Star Wars: The Black Series Wave 21 Review


It’s that time again where I go through the newest wave of Star Wars Black Series figures and give my two cents! I can’t believe us Canucks didn’t have to wait months after the US to get the latest wave! Wave 20 is just now showing up to EB Games here in Canada!  Thankfully I took a look at that wave already and am now all caught up (except for the Convention Obi-Wan and Maul, which allude me).

I always feel like I have to state this at the beginning of my reviews on this site, and the video review embedded at the end of this feature from my YouTube channel, that I don’t open these figures.  Why? I hang them up because I don’t have the room in my place for lots of loose figures to display (well, on top of those I already do).  With that said, here are my thoughts on the latest wave. Spoiler: I’m not that excited.


Chopper (C1-10P)

The little droid from Star Wars: Rebels gets a 6″ scale figure and it’s quite good, although I haven’t watched as much Rebels as I should have (sorry, guys.  Life gets busy and I just don’t watch too much TV).  Although he is a smaller figure, the width makes up for it (wait! No innuendo intended there!), and the figure is displayed perfectly in the box.

I love all the little details on this figure.  From the astromech parts showing, to the weathering, to the paint application, this guy is a fun looking toy/character.  Add the additional parts that can be swapped and the rocket blast effect, and base, and you have quite the droid with lots of play value!  This guy is a win, although the colour for the dome isn’t very appealing to me.


Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan)

I think collectors have been waiting for this version of Obi-Wan for quite a while.  With The Phantom Menace hitting the big 2-0 (damn, I’m old), it’s only fitting it appeared this year.

I think the clothing on the figure is done well, and the lightsaber and hilt are a win in this scale.  He may not seem like the most exciting version of Obi-Wan, but Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of the character was good no matter how many flaws the movie had.  Props for the work on the face sculpt and the braid, although I’m not a fan of the expression used for the mouth.


Ezra Bridger

More Rebels representation is given with Ezra here.  This figure looks too cartoony for me, although it is done well.  The colours of the figure just don’t pop out to me when looking at it in the box.

I have no idea why, but this figure’s portrait sculpt reminds me of Jen, the Gelfling from The Dark Crystal.  I dunno…maybe it’s because I’m not full-on into this show, the figure and look of it doesn’t do anything for me.  The colours of the outfit are pretty horrid and the lightsaber hilt looks too off the wall for me.  The helmet is kinda cool but one helmet does not make a good figure.

I know there will be many who are stoked about this and perhaps take digs at me for not appreciating it, but if I wasn’t some crazy completist collector, I’d be passing on this one.


Doctor Aphra

I passed on last year’s 3 3/4″ exclusive featuring Doctor Aphra and the two droids that I’m featuring here.  I just couldn’t justify the price for three figures in that scale that I had absolutely no attachment to or knowledge of.  For this wave, I took the plunge because I dug the two droids, so I figured the Black Series version of this figure would be good.  Unfortunately, I don’t like it too much.

If this figure’s portrait looked anything like the packaging illustration, I’d love it more.  I think it’s probably one of the worst female portraits in the Black Series line.  The eyes seem too large, the nose is huge, and it’s so glossy!  The expression just doesn’t work for me either.

As for the rest of the figure, the pistol looks cool and the helmet is decent, but the outfit makes me think she’s cosplaying as Han Solo.  Like Ezra, I’m sure there are people happy with this, but I’m not.


BT-1 (Beetee)

I love the story about this droid from the back of the box.  I think the Star Wars universe needs more evil droids like this.  Just the story alone makes me buy into this character and give him a welcome spot in my home.

Although the figure is keeping to its illustrated look, the paint on the figure is kinda dull.  He’s not a glossy black like some of the other Imperial droids and I guess it has its own personality away from the other Imperial astromech droids we’re used to.

While there are some subtle paint touches and some weathering to make it look like this guy has seen some action, I wish he popped a bit more, although the colour stays true to the character.

The interchangeable weapons and accessories are a great touch to make this droid go after those he wants to in various styles (and give kids and collectors various display/play options).  He’s kinda cool, but I think this is one of those figures I’d probably appreciate more if I actually took it out of the box.


0-0-0 (Triple Zero)

Look at this guy! An evil C-3P0 (OK, protocol droid) and a partner in crime, from what I understand, to BT-1.

This figure makes me think of if C-3P0 got blended with Freddy Krueger thanks to the long, metallic fingers that look like they could shish kebob Porgs.  Add the little blade on its thumb and this guy looks like he is out to torture some people.  I find the paint, except around the waist for the cords, to be quite bland, which makes the figure a bit less exciting for me.  At least he also features similar battle damage and scrapes as BT-1.


To sum it up, this wave just wasn’t very exciting for me.  There are too many characters I don’t have any attachment and the colours of the figures aren’t appealing to my eyes, although it’s all done well.  Hopefully the next wave, that probably won’t appear until the next Force Friday in the fall, will have a bunch of cool characters from the upcoming film and shows.

Enjoy the video review! I say some stuff off the cuff I don’t mention here!