WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Predictions


I’m glad this year’s Money in the Bank PPV has been given a little bit of breathing room since Wrestlemania.  Last year it seemed like there were so many in a row after WM with little room to build anything.

Money in the Bank is usually an exciting show just for the ladder matches.  The under-card and other championship matches all seem like great match-ups as well, so I’m really excited for Sunday’s show.

Here’s what I think is going to happen with some insight as to what got us here.  My picks to win are sometimes based on who I think should win verses who will probably win because of the “blah” booking that it would lead to.  If anything changes leading up to Sunday’s show, I’ll update, so check back!


Daniel Bryan & Rowan (Champs) vs. The Usos –
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

New champs have just been crowned.  Bryan and Rowan are not losing here.  Short and sweet.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Rowan


Roman Reigns vs. Elias

Source: WWE.com

Reigns and McIntyre both would have benefited with a reversal of the outcome of their match at Wrestlemania. Reigns came off like an asshole during last week’s Raw and Smackdown and never seems to make his opponents seem like any threat and I already can’t stand him again. That said, and especially with all the vignettes showcasing Reign’s return to WWE (thanks to Vince’s boner), there is no way in hell Reigns is losing here.

You know what we’re getting here: Reigns gets his ass handed to him for 80% of the match, comes back after numerous close pins, and wins in a few moves.  NEXT!  Side note: anyone else notice the London crowd booing Reigns already? It’s gonna start getting louder worldwide again sooner than later!

Winner: Roman Reigns.


The Miz vs. Shane McMahon In A Steel Cage

Source: WWE.com

Didn’t the McMahons stand in the middle of a ring in December and say there would be no more authority figures? Didn’t they vow to give us fresh, new, and exciting scenarios? Well, here we are with the McMahons still on TV, specifically Shane, still making matches, still screwing around babyfaces, and still in matches.

Shane’s lucky because at least the feud with The Miz has been entertaining and their great match at Wrestlemania was set up to let their rivalry continue for at least another month.  What way to up the ante than a steel cage? I’m glad they went to this because it shows the cage is being used to really settle a rivalry, like the good ol’ days.  Plus we know it gives Shane McMahon something to do a crazy stunt off of.

Unless we’re going for something more extreme for the rubber match (like Hell in a Cell), I can see The Miz taking the win here and both moving on to other things.  This should be a fun match to watch!  Let The Miz win and get the winded millionaire off of TV for a bit.

Winner: The Miz


Samoa Joe (Champ) vs. Rey Mysterio – U.S. Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

It looks like these two are getting more time to showcase what they can do in the ring on this show.  Their Wrestlemania match was basically a squash match due to time running out on the show and Rey Mysterio nursing an injury.

Everything seems to be revolving around Mysterio’s son, Dominik, and I can see either Dominik doing something unintentional that costs his dad the match, Joe doing something to Dominik to distract Mysterio and get the win, or Dominik turning heel on his father.  One of those things will happen and allow Joe to walk out of this match still champion and continue the feud for at least another month.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Becky Lynch (Champ) vs. Lacey Evans – Raw Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

I’m really digging how confident Lacey Evans has been now that she’s been unleashed instead of walking up and down a ramp.  She does look like she belongs with big players in the women’s division.  That being said, I just can’t see Evans walking away as the champ at this point.  This will be a match that all eyes will be on Evans to see how she can keep up with Lynch and I’m sure more success will follow if she impresses the masses (and Vince, of course).

It would not surprise me if Charlotte Flair attacks Lynch after the match to injure her before her title match, which makes Lynch losing one title easier to swallow.

Another scenario could be one where Flair attacks Lynch costs Evans the match and sets up Evans returning the favour in the other title match, allowing Becky to keep both belts and setting up a Flair/Evans feud.

No matter what happens here, Lynch is keeping the Raw Women’s Championship.

Winner: Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch (Champ) vs. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

I am confident this match featuring Becky Two-Belts will be second of the two based on the scenarios I listed above.  Mind you, we could see this match happen first and the same stuff happening, which would give good fortune to Lacey Evans and have Charlotte move on to a different feud and out of the title picture.

That aside, it just makes more sense for the two more seasoned performers go on second and that’s why, if there’s a chance Lynch loses the Championship, it’ll be during this match.

