Obi Wan Kenobi (Deluxe) Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure Review


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Enough personal stuff as I’m sure you’re here for the figure! This is the first Hot Toys sixth scale figure I got all year! Yeah, I snagged the Jabba the Hutt set and the Leia Organa figure that came out last year a couple of months ago, but this year has been quiet for me on the sixth scale Star Wars front.  Not only did I get back it by gettig this awesome new Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, based off of Ewan McGregor’s look in Revenge of the Sith, but I got the deluxe edition with many extra goodies.

The packaging for this figure is the same old we’re used to but the banner on the bottom and the sticker indicating this is the exclusive version makes it pop more than usual.  I really liked what Hot Toys was doing with The Last Jedi figures by having an additional image on the back of the box, but we’re back to credits being featured on the back.  At least we still have the cool picture on the flap when you take the top off.

As soon as I took the figure out of the box, I was happy.  All the standard articulation found on these figures was intact and working well.  The robe for this figure is one of my favourites Hot Toys has ever done. It just feels “right,” and by that I literally mean the feel of the fabric along with how well it drapes on the figure.

I think I’ll be practicing hanging the robe hoods over many of my figures this summer while I change up some posing because I don’t feel I do it justice.  The hood on this robe, though, has given me luck and looks the most natural so far I’ve done.  There isn’t any wire in the hood like many others and I think that makes a difference.

With the robe off, you can clearly see the outfit layers on the figure.  Just like the other Jedi Hot Toys has made, each piece is crafted well and doesn’t hinder the articulation (that I go over in the video review embedded at the end of this feature). All the tailoring on this figure’s clothing is up to par except for one little section where the thread has come out a bit.

The pieces on the belt aren’t removable and look similar to the items found on the Anakin Skywalker figure that came out last year (as well as the Dark Side version).  The boots on this figure are another triumph.  It amazes me how they are crafted and look so lifelike.  If I only had footwear so intricate.

Let’s get to the main gripe for many with this figure: the portrait.  There were many who were spittin’ angry because the final sculpt was a bit different than the prototype.  While there were some slight differences with the hair and its colour, and a few other minor things, I didn’t think the final sculpt was bad at all.  I think it looks like Ewan McGregor and there’s no questioning who you’re looking at.

I think my favourite part of the sculpt is the intricate work done with the facial hair.  It’s amazing to see what the sculptors can do.  What I’m not a big fan of is how the figure seems to be looking up just a bit.  I wish the pupils were just the smallest nudge lower.

It’s time to get into all the goodies that come along with the figure, and there are many.  First off,  the figure comes with six additional hand, bringing the total to eight.  There are many force and posing hands along with hands to hold the lightsaber hilt.


Speaking of the hilt, Hot Toys has done an excellent job yet again replicating what we see in the film in such a small piece.  You can add the standard blade or the “in swing” blade to the hilt to get the pose you want.  I find the “in swing” blades to be a bit heavy but they do look good.

If you want the hilt just hanging from the belt, there are three small pieces included (two extra in case they are lost or snap) that help attach the hilt to the belt.

With lightsaber in hand, lit or unlit, Obi-Wan looks great and looks like he’s out to kick some Sith ass.

Like many other Star Wars Hot Toys figures, you get an additional right forearm that allows you to light up the lightsaber.  Some never use them because of how hard they can be to swap or they don’t like putting the batteries in their figures.  I love using them for photos but usually don’t keep them attached to the figure when displaying them in my cases.

The light on this one shines brightly and I found the forearm piece to swap out with ease.  I didn’t feel like anything was going to snap and changing them was a breeze.  They should all be this easy.

Here’s the blade lit up.  If you want to see more, check out my video review.

The figure comes with some pieces of a destroyed Battle Droid.  The pieces are sculpted well and they are made of a softer plastic.  I was expecting a harder plastic for some reason.  There are some decent details all around in each piece and it really makes me hanker for Hot Toys to make their own Battle Droid.  Sideshow did their own years ago, but man, imagine what they could do nowadays.


What would a Jedi in the prequels be without a Comlink? I remember the large one that I had with the Episode One figures came out that had the Comm Tech reading technology.

This thing is tiny but still has really good detail on it (and surprisingly accurate and clean paint work).  It can fit snug in Obi-Wan’s hand for anyone wanting to pose him on their shelf or in their cabinet with it.

As usual, this figure comes with the regular Hot Toys Star Wars stand. You can go with a clean look or put one of two different slip mats/stickers on it depending on your preference or who you pair the figure with in your display.


The first of the two exclusive for the deluxe edition is this little baby Luke figure.  I know this isn’t a necessity for many but I think it’s really cool that Hot Toys made something like this.  I would have put it on my list of “stuff we’d never see in the sixth scale.”  I suppose if you want Obi-Wan posed showing a paternal instinct, you can!

The second exclusive piece is the hologram table with two hologram mini figures of Darth Sidious and Anakin Skywalker.  While the baby was a surprise, this item was the thing that made me pull the trigger on spending just a bit more.

The table isn’t something that will wow many but I think it’s sculpted well and has that high-tech look to it.  You need 3 AAA batteries if you would like to light up the top of it, though.  Hot Toys didn’t include them.

As mentioned, you get two mini figures.  I’m actually amazed of the textures on these things as they have those lines sculpted into them that make it look like they are actually being transmitted.  Seeing them in person while illuminated by the table underneath them is actually quite the sight.  Make sure to check it out in the the video review.

Once the batteries are inserted, all it takes is a flick of the switch on the bottom of the table and you have an amazingly bright piece to showcase these two mini figures.  The hologram figure that comes with the upcoming DX17 exclusive edition of Darth Maul will look quite good on this table.

With all the accessories, the robe, hands, and exclusives (if you get that version), there are so many ways  you can display Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Hell, I took so many pictures and still didn’t include Obi-Wan with the Light or Dark Side Anakin figure.  With Yoda and Count Dooku coming the in the next few months, you’re doing to have even more options of who to display him beside.  Who’d ever think us collectors would be so happy getting Prequel stuff!?!?!

Suffice to say, I’m happy I kept my pre-order with all the doom and gloom of people on various forums and Facebook groups.  I love the figure and I love all the extras.  This figure is absolutely good value for the money spent.  Hope this review got some people off the fence!

Enjoy the video review!!!!

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