Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Castle Grayskullman (30th Anniversary Series)


The 30th anniversary of MOTU was commemorated in the Classics line with six new figures and one of the final figures of 2012 ended that line.  While some figures were hits, like Fearless Photog and the amazing Draego-Man, many were uninspiring or plain duds (see The Might Spector, Sir Lasor-Lot, and Cy-Chop).  The last figure for this series needed to make an impact and it sure did.  Some say it’s their favourite in the 30th anniversary line and even in their top ten of all the MOTUC figures produced. That figure is Castle Grayskullman.

This figure was designed by Daniel Benedict, who entered a contest set up to get a fan’s character design turned into plastic gold.  I have to say that this was a fantastic idea to run with and many props to Daniel for creating this figure and winning.

The packaging followed suit with all the other Classics figures with the exception of the 30th anniversary image on it.  The bio fleshes out how this character came to be.  It seems like summoning Castle Grayskullman was basically a last ditch option to help He-Man and his crew and it seems our heroes needed that every little bit of help during the Second Ultimate Battleground needed.

Out of the packaging, this figure garners your attention.  There’s just something odd, yet intriguing about seeing the iconic front entrance way of Castle Grayskull shrunk down and with a torso and arms and legs attached to it.

All the regular articulation found on MOTUC figures is found here.  The one thing I’m not the biggest fan of is how the figure has the piece covering his chest that is very bulky at the sides, especially when looking at the back of the figure.

Bulkiness aside, the chest piece really does look like the Castle Grayskull bricks and makes the figure seem like he just emerged through one of the walls.  It blends well with the shoulder pieces.   The chest emblem is the one that is found on the door of Castle Grayskull and makes a lot of sense to have in the middle of the figure.   The paint and wash on it really help the figure have that ancient look.

The brick style on the figure extends to the figure’s “gloves” and “boots” and looks fantastic.  It really makes me wish the figure had all new tooling, though, so we weren’t stuck with the bulky torso piece and the brick/stone look was all down the arms and the legs.

The head is basically the front of Castle Grayskull but with hair! I don’t know why it had to have hair, though. Was it an homage to He-Man’s blonde locks? I’m actually not sure if the figure would have looked better without it or if the hair was made out of brick and stone, too, like how Procrustus‘ hair was in line with how his whole body and face was.

The enlarged teeth makes me think that ol’ Grayskullman would have a hard time closing his mouth…and he likes to bite things.  It’s all so over-the-top, it’s great.


The figure comes with three accessories: two swords and one large shield.  The two swords are throwbacks to the swords that are found on the flag of Castle Grayskull and it was such a good idea to have him come with them.


The swords are large and I love the sculpt on them.  It’s even better that they match those on the flag, as mentioned before.  It doesn’t matter if you duel wield the swords or just have him pick one, Castle Grayskullman looks ready for battle.


The shield continues with the Castle Grayskull theme by featuring the same skull from the chest and Castle Graykskull’s door (and CGM’s chest).  The design keeps everything with this figure so cohesive.

Shield or no shield, it’s hard not to have Castle Grayskullman look wicked when posing him on your shelf.  I actually feel bad for anyone that passed on him initially or are still waiting to add him to their collection as the aftermarket price on this guy is over $100 from what I’m seeing.


I think it’s almost impossible to say that one Masters of the Universe figure or character is more absurd or over-the-top than the next, but Castle Grayskullman really came out of right field for me.  As wacky as the whole premise is, it does make for one awesome action figure and it ends up ranking as my second favourite figure in the 30th anniversary line behind Draego-Man.

Any with that, ladies and gentlemen, I end my look back at every figure in 2012.