NECA 1/4 Scale Shredder 1990 TMNT Movie Figure Review.


I love the summer and I love being on vacation.  What’s even better is having more figures! I actually got this guy in about a week and a half ago thanks to the fine people at Heroes Comics, but I had a great time with friends and family over the last week, and just having a good time.  Healthy, right?

I don’t think it should be a surprise to anyone visiting this site that if I have Shredder, I’ve got the other four turtles, too.  Use the search feature (or menu) and check out my YouTube channel to see all the previous reviews and check out my GoFundMe page, too (as of writing, I’m only $55 away from my goal!)

The box for the figure is the exact same as the others in the line, mimicking the old VHS box art and keeping things looking the same for the mint in box collectors.  I’m one of them for many lines, but this line has just been too good to keep them sealed.

Out of the box, this guy is pretty sturdy.  At 18″ or so tall, he has a lot of presence, especially due to the huge cape.  I’ll state two things about this figure I’m not a fan of right off the bat, though.  A) I expected him, for some reason, to just be a bit taller, as I thought he was a lot taller than the turtles and B) this figure likes to fall over.  A lot.

You’ll see in the photos for this figure that there’s a bit of paint that chipped off the top of the helmet and around his neck.  That’s because this figure’s ankles are just so loose compared to the other figures in this line.  He’s top heavy, too, and I just had constant issues keeping him standing straight.  I talk about it in my video review (embedded at the end of this feature) and it starts to fall over while I’m talking about the issues.  I also had some of the razors pop off the shoulders due to it falling.

There’s a hell of a lot of articulation on this figure.  You can move its neck, arms at the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  There’s a bit of movement in the waist, but not too much.  The legs are articulated and the knees are have two points of articulation to make more dynamic posing.  His joints are nowhere near how crazy tight the turtles were.  For those figures, I had to loosen them up with a hairdryer.  This figure’s joints are decent, for the most part, except the ankles.

If you have the Foot Soldier, or have seen reviews, you know what you’re getting with the body for this figure.  It’s the same except for the colour.


Where the figure really shines is with the armor all over it featuring Shredder’s razors.  While they aren’t sharp, they can poke easily, so don’t be letting any young kids around this figure unsupervised! The texture on the armor is top notch and I love the look of them.

What’s even more impressive is the cape on this figure.  It’s a thing of beauty.  I remember reading that Randy had said they took a lot of time to get it right so it drapes on the figure perfectly.  Mission accomplished as this thing looks simply amazing.  You can take it off, but why would you?!  There’s a section that bunches up a wee bit and I’m not sure if it’s just my figure or not.


If you do want to pose your Shredder figure without the cape, this is what you’ll be seeing.

While the portrait is sculpted well, it’s ruined for me because NECA decided to have the figure looking upwards.  I have no idea why in the hell they made that decision but if he’s supposed to be looking at the turtles or any enemies, why wouldn’t he be looking down or straight? I know some people don’t mind,  but it really affected my love for this figure.

As well, the top part of the armor on his head is tilted a bit and not perfectly straight, making it look unsymmetrical.  It bugs me and it’s hard not to notice that if I’m not concentrating on the eyes.

Aside from bitching about technicalities I don’t like, the actual sculpt of the portrait is fantastic.  I love the details all over the face, especially when you take the mask of to see Oroku Saki’s scars.  It’s like James Saito was shrunk down to be placed in your house.



The extra hands for this figure are easy to swap in and out.  If you want to rely on your Shredder figure to take his opponents out without the use of weapons, he can have that look.  You could also swap out the hands so he can hold the accessories included.

Shredder comes with a knife with a holder.  I’m not 100% sure if it gets tucked in the figure’s belt or not, but I’m never going to use it.  I don’t want it bulging from the figure’s waist and I won’t have him hold it on my shelf.  It’s a decently sculpted piece for those who actually are going to use it, though.


The weapon I’ll be having this figure hold all the time on my shelf is the spear.  While I won’t be posing him in an action poses, as you’ll see below, I’ll make sure he’s holding it upright.



For your viewing pleasure, here is Shredder next to Donatello and the Foot Solider to give you an idea of the comparison in size.


If this figure didn’t have the issues with standing mine does (and had eyes where he was looking forward), I would say this figure was a home run.  While I am let down just a bit, and he does not overtake any of the turtles as my favourite in the line, I’m still plenty thankful that we get a figure like this in 2019.  I’m pumped to see this in the 7″ scale and hopefully we’ll see NECA show off a few more quarter scale TMNT figures at SDCC in two weeks!


Enjoy the video review!

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