Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Fang Man


Hot damn, Masters of the Universe Classics was off to a hot start in 2013.  Let’s ignore Netossa and focus on how kick-ass Jitsu and Ram Man were (well, are).  How could Matty keep the streak going? How about by debuting a fan demanded character that never got his due in plastic form in the vintage line? They went there and unleashed Fang Man in March of 2013.

Yeah, Fang Man only appeared in one Filmation episode (“The Time Corridor”), but that was enough to make a lasting impression on many, myself included.  I think my love for Fang Man was also accentuated by always staring at him in awe in my old Panini sticker book (remember that?).

The bio actually makes me feel sorry for Fang Man.  He was just used and tossed away by Skeletor.  I suppose that’s how the powerful get followers – relying on them having very little brain and the lack of critical thinking skills.  If you want to know a bit more about the character, check out the Grayskull Wiki!

Fang Man features all the regular articulation the other MOTUC figures have.  All these years later, all the articulation joints are still pretty tight.  At first glance, he looks unique not only due to the portrait, but because how his shoulders appear due to the shirt.

While I’m on the topic of the shirt, I’m a big fan of it for other reasons.  The design of it, with the spikes making their mark under the shirt and the ripples/wrinkles all over it, help bring the figure to life.  The belt breaks up the overall look and I love the little lizard as the buckle.  I’m also a big fan of the texture of his skin underneath the shirt around his waist, where you can see the little bumps.

How can you not like this portrait for this character? The sculpt is bang on and it really brings the 2D cartoon character to life.  He doesn’t look goofy either! It’s great they made him look fierce and someone to be frightened of.

All the paint on my figure is pretty damn clean and I’m also amazed at the little details they put into the mouth of the figure.

I’m glad the Four Horsemen made two sections for the neck articulation to give you more posing options.

Another thing that The Four Horsemen didn’t need to do, but did, is add the option to be able to move Fang Man’s tongue.  This is a subtle thing but adds to the fun of the figure.

Fang Man comes with three accessories: the Revtile Sword, Wheel of Infinity and Electro mace; all three being essential items.


It’s fitting that Fang Man comes with the Infinity Wheel because, hell, the episode he’s in is all about that thing! Fang Man really can endorse that thing! It would be cool to get a larger one packed in with a figure one day to use as a diorama piece.

While I’m a fan of figures with swords, and having them pose with them on my shelf, there’s something special about the Ectro mace, which makes it an accessory that my figure always has to have in-hand on my shelf.  It’s a great looking accessory and the uniqueness of it blends well with the figure.

Although I love the Electro mace, I simply love this sword.  It reminds me of something I’d see in Conan the Barbarian and that scores huge points in my books.  It should be no surprise that my figure also has this in one of his hands as well.  Duel-wielding action!

1, 2….Fang Man is coming for you…..Seriously.  This guy is all out of bubble gum, so you know what that means.  Wow…two pop culture references in a row!


All kidding aside, Fang Man gave me one of those, “I can’t believe it finally happened” moments as a collector. While the figure may not be in my top ten of all time (he could be in my top 15 – I really need to do a list one day), he is one I really appreciate and repose often.  He’s a fun toy that looks awesome and that’s the main thing that counts when collecting action figures.