Masters of the Universe Rewind – Netossa


It’s time to start my look back at Masters of the Universe Classics in 2013!  I’ve had fun revisiting figures I’ve had on my shelf for years.  Although I do repose many often, until I started this site and began working on photography, I’m seeing many in a whole new light.  I ended up appreciating certain figures more than I did when I first got them and have admired details on others I never noticed before.

That’s not saying my excitement for some figures changed. Some figures in this line weren’t exciting then and they remain that way.  Netossa, the figure that started off 2013, didn’t start the year with a bang for me.  I was underwhelmed when she was announced and once I got her in hand, I put her on my shelf after one day of keeping her on the coffee table and there she remained.  Spoiler alert: doing the Rewind feature didn’t change my opinion whatsoever.

I wasn’t a huge Princess of Power fan growing up and watched more for The Horde appearing than anything or potential cross-overs with He-Man and his crew.  To this day, I don’t remember many of the episodes because I haven’t seen them since I was a kid and don’t own them on DVD.  With my daughter loving the Filmation He-Man cartoon, I think it may be time to track down the DVDs and perhaps that will bring new appreciation for many of these characters, like Netossa, I have no connection with.

In 2013, the large 30th anniversary logo was gone from the packaging.  The bio reveals she has mastered net tossing.  Oh, boy.  Nothing like a good net to stop villains like The Horde, huh?

The figure itself isn’t too bad.  It’s just not exciting.  The oversized cape looks cool at first glance and then you notice how bland the rest of it is.  The joints on my figure, especially the legs, are a bit looser than I’d like and the figure came that way.  Thankfully I haven’t posed it or touched it often, so it’s pretty much in the same shape I got it in.

I always found the left leg to be off.  Under the left knee, the shin area bends outward.  I’m not sure if all the figures ended up that way but it looks weird.

Her outfit isn’t very technical and doesn’t feature a lot of variety in colour.  I suppose I’m fine with that because it does make the colour scheme flow and the figure look very clean.  Again, it’s just not very exciting at all for me.

The cape is a gummy plastic and thankfully is balance really well with the figure and won’t cause it to tip over in any way.  Although I haven’t done a lot of posing or altering of this figure’s look on my shelf over the years, the cape doesn’t have any imperfections, wear, or tear.

The sculpt of the face isn’t too bad.  Most of the paint is clean but there are certain accents on the plastic around the nose and just under the mouth that make the figure look just a bit off for me.  Thankfully the paint is clean on my figure.  The things on the side of her head, that are supposed to be extensions of her outfit (don’t ask me what they are) are not removable.

The only accessory Netossa comes with is the standard POP shield but with the gem being her specific colour.  I do really like the silver paint that accents the shield.  I never really noticed it before.


With shield equipped, Netossa can actually get quite the eloquent pose and be ready for battle.

Seeing how this MOTU Rewind series of mine is retrospective look, I can show that down the line, we got a sword for Netossa in a weapons pack.  It’s made out of soft plastic and pretty gummy.  Adding the sword in Netossa’s hand on my shelf makes her less boring.

Seeing how Netossa is a master “net tossing,” I finally took her cape of and got her to hold it for the first time ever.  I’m not sure if anyone actually has her posed on their shelves like I do below, but if you’re a fan of cape throwers, I guess you have that option.

I’m happy that those who really love Princess of Power got another lady in their collection and I was fine with adding to the ranks of the Great Rebellion, but this figure just bores me to tears and I found it to be a real lackluster way to kick off the year.  Thankfully the next three figures that came out after her made up for it.