Star Wars: The Black Series Figures Wave 20 Review


I finally acquired the final two figures from the most recent wave of The Black Series thank so Amazon(.ca!).  Yeah, I just got them. It’s time to run through the figures in this wave and see who gets thumbs up or down.

Before I start, I have to state that Hasbro really needs to fix their distribution. It’s insane that people in the US have had these for at least a month or more and the big online retailer just got them for our country.  Not only that, our small business/specialty stores have yet to get theirs! This is unacceptable as us collectors outside the US just want to get the figures in a timely manner.  I can only imagine the UK.

Complaining (and begging) aside, here are my thoughts on the newest figures.  If you’ve never been to my site before, I always have to state that I keep my figs in the box.  It’s not because I’m gonna resell them but because I hang them on the wall.  I have no room to keep hundreds of loose figures out in the man cave.  I regret nothing, so here we go!


Han Solo (Mimban)

I’ve been looking forward to getting this figure because not only did I like the Han Solo movie but because I like the look of the Mimban troopers.  If I was taking this figure out, I would definitely be displaying it with the mask over the face.

There’s many layers to the armour on this figure and it makes for a really great looking figure.  The paint really helps make it look like he’s got some wear and tear with the outfit.  I really love the paint on the eyes and for the mask, too.

What I’m not digging is the face.  There’s something slightly off about it and I’m attributing it to how the helmet is sitting on the head, making it look a little squished or lop sided.  It’s like the left eye is slightly lower than the other eye.  Nonetheless, this is a great looking figure and I’m sure army builders will buy many.


Dryden Vos

At first, I wasn’t sure about this figure taking the spot of other demanded characters.  Once I got it in hand and reflecting about how I actually like the Han Solo movie, I realized it is cool we got the main baddy in the film.

Although the outfit appears pretty basic, there are some layers here that look great.  The various textures on each layer help each part stand out.  I particularly like the extra work done around the belt and the piece that hangs on his mid-section.

While the weapons are great, the head sculpt is where it’s at.  I think the likeness of Paul Bettany is pretty damn good and all the little touches from the paint hit the mark.  This is a great figure and really made me a believer once seeing it with my own eyes.  Don’t pass on this one.


Vice Admiral Holdo

Can someone tell me who green lit this? I feel bad enough buying it to complete the wave (and keep my collection almost at 100%).  With so many other characters in the The Last Jedi to choose from (or any Star Wars movie), I just don’t understand the logic of releasing a figure that will probably sit on pegs.

The less said about this figure, the better.  Below are the pics.  If you like the character and figure, I suppose it’s OK.  If not, pass on it just like all the kids are going to!


Padmé Amidala

Now for a female character many of us fans and collectors wanted: Padme! Well, I guess those of us that enjoy the prequels anyway.

I’m surprised the cape isn’t soft goods/cloth and is made out of plastic instead.  The outfit, while really white, looks good and the rings on the arms and the great work on the boots help break up the monotony.

The face sculpt is just OK in my books.  It kinda looks like Natalie Portman, but it’s not bang on.  I was hoping for better.  Perhaps the next Padme figure will nail the sculpt.  Unfortunately, I have some paint slop on her left cheek that will bug the hell out of me.  Hopefully I can find one of these in the store so I can buy a better one and return this one.

I should be saying this for all the figures up to this point, but damn, I love the work Hasbro does on the weapons.  They’re all sculpted superbly and the paint on them really help bring them to life.

Mace Windu

I resisted making Samuel L. Jackson quotes in the video review embedded at the end of the feature and I will refrain from doing so here.  I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get Mace Windu in this collection but here we finally are!

All the components of Windu’s outfit seem to be top notch.  A Jedi deserves such treatment in the tailoring department.  The lightsaber hilt also appears to have great attention to detail.  I’m sure hilt/lightsaber lovers will love it.

I’ve read some aren’t too fond of the portrait on this figure but I think Hasbro nailed it.  There’s no denying who this is and I like the expression on the figure.  I think it’s one of the best sculpts for the wave.  No wonder he’s hard to find in an already hard to find (at least here in Canada) wave.



Battle Droid

Army builders rejoice! You can now build a huge army of these guys! I really hope we see different variants of the droid just like we had when The Phantom Menace 3 3/4″ figures got released.

The sculpt and paint details on this figure and the weapon are awesome.  It looks like this guy has survived some pretty intense battles and is looking for more.  I have enjoyed seeing all the poses you can get with this figure and I think I’ll be buying one to take out of the box for my daughter and I to play around with as I think she’ll really enjoy this guy, too!

Overall, I think this wave is a hit, minus Holdo.  The paint and sculpting on all of them is really good for the most part.  Enjoy the video!