WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Predictions


Source: WWE.com

I’m back with more WWE PPV predictions! With some server stuff going on and my lack of interest in the product, I didn’t write any predictions about their last show in Saudi Arabia (ugh) and Stomping Grounds.  With the hiring of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to take over creative duties on Raw and Smackdown respectively, I’m hoping for the best.  I thought I’d take the time to give my two cents on Sunday’s show.


Aleister Black vs. Cesaro

Source: WWE.com

Here are two men wanting to prove something.  Black wants to show that he belongs on the main roster while Cesaro wants to prove that he should be pushed more than he was been since been splitting up from Sheamus (which I still think is a huge mistake. The Bar was awesome).

If this doesn’t become one of the matches of the night, I’ll be surprised.  Both men are hungry and WWE creative NEEDS to let these two go out and do what they do best – wrestle.  If they do, no one will come away from this match looking bad in defeat.  I can actually see Black winning this and Cesaro attacking him post-match, which will make this match the catalyst to start a new feud.

Winner: Aleister Black


The Revival (Champs) vs. The Usos –
Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

We all know The Usos can bring it in the ring.  Lots of the smarks on the net gush over The Revival.  I get it.  They’re good, but this is the match where I think, more than ever, they have to show why the elite of the IWC want them treated like gold.  I hate the comedy and back shaving crap McMahon wrote.  I just want them all to wrestle!

The Revival needs a huge win here to justify why they are the champs and to get it over The Usos can do that.  The only thing is this team are heels and to be as big of a heel team they can be, they need to cheat to win.  I expect some kind of shenanigans to go down for The Revival to come out on top to put heat on the team.  I’d be happy with a clean pin, though, too!

Winners: The Revival


Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley (Last Man Standing Match)

Source: WWE.com

How in the hell does Lashley walk out to the ring unscathed after last Monday, while Strowman is still injured? Was it to set up the perception that Lashely is tougher than Strowman going into this Last Man Standing match?  If so, then I can see that rationale.

Hopefully WWE creative let these two beat the hell out of each other and maybe draw a bit of blood to make it look they are out to destroy each other.  Two big men like this need to hit each other with everything they have to make it believable.  I think there’s a big reset for both men’s career paths after this match and Strowman is going to be presented to be unstoppable again.  He needs the win in this match to springboard that initiative (and maybe a win over Brock Lesnar down the road).

Winner: Brawn Strowman


Drew Gulak (Champ) vs. Tony Nese – Cruiserweight Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Here are two men that are pushed to the side on 205 Live that should be on the main shows.  I really wish 205 Live would go away and just let these athletes be showcased on the main show. How? Fix the flow of the shows! Don’t have Shane McMahon cutting promos in and out of the ring for 15 total minutes on each show every week!

Rant aside, this should be a good match but will probably be tossed to the pre-show.  With Gulak recently winning the championship, I don’t see him losing it so soon.  I think this feud will continue into Summerslam season, with maybe one more person getting involved.  I think a Triple Threat match is incoming!

Winner: Drew Gulak


Ricochet (Champ) vs. AJ Styles –
United States Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Heel or not, AJ Styles is still my favourite wrestler in the company.  Ricochet being in a feud with him and being US Champion shows just how much the company has stock in him, and rightly so!

Styles needs more justification for his heel turn as he’s just been a jerk and that’s the only narrative we’ve been fed.  He only seemed to turn heel  due to the nudging of Gallows and Anderson, who are still doing nothing but losing, although they are getting more TV time.

To further this heel turn, Styles needs to win this match though cheating and set up Ricochet to chase the title into Summerslam season.  Getting the title back at one of the biggest PPVs will really help cement Ricochet’s place on the main roster.  Let’s book it! It won’t be the same is Styles loses and he’s the one chasing the title.

Winner: AJ Styles


Daniel Bryan & Rowan (Champs) vs. Big E & Xavier Woods vs. Heavy Machinery –
Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I’m sorry.  I may be in the minority here but I have not been a fan of Daniel Bryan and Rowan being champs.  There’s just nothing there for me and it seems like a consolation prize for Bryan.

