Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Jitsu


2013 was a great year for MOTUC.  It didn’t start off strong, in my opinion with the bland and boring Netossa.  February brought us a vintage character, though, and I was so excited for him.  As you can see, I’ll be talking about Jitsu here.

We already had been graced with the presence of Fisto in the Classics line, so it was only a matter a time before his arch enemy (in my mind), showed up.  It’s the ying to the yang effect with those two.

I have to say I love the bio for Jitsu.  Not only does his real name reference his name in the Filmation cartoon, but it explains why he has the large, golden hand and shows that this guy shouldn’t be messed with as he took over Snake Mountain when Skeletor became “Intergalactic” (cue Beastie Boys).  Wanna know even more about Jitsu? Go over and read Adam’s excellent feature over at Battle Ram Blog!

All the regular articulation on MOTUC figures can be found here on Jitsu.  The great thing is my figure had really solid joints and they’re solid to this day.  I have no issue with any of the limbs.

While I’m the the biggest fan of the armor piece being so large at the sides, by this time, we kinda expected it after seeing the prototypes.  He still looks awesome, though.

I don’t know why, but I was always a fan of the aesthetics of Jitsu’s armor and colour scheme when I was a kid.  I’m happy it all got replicated with love with this figure.  It’s even better that the paint on it is clean.  As you can see, this figure has a place for the two additional mini scythe accessories that come with him.  I always have them inserted as it just adds to the overall effect of the figure on my shelf.

There’s no half-assed way of saying it: I love the sculpt of the portrait.  This figure just has such a unique look and he’s serious. There’s no screwing around with Jitsu.  The expression is bang on, the detail with his wrinkles above the eyebrows add to the overall look, and the hair (on the face and head), is sculpted to perfection.  I may even go out on a limb and say this is probably one the top ten head sculpts in the line.  Props for the flared nostrils.

Before I even get to the accessories this guy comes with, I have to give some love to the hand.  No, I’m not getting kinky here.  I’m legitimately giving props to the work The Four Horsemen did on this glove.  I suppose one can’t stop and think of the Infinity Gauntlet nowadays when seeing this.  Getting belted with this must hurt.

It’s just great to see a figure/character ready to throw down without needing any additional weapons in hand.

As mentioned, Jistsu comes with the two mini scythe weapons.  I have no idea if they’re called something else, so that’s what I’m going with.  He also comes with his signature sword.  Would you seriously want to mess with someone who knows marital arts, has a large solid gold hand, and can kick your ass with bladed weapons? Jitsu is simply armed to the max.

With how the Club Grayskull line has given us absolutely no paint on the accessories, it’s so great to look at weapons like these and appreciate how the paint on them really adds to the overall look.


I betcha money that he could throw these with his eyes close and nail his target.  While I never have him holding these on my shelf, he does look pretty cool with them ready to fly.

If you’re like me, you have or would want to have Jitsu holding his sword on your shelf.  The one/two attack he could deliver would be almost unstoppable.  No wonder he took over the helm of Snake Mountain.

Eventually in the line, specifically with Ninjor in 2015, we got an extra belt/loin cloth piece to put on Jitsu to give him more 200X design love.  While I love how it looks, I usually don’t have it on my figure often.  It wasn’t until I did pics for this feature that I placed it on him.  As you can see, I had a hard time being able to latch it completely.  After doing all the pictures for this feature, I’ve kept it on him.

I mentioned in my look back at Netossa, and other figures, how I’ve really enjoyed doing these features looking back at these figures because I end up appreciate them even more than I did when I first got a particular figure in some cases.  That happened with this figure.  While I really liked it when I first got it in the mail years ago, I have even more appreciation for the figure than I did a week ago.  That’s the magic of MOTU, I suppose.


Thanks for reading!