Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Granamyr


Who doesn’t love Dragons? Mix Dragons in with MOTU and you have a winning combination! One of the final figures for 2013 was one of two oversized figures.  My jaw hit the floor when it was announced Granamyr, the wise dragon who appeared in both the Filmation cartoon and in a mini-comic, was coming out.  While Granamyr’s look was a bit different in the cartoon than it was in mini-comic he was featured in, he was still a character many fans wanted and, from what I remember, many applauded what The Four Horsemen sculpted.  I know I did.

Back at SDCC at the MattyPalooza panel, fans attending could vote for Granamyr making his debut in the Classics line with his red skin/scales from the Filmation cartoon or with green skin/scales from the mini-comic.  As you can see, the red colour won, but those who wanted green kept hope that one day that would happen (spoiler: it did!).

The box for this figure is the same height as the other giants but is a bit thicker.  It was slightly heavier, too.  I remember getting the shipping and customs/duties for this thing back in the day and even at $80 US, it killed my wallet because I bought my regular two and this figure wasn’t in the 2012 subscription.  Mind you, December really smoked my wallet with the release of this figure, Mosquitor, Procrustus, and Castle Graskullman (the two latter will be coming in my next MOTUC Rewind features).

The bio for the figure is gold.  This is one of those instances where I think the bio really gives the perfect amount background information on the character.  If you never saw the Filmation cartoon episode he was featured in, or the mini-comic, you really now know what you need to about him.  I think the icing on the cake here is how it’s mentioned that Skeletor won’t even mess with him.  I would like to know even more about the ancient war now, though.


Granamyr didn’t come assembled and you had to pop in the arms, legs, tail, upper chest piece, wings, and the head.  I went through two Granamyr figures before I had one that assembled properly.  Thankfully, Matty took care of me.  The joints just would not pop in place well, particularly the left arm.  I wasn’t paying that much money for a figure whose left arm would fall off if I rotated it.  Thankfully third time was the charm! Who knows if the one that I have mint in the box will assemble properly.

Full assembled, Granmyr is about 13” tall when in his sitting position.  He’s pretty huge and I remember being amazed when I stretched his legs out and leaned him against the wall so he could stand completely vertical.  It’s too bad that he’s unable to do so without a doll stand or needing something behind him.  Then again, most wouldn’t have the room to display him that way and would want him in the sitting pose he was in during his time on the screen and in the comic.

The figure’s arms and legs can rotate up and down but they don’t have any joints to be able to have them move outward, which is shame.  The poses we could have gotten on this figure would have been massive.  The arms bend at the elbows and the wrists, as well as the knees and ankles.

The work done on the various textures, muscle definition, and scales of the figure is excellent.  The scales don’t look overdone and really bring a sense of realism to the figure.  The same can be said about the nails/claws on the figure.  I really like how the layers (and the colour used) on the belly/lower chest contrast well with the red and doesn’t distract from the figure whatsoever.

The tail is large and can also twist left and right.  I’m a huge fan of how even the spikes on the back line up with the tail.

Looking closely at the wings, you can see how the scale sculpting continues while on the opposite side, there are excellent textures added instead of them having a clean look.  It’s great that the wings can rotate and also fold in and out.  It gives you the option of changing the look of your figure on the shelf ever so slightly.

The head sculpt on this figure is really awesome.  I’m still a huge fan of it today. It blends the cartoon and the comic visages into one great interpretation.  I like how he has a more neutral look to him because it looks like he’s either listening attentively or he’s about to snap.  Almost like the calm before the storm.

The paint is clean on and around the eyes and teeth and the added bit of dark wash in certain areas really help accent the expression.

One thing I would have liked to have seen is an articulated jaw.  I know that probably would have increased the price of the figure, but I would have gladly spent twenty bucks more to have that.

The helmet has some wear and tear to the sculpt, which is a great idea and I really like how it has a metallic look to it with the colour they used.  The horns pop out on either side and I think it’s neat how they are dark near the base and slowly get lighter.

Even sitting, when you place a standard MOTUC figure next to Granamyr, he’s still pretty imposing and grand, although I can be a stickler and say would have loved him to be even bigger.  That’s all in hindsight, though, and having a bit more money than I did back in 2012.

Remember…everyone needs a hug now and then!


The figure didn’t come with any additional accessories, and that’s fine with me.  He wasn’t advertised with any and Matty wanted to keep the price as low as possible. That’s OK because when you’re getting a figure this huge and awesome, who needs extras?

I wish I had a giant sized pillow so Granaymr could have a comfortable sleep.  Let’s also request a leg pillow, too.


Simply put, this figure rules. He sits a top a section of my shelf and I stop and look at him every time I pass him.  He and the green version (a PowerCon exclusive I’ll eventually feature) are always stand-outs for people visiting the man-cave and get many compliments.  It’s amazing that we got this figure in the first place, so give many props to Granamyr (or should I say, Matty Collector and The Four Horsemen).