s chest.  This is supposed to provide a force field or energy blast to nail enemies, if needed.  I always get my finger prints on it while handling it and always have to clean it.


If you get light hitting the mirror area just right (and it’s bright), you can get a really good effect coming from the chest.  To tell you the truth, it wasn’t until I was doing photos for this feature that I tried using a really bright light to reflect off the chest piece. The photo below captures how well it actually can work.


When talking about the portrait, I really can’t say much more than it’s the Zodac sculpt but with different colours.  I dig the silver and red, and if this guy comes from a line of Cosmic Enforcers, it only makes sense that he has the same helmet.

I’m featuring Strobo’s weapon that actually didn’t ship with him because, well, it’s a Rewind feature and I can look back at these figures as I please.  Now, I can’t remember why Strobo didn’t come with this gun, but it was released in a weapons pack later on in the year (October). (EDIT: it was due to budgeting restraints at the time)

Although it’s made of a really gummy plastic that causes my gun to bend up just after the second handle, it’s actually a really cool and unique weapon.


You can see with the gun in hand, the face of the weapon is supposed to mimic Strobo’s chest.  This was a great idea and I still really like the design of this weapon.

What was included with Strobo was this meteor rock that is permanently attached to a stand.  The details on it are sculpted well and the paint helps make the craters pop.  I won’t lie with telling you I simply can’t recall the purpose of this crater or why it was included with him.  If any of my readers know, please let me know and I’ll update and give you credit.

EDIT – thanks to Nigel J.L. Wilis on the MOTU Nation FB page! He informed me that this was the Dark Star Fragment (and reminded me of the budget constraint about the weapon).

Here is the bio of the Dark Star Fragment courtesy of and Super7.  I’ve been loving the bios written for items and characters that never had one, but this one seemed to have passed me by!  I love how the bio incorporates so many characters!


With the Dark Star Fragment in front of him and/or gun in hand, Strobo does look really cool.  I wouldn’t have minded if Matty and the crew would have created another Cosmic Enforcer to add to the gang.  I dig them and would totally welcome more to their ranks.

Strobo may not be the most exciting figure for many.  Hell, there are probably some that I have looked back at that I found boring but many would place before Strobo in order of favourites.  I get that, but I really like him and dug this figure.  He may not be even in the top 30 figures of all time for me, but I have nothing against him.