The New Day? I am so done with them. I’m proud of Kofi and everything, but man, that group needs to disband.

That brings me to Heavy Machinery.  I liked them on NXT programming and I still dig them on the main roster.  I even like the comedy with Otis.  I didn’t like how they came onto the main roster (the Moment of Bliss segment), but I think their stock is rising.  This is the time to pull the trigger and let the world know these guys are the real deal.  They need the win here and a triple threat match will allow Bryan and Rowan to lose and give them motivation to chase the new champs.  As for The New Day? I don’t care.

Winners: Heavy Machinery


Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (2-on-1 Handicap Match) –
Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Bayley is the Smackdown women’s champion? She’s been on Raw so much that I had totally forgotten! This whole brand split and “wild card rule” needs to go or be enforced as, someone who watches weekly, I have forgotten who is supposed to be where.

I’m seriously unsure where this is going to go.  Either Bayley retains at the expense of Nikki Cross and Bliss turns on her, setting up their program, or Cross wins and Bliss takes claim to the title, setting up both of them to feud over it (or set up a triple threat for Summerslam).  Hell, they could have Cross about to pin a downed Bayley and Bliss tosses her off to get the win. I think to move the story forward, Bayley does need to lose to set up all of them gunning for the championship.

Winner: Alexa Bliss


Kofi Kingston (Champ) vs. Samoa Joe –
WWE Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I’ve been a big fan of Kingston’s title reign.  He’s done a great job but just needs to get away from being a member of The New Day.  Nonetheless, he’s a pleasure to watch in the ring and when he’s serious on the mic, he has the audience in his hand – something you want from a champion.

Samoa Joe should be a force to be reckoned with.  Unfortunately, his booking and time away due to injuries have just simply killed his character for me.  You want to make this guy the biggest, legit heel in the company? Have him be the one to defeat Brock Lesnar, without any shots to the nuts.

Joe has been a champ but usually lost the majority of his title matches.  He just lost the US Championship to Ricochet, so why is he the number one contender for the WWE Championship? It doesn’t make sense.  That’s why he’s not winning here.

Side note: is Lesnar cashing in here? I’m not 100% sure.  While it will bring people to tune into Raw on Monday night (or Smackdown, where the WWE Championship is supposed to be represented) a Lesnar win, in the long run, will not help the ratings or my interest in the show.  I don’t want to see it happen and hopefully Heyman and Bischoff know it, too.  The only good coming from Lesnar cashing in the Money in the Bank opportunity is having Kingston actually win or having a someone make a name for themselves, sooner than later, over Lesnar.

Winner: Kofi Kingston


Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch (Champs) vs. Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans –
Winners Take All Mixed Tag Team Extreme Rules Match

Source: WWE.com

I have absolutely no interest in this match and if you think Corbin and Evans are winning here, then I have no idea how to persuade you otherwise as I don’t have that kind of magic.

I want Corbin to go away and, if anything, this is where Bray Wyatt makes his return after the match and goes right after Rollins.  If that’s the case, Wyatt needs the first major win and to build a cult stronger than the Wyatt Family ever was.  C’mon, WWE! Let the Corbin project end and bring in the era of Wyatt! Wyatt toying with both The Man and Rollins would be great TV!

Winners: Rollins and Lynch


The Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre –
No Holds Barred Match


This is the main event of a PPV in 2019??!?! This tells you everything that’s wrong with WWE right now.  I don’t want to see Taker in 2019.  I don’t believe Shane McMahon is a better wrestler or performer than most on the roster.  I don’t like Roman Reigns’ character or how he’s presented.  Therefore, I don’t care about this match.

I wonder if they’ll be setting up Owens vs McMahon for Summerslam by having Owens interfere in some way here.  As well, could we have The Undertaker vs. McIntyre for Summerslam or a Reigns/Taker rematch.  Let’s see what unfolds as whatever it is, it’ll be better than this garbage main event.

Winners: The Undertaker and Roman Reigns