Site Update & Crowdfunding Campaign

Hey, everyone! Sorry for such a low-key month! Work has kept me busy and there were things going on behind the scenes on a potential server hosting change and I couldn’t get on any new material due to both things going on.

I’m announcing that I’m staying with WordPress and the server I was on. It’s not a decision I take lightly as there are two people that worked hard trying to make the transition work. Unfortunately, I have to do what works for me with the time I have to actually dedicate to what I do on my site and the interface I’m used to.

I really REALLY thank and appreciate Battle Ram: A He-Man blog for doing what he did and the other person who had offered to host and who put time into trying to get it all to work like it was (keeping the name private). They are amazing people.

That all said, I start vacation in an week and hopefully I’ll start cranking out the content that was lacking in June.

Thank you to anyone who reads and supports. Seeing how this has now cost me more dough than I ever expected, I began a Go Fund Me campaign to see if that will help offset some of the costs.  If you’re a fan of what I do, I would really appreciate any kind of donation.  I go into more detail on that page.

Here’s to a great summer with lots of new content!

Thanks for sticking with me!