Hot Toys Star Wars Patrol Trooper Sixth Scale Figure Review


Thankfully for my wallet, sixth scale figures that I’m interested haven’t been as plentiful for the first half of the year (although there are some figures I have missed I could go after). That’s about to change with a huge amount of Star Wars figures on their way.

While I’ve already looked at this year’s Jabba the Hutt from Sideshow and Hot Toys’ Deluxe Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, I am hankering for new product! Thankfully, it looks like the new Patrol Trooper, from Solo: A Star Wars Story, was just released here in Canada and I got mine through my local place, Heroes Comics.

I’m a sucker for Stormtroopers and while I haven’t ordered the newest Hot Toys Stormtrooper (based on the look of them from Return of the Jedi), I have amassed a good collection of various Troopers from the films.  Check out my features for past ones!

That said, I was excited for the Patrol Trooper and there was no way I was missing out.  While the amount of accessories he came with wasn’t overwhelming while Hot Toys’ standard higher prices remained the same, this figure needed to make its way into my cabinet to hang with the others.

The packaging for the figure is the standard Hot Toys Star Wars stuff.  Great for MIB collectors! While we get an extra little band featuring the character to spice things up around the bottom, I do miss what Hot Toys was doing with The Last Jedi packaging where we got an extra picture of the figure on the back.

Out of the package, he’s pretty solid.  My figure’s articulation joints are perfect.  Nothing too tight and nothing loose.  The head can mover perfectly and the neck piece can even be re-positioned a bit.  The articulation at the shoulders isn’t bad but the shoulder pads prohibit the figure from having its arms out completely horizontal.  I don’t think that will be an issue for many.

There’s not much movement in the torso but the elbows, writs, legs, knees, and ankles have excellent movement.

I love the outfit on this guy.  It’s such a great combination of many Troopers.  I really see a blend of the OG Trooper with the Scout Trooper here.

The front of the figure’s armor has fine detailing on it featuring some sculpted pieces just above the middle of the chest.  What I really like is the fabric that is used on both sides of the bottom of the top chest piece.  They could have just used plastic but they opted to go for even more realism. The back of the figure’s armour features more of the awesome sculpted bits.

The belt features pieces that can’t be removed but are made of a harder plastic that look real. I wish a few of them were a pleather material to give it added realism.  Then again, if they were only hard plastic in the movie, that wouldn’t make sense.  The little piece on the back of the belt is also not removable, although it has been on other Troopers Hot Toys has produced.

Lastly, I am absolutely blown away by the work done on the weathering on this figure.  The promo pictures don’t do it justice as I think more was added to the final production piece.  Now, there may be people out there that wanted a cleaner looking figure and I get that.  For me, though, I love the amount of weathering added to this guy.  It looks like he’s seen some action and is ready for more.

I love the sculpting and design of the armor overall, but I have to also give props to the work and attention to detail placed on the forearms and the lower leg pieces.  Everything is done so well.  I’m also a big fan of how the boots look, too.  Nothing takes away from the articulation.

I have to mention the under suit looks great on the figure.  There seems to be at least two pieces.  The first is under the torso and goes up to the neck and around the shoulders.  It is a clean looking black leather-like material.

The other pieces are featured on the arms and are similar to what we’ve seen with other Troopers and Darth Vader.  For people not putting these guys in museum poses, you’re going to see some creasing if you have your figure in a pose where the elbows are bent for a long period of time.  Out of the box, as you can see, the creasing is already an issue.  I also find the material around the arms to be a lot larger and baggier than it needs to be.  It is like they made it for a figure that had larger arms.  I think they should be a bit tighter on the figure as it bubbles out quite a bit.  I go through it all in the video at the end of the feature.

I love the helmet on this figure.  Yeah, it’s a Stormtrooper helmet, but it has enough changes in form and color to make it a unique piece.  I find all the lines and paint to be really clean.  I’m also a huge fan of the work done on the “mouth” section of the helmet as there is some intricate sculpting done there.  I didn’t appreciate it as much until I took these close ups.   I also realized I should have broken out my black background to do this photo shoot.  Hindsight, right?

Once again, I have to mention the weathering effects all over this helmet.  I find it’s the perfect amount to show that he’s been in battle but not take away from the aesthetics of the helmet itself.

The figure comes with five extra hands, bringing the total you can swap in and out to seven.  You have some fists, some hands to hold weapons, and a hand to signal someone to stop (or wave at them, I suppose).  These are all easy to swap and I had no issues with pegs.


One of the two accessories included is the baton.  It fits sung on the side of the belt and that’s where it’s going to be staying when I’m displaying the figure.  Sliding it in and out of the holder already has caused the white from the holder to scrape off on the baton.


I find that the Patrol Trooper doesn’t hold the baton well.  It’s not because it can’t fit in the hand properly, but it’s due to how the hand was sculpted to hold it.  You’d think the figure would have a firm grip on it but it looks like it’s holding it like a drumstick.

The second accessory is a small blaster pistol.  It’s very reminiscent of the Scout Trooper’s weapon. As you can see, it also fits snug in the holder.  My figure will always have this in hand in my shelf! You can get some great poses with this guy with the pistol aiming at those who defy.

Also included is the familiar stand we’re all used to.  This time around, there are no interchangeable base pieces included so what you see is what you get.  I think it looks cool, so I have no issue with it.  Seeing how this is the first figure from the Solo movie line of figures, I’m assuming this is how the name plate will look for them all.


Props to Hot Toys for producing yet another excellent Trooper for our sixth scale collections! Don’t miss out on this guy because he may become like the much sought after Shoretrooper – one that looked great and didn’t come with a lot, but is now quite a bit of dough on the secondary market.  You won’t be disappointed with it!

Enjoy the video!