I’m sure these two will tear down the house and have a match that features many near falls.  In the end, though, I just can’t see Becky keeping both belts.  Charlotte seems like she could stay on Smackdown with the championship.  If Charlotte loses, either by DQ/Evans interfering, the winner of the Money in the Bank match has the perfect opportunity to cash in here. The narrative could be Lynch facing three people in one night and it was just too much for her. Yeah, I think that’s what we’ll see here.

Winner: the winner of the women’s Money in the Bank match


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Source: WWE.com

Here are my thoughts in jot notes:

  • Bayley needs something to really boost her career and perhaps turn her heel.  This could be the prime opportunity needed.  She could cash in the briefcase after a beat-down Lynch is ripe for the picking.  This would do wonders for her and perhaps also let Vince stick it to Sasha Banks by giving her BFF the belt.
  • Carmella isn’t winning, as she’s won before.
  • Naomi is a no-no as there’s no story line to get involved.
  • Mandy Rose lost clean on Smackdown so she’s not winning, although she’d be a great candidate.
  • Natalya is older so Vince isn’t going there.
  • Ember Moon is in the back of the promo picture and they haven’t told any story with her yet, so she won’t be getting the opportunity.
  • Dana Brooke has been getting more TV time but she hasn’t gotten enough mic time.  There’s a chance she could win, and I’d be fine with that, but my hunch is no.
  • Nikki Cross has gotten major focus last week and on WWE.com.  She’s now involved with Alexa Bliss. There’s a story there for when Bliss is cleared to put the briefcase potentially on the line if it’s not cashed in.  Look where they put Nikki on the promo pic.  She’s my tie to win

Winner: A newly turned heel Bayley that cashes in that night (or Nikki Cross)


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Source: WWE.com

I’ll do the same jot note format for this match as I did for the women’s match.

  • Andrade has been getting the love, so he’s a top contender for me.  The only thing holding him back is his mic skills and you’ve seen what Vince does with wrestlers that don’t speak well.
  • Ricochet is a pleasure to watch and I’m sure he’s going to pull off some amazing spots here.  I have no issue with him winning but I don’t see his rise happening this soon.
  • Finn Balor has the IC Championship.  He’s not winning.
  • Baron Corbin is boring as hell and I have no clue how he gets so much TV time.  I pray to the heavens he doesn’t win.  The ratings will tell you the same.
  • Ali gets another chance to shine.  I’m excited to see what he does, but he’s not going to be allowed to grab “the brass ring” here.
  • Randy Orton = zzzzzzzzzz
  • Sami Zayn has been Vince’s mouthpiece to vent his frustrations at the audience’s legit complaints.  Instead of trying to improve the product, Vince stays his stubborn self and is now talking through Zayn.  It’s great heat and I can see McMahon giving him the win to a) stick it to the fans, b) get legit heat, and c) work with Owens to dethrone Kofi Kingston
  • Drew McIntyre should have beat Reigns at Wrestlemania to cement his monster heel role.  Instead, he was sacrificed to Reigns.  I think this will be McIntyre’s reward for doing the J-O-B to Reigns.  I think he is the best choice to win it because even if a heel or face has a title, McIntyre will be able to pull of the “I don’t give two shits who it is” promo.

Winner: Drew McIntyre


Seth Rollins (Champ) vs. AJ Styles – WWE Universal Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Either man being the champ is A-OK in my books.  Hopefully these two bring the house down with their match.  With the action in two ladder matches, a nail biting, two-part championship defense from Lynch, and a steel cage match, they’re going to have to pull out all the stops.

I’m not gonna lie, Styles is my favourite performer on the roster and I’d love to see him become the champ.  Unfortunately, they’re not taking the belt off the guy that finally beat Brock Lesnar this early.  It’s also rumored that Rollins is facing Lesnar at the next show in Saudi Arabia (and facing Corbin at the next US PPV).  I wonder if AJ Styles will do something to turn him heel again to shake things up.  Not sure where Styles will go after this match.  Maybe set his sights on Balor?

Winner: Seth Rollins


-Kofi Kingston (Champ) vs. Kevin Owens – WWE Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Kofi-mania isn’t ending this soon.  I see this match ending in a DQ with Owens either snapping or with Zayn trying to interfere.  I hope these two also put on a great match with so much other stuff that could potentially overshadow this bout.  I look forward to watching these two amazing athletes go at it.

Winner: Kofi Kingston