NECA’s Armored Assassin Predator and Ultimate 2009 Jason Voorhess Action Figure Review


“Good things come to those who wait.”  That’s what I always think while I await figures to finally make their way to Canada.  Thankfully, EB Games here in Canada are getting NECA figures within a few weeks of the US now, although the Armored Assassin Predator showed up a little later than expected.

I scored the Predator figure at the end of June while the new Jason Voorhees, based on the character design from the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th, showed up the first week of July.  My buddy, Jay Bartlett (from Nintendo Quest and the upcoming Action Figure Documentary), found one for me before I got my hands on one – thanks, Jay!

My usual disclosure: I keep my NECA stuff in the box for the most part because I love the box art and how the packaging opens to admire the figures.  I’d LOVE to have the room to be able to take the figures out and display the boxes but I don’t, so I just keep them as is.  With that said, here are my thoughts on the figs.


Armored Assassin Predator

Yeah, the movie was garbage, but I did pick up one of the regular Predators from the film and I needed to get one of these guys. Why? He’s freakin’ huge, that’s why! Besides that other huge Predator NECA has put on display that’s coming down the road, I don’t think we’ll see another Predator figure this big (in scale with NECA’s regular line, that is) for ages.

What I love about NECA’s stuff is the window box packaging so people like me who don’t have the room for displaying loose figures and keeping the boxes.  I can’t imagine people that throw out the boxes for NECA’s stuff. There’s just so much eye candy!  The box is larger, of course, because the figure is just over 10″ tall!


While the size of the figure is probably the first thing people notice, I am really impressed with the texture of the skin on it.  It’s has a variety of textures all throughout and makes the figure look life-like and very close to what was in the film.

The code piece sits (and is sculpted) well, and the forearm armor really pops.  The details on them (from what I can see) is also quite sharp.  It’s awesome that you can place a blade or a cannon onto the right and left pieces to make this huge guy even more dangerous.

While the sculpting of the figure overall, armor and skin texture, is fantastic, NECA delivers once again with the portrait of this figure.

The picture below is just a close up of the two interchangeable hands and the two pieces that can fit into the forearm armor.  The dark (my bad) picture on the right is the second portrait of the Predator with his mouth open and seriously pissed off.  It’s tucked in there pretty good, so that was the best pic I could take of it.  If I had this guy out of the box, this is the portrait I would have on it.

Overall, I think this figure is great and I’m glad NECA took the risk releasing an oversized figure for the Predator line.  He was $45 plus tax here in Canada, and that’s a good chunk of change.


Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th (2009)

I’ll admit it.  When I saw this movie, I had hated it before I even saw it.  How dare they remake Friday the 13th!?!?  It’s been a long time and I really need to revisit this film thanks to the great job NECA did on this figure.  I have to give it a fair shake now that I’m separated from that mentality.

I actually have this figure in the 18″ form with the bagged face on the figure, with the masked portrait on the side.  My sister bought it for me as a gift almost 10 years ago.  I totally forgot that I have this one hanging out with my 18″ boxed Freddy from Freddy Vs. Jason in the corner of my man cave.  That’s a sign I have too many figures.

While I am a fan of most of NECA’s packaging, this one is just phenomenal.  I love the simplicity of Jason’s mask looking slightly upwards on the front, the man attacking on the side, and the various poses of the figure on the back.  This is very well done.

As mentioned, we have window-box packaging so we can admire the figure without having to take it out of the box.  All the accessories are clearly shown and include a machete, an axe, fire poker, hammer and a screwdriver.  The fire isn’t included.

Like usual, the weapons are sculpted well and look amazing.  The same can be said for the outfit.  NECA does an amazing job sculpting outfits for Jason that are torn and weathered.  It’s simply astonishing how they go the extra mile to bring realism to the action figure world for the price we pay for these things.

I think one of my favourite attentions to detail is the belt that is wrapped around Jason’s upper left leg.  The paint on the shirt, knees and upper sleeves really show this company loves the franchise, making this figure as realistic as possible.

Jason’s mask/main portrait is great.  I know there are mask junkies out there that will comb over every aspect of a Voorhees mask, but I’m not one of them.  From what I see, this is an amazing representation and that subtle dirt on it is appreciated.  We don’t want a clean mask on a stalking killer, do we? I also really like how the eyes protrude from behind it.

The second head/portrait is the bagged one.  While I would never use it, it is a good throwback to Part 2 and for those that love it and want their Jason from 2009 represented this way, NECA has them covered.

So, two new NECA figures have impressed me and made me feel like a collector who got his money’s worth.  If anyone is sitting on the fence, hopefully me showcasing these figures will help you in someway or another.

Enjoy the video review!