Leia Organa (The Last Jedi) Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure Review


Before I start, I have to state I was seriously on the fence with this figure.  If you collect sixth scale figures, you know how pricey they are.  While I do have the Han Solo and Luke Skywalker from The Force Awakens, I just was so undecided on getting Leia, although that completist in me wanted to have the gang together in their aged form.  I just couldn’t justify paying like $220 US for a figure that’s not overly “exciting” and lacking accessories.  That’s hefty when you factor in