Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – King He-Man


2013 for Masters of the Universe was killer in the first few months! I mean, you can check out the last three releases before this one (Jistu, Ram Man, and Fang Man) and you could see the 1-2-3 punch from Matty! The exclusive you got if you went all-in for the 2013 subscription was King He-Man.  I was getting the sub nonetheless, but the lore surrounding this figure intrigued me and I thought it would be a good throwback to Conan the King (the non-produced third Conan movie I so wanted when I was a kid).

What’s striking about the packaging is the large “He-Ro: Son of He-Man” sticker on the front to give the feeling that this figure is in a different collection within a large one.  I was fine with that.

The bio for this figure is epic.  Skeletor is defeated and Adam permanently turned into He-Man to take over his father’s role of ruling over Eternia.  Even reading about Adora/She-Ra finally defeating Horde Prime is a huge story in itself!

There is no surprise with the articulation on this figure or the reuse of most of the body parts.  To this day, all of it is solid on my figure.  The great thing is that there are many newly sculpted pieces, which is a bonus for a sub-only figure.  The cape is the main thing that draws your eyes.  I’ve mentioned many times I’m a fan of figures with large capes as they just look epic.  The way it hangs and ripples on this figure really does help with creating the image of King He-Man being larger than life.

I know the Horsemen wanted to keep the ab crunch on this figure but sometimes I go back and forth about if the armor should have just been one piece or not for this guy.  At first glance, the painted lower torso works, blending everything together.  When I focus on how it’s all broken up, though, I then crave a solid armor piece.

I think the lower loin piece looks great and helps blend the colour palate of the figure all together.  The lower leg armor has some extra paint on them to also help with keeping the figure’s look unified.  I couldn’t imagine sitting on a throne with those on constantly.

I’ve always been a fan of the portrait of this figure.  He-Man looks older, yet wiser.  The scar that runs down his left eye gives him that war-torn look and makes my mind wonder about how crazy the last battle with Skeletor would have been.  We can also give some props to how the crown was sculpted.  It actually looks like it can be removed, but it can’t.  The facial hair also rules.

After taking photos of this figure, I didn’t realize how the left eye actually looks like it’s lower than the right one and it really throws the symmetry of the face off.  Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like the face melted just a bit on the left side.  I checked my boxed figure and I didn’t see this imperfection.  Let me know in the comments section if yours is like this.

The figure comes with two accessories: the electronic Power Sword that looks dirtier and more weathered than the other versions we had gotten in the past, and a staff with the emblem representing on the top.


While posing this figure with his staff in hand, I really craved a throne for him.  I know we’ll probably never get one, but I’m wondering if anyone made a custom one back in the day, or at least a set of thrones for King Randor and Queen Marleena!

I love the look of this figure with this sword in his hand.  It looks like it has gone through hell and back with him and it helps showcase how much this character has gone through in his life.  The electronic Power Sword helps give Adam the power of Grayskull, but it doesn’t prevent him from aging.

With sword in hand and staff by his side, King He-Man looks majestic.


This figure is awesome.  While the face on mine isn’t spot on, the figure as a whole represents and whole new realm of stories and the future of MOTUC.  I really wish we would have seen more characters and stories from this era.  I would have loved to see the characters that survived the intense last battles between the factions we know if figure form and how they would be represented in plastic form.   I’d buy that line.  How about you?