Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Procrustus


The second giant released alongside Granamyr to end 2012 was Procrustus.  Truth be told, I didn’t know too much about the giant that resided within Eternia.  To this day, besides the bio, I can’t remember when his name actually came up in any cannon.  Nonetheless, a cool new character was always welcome in the Masters of the Universe Classics line and I was excited for him to arrive on my doorstep to make my final judgement.

The packaging is the large style we got with Tytus and Megator.  The bio is another fantastic one that really helps flesh out who the character is and why he is important.  I actually feel kind of bad for Procustus because he’s stuck inside Eternia’s core, holding it together.  If he let everything go, I wonder what would happen to him? Would he just float for eternity? Would he die like the rest of the people on Eternia?  Why does it matter to him?  I’d like this all fleshed out a bit more.

Seeing how Procrustus is in the same packaging as the other giants (Tytus and Megator), it should be no surprise he’s the same size as the others.  Everything for Procrustus was newly sculpted for this release, except for the legs.  That being said, he also features the same articulation as the other giants, too.  You can move the arms and legs up and down, and bend the arms and the legs.  The figure’s hands are also able to swivel. I really wish the ankles on the figure (and all the giants) were articulated because you would have been able to get more dynamic posing out of them.

I also have to stop and apologize because my figure fell from my shelf a few years ago and the toe busted off without me knowing and I had to glue the left leg back into place.  I’ve been meaning to replace this figure for a while but with the insane costs of shipping from the US to Canada with large items, I spend my money on new stuff.  So, the pictures aren’t as plentiful or dynamic as some of my other features.

What I really dig about this figure is the stone/rock visage.  I think the sculpting of making him look like he’s from the planet or within the environment is pulled off well.   It’s even apparent with the figure’s loin area, which is also made up of rocks, for some reason.  I guess you can’t have a rocky nudist.

Something that sets Procrustus up as a unique giant is the additional two arms that protrude from the shoulder area.  Both of them are articulated and distinguishes him even more when comparing him to the previous two giants.  It gives you the change to add a little variety to the figure’s pose now and then.


The head sculpt on this guy is pretty solid (pun intended).  The portraits continues with the chiselled out of rock look but still gives a human element to the figure. It’s so neat to see a beard, facial hair, and face all seamlessly chiseled out of rock.  I wonder if this guy would end up being good friends with the Rock Biter from The Neverending Story.


This figure came with one accessory, the Star Seed.  It’s a sold ball (er, orb) with a bit of weight to it, which if not placed properly in the figure’s hand, could roll off.  Mine has many times but it’s never chipped or broke.


If the ball and the hand/arm aren’t placed correctly, it may cause the figure to tip over, which is exactly what happened to mine.


If Procrustus is supposed to be in the middle of Eternia, having him beside standard MOTU figures makes him seem a tad small for the job he’s supposed to have.


He may not be the most exciting figure in the line but a giant made of stone and rock does look pretty good on the shelf.  The figure has more good going for it than bad, so even looking back at it in retrospect, he’s still a welcome addition to my collection.