Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 Movie) 1/4 Scale Foot Soldier Figure by NECA Review


It seems like forever that I was anticipating the quarter scale TMNT figures based on the 1990 live action movie from NECA.   Not only were they trickling out over a year in the US, they weren’t available in Canada.  I had to ask a favour of a buddy of mine to get them ordered to his US address and then have him ship them to me.  The wait to get them all was excruciating, but now it seems like I’ve had them forever.  One thing has been missing, though: they needed villains to fight.  Now with the release of the Foot Solider, they could have plenty to kick around.

Before I start, if you missed any of my previous reviews on these figures, you can check them out and the videos embedded.  Here’s Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello.  I also bought the TMNT Movie Accessory Pack and score the Raphael in Trench Coat Disguise figure.

The Foot Soldier set me back about $170 Canadian, and while that’s a lot for you US residents, you have to remember our currency sucks right now so it’s pretty much in line with what you are paying.  Thankfully my local place, Heroes Comics, ordered this in and put it aside for me so tracking it down wasn’t something I had to worry about this time around.

The packaging is exactly the same as the other figures in this line.  It’s based on the movie poster and showcases the figure clearly for those who are mint in box collectors.  I’m usually one of those guys but these figures, like my sixth scale ones, just cry out to be freed and posed.

Out of the box, this guy is about 18″ tall and although he doesn’t have the weight or the thickness of the turtles, he’s pretty imposing due to the size.  I think what is just as impressive as the aesthetics is the amount of articulation found on this figure.  There are over 30 points!  He features articulation for his head, neck, shoulders, wrist, waist, legs, ankles and double articulation in the elbows and knees!  I go through it all in my video review at the end.

While the turtles were stiff as hell and needed hot air from a blow dryer to loosen up the articulation points so they moved without snapping, I’m happy to report that wasn’t an issue with the Foot Soldier. While the joints did have some give to them, I didn’t feel like they were going to snap in any way.  Many may want to be cautious anyway and heat those suckers up a bit.

I love the texture on the outfit of the figure. While it is all done in plastic, except for a small bit around the waist that is cloth, it looks lifelike.  The subtle folds and creases help bring the realism to another level.  If this is a sign of what we’re going to get in a few months when Shredder is released, then I’m even more pumped for that figure.

The ribbon pieces of the belt that hang in front of the waist area is made of a soft plastic but nothing can be removed.  I said in my video review (embedded at the end of this feature) that I wasn’t sure why there was a cloth piece above the waist.  Well, I went back and looked at some promo pics and noticed that it’s there so the Foot Soldier can tuck some of the weapons it comes with in it.  I’m not going to even bother as I found it almost impossible to do with Mike and Raph and their weapons.

The job done on the forearm armor and the armor on the back of the hands is superb.  You can adjust the armor on the forarms a bit to reposition it a bit.

The portrait, while not that complicated, mimics the mask in the movie well.  The silver paint is clean for the eyes and the mouth holes and really pop against the black plastic.  What I really like is how the nose and the ears protrude from under the mask and how there are subtle folds and markings all over it.  Again, that helps with the realism.

The bandana for this figure is similar to the turtle’s as it is made from plastic but the tails are cloth, allowing you to let them hang as you see fit.

I mentioned there is articulation found in the neck and the head, but it goes for saying again how awesome it is that the neck and the head can move independently of each other to help with more posing options.

The figure comes with six additional hands, bringing the total to eight. In addition to the two closed fists that come on the figure, you get two sets for holding the various sizes of weapons, and a set of open hands.  All of them are well thought and feature amazing detail on the the skin and the armour.  I found them all the be very clean with the paint and all the wrist articulation to be smooth.


Even with all the assorted hands, this guy looks great posed without anything in hand.  The Foot Solider looks ready to go against the turtles sans weapons! Well, that or he wants to do the robot to the Ninja Rap!

You get a lot of accessories with this figure.  So many that I actually forgot to include one in the picture below (and my video) as I had them out on the table and one ended up with some Masters of the Universe figures my daughter was playing with.  Seeing how there were so many, I didn’t even think about double checking if anything was missing from the pile.

Excuse aside, you get two nunchucks, one with a chain (pictured) and one without (not pictured).  You also get a sai and katana, both smaller than the ones that came with Raphael and Leonardo, respectively.  More bang for the buck comes with a billy club (or baton, if you will) and a large axe.


I’ll state that my figure will definitely have the axe in his hand on my shelf.  There’s something just so awesome about the large weapon and the unique blade on it.  While many may want to choose a more traditional weapon, I’m breaking that rule by making him show off what he’s got.


As you can see from the pics below (click to enlarge), this guy really does look great no matter what weapon(s) you place in his hands.  Add in the different ways you can pose the figure and you won’t run out of options soon.

For some comparison action, here is the Foot Solider next to Leonardo side by side and about to engage in battle.  It would be so cool to have six to eight of these guys surrounding the turtles but that’s would be quite a bit of money!


Overall, I’m really happy with this figure and for those that can afford to do so, having a few of these in your collection would look amazing with the turtles.  You could easily have many unique looking Foot Soldiers due to the amount of weapons included and how this figure can be posed.

NECA just announced the have expanded their TMNT license to sell their TMNT figures in more areas, including Canada, and I’m hoping these figures are part of that deal.  This is great news for collectors and hopefully more people will be able to get their hands on these!  Nonetheless, I can’t wait for Shredder and he’ll be reviewed as soon as I have him in hand.



Enjoy the video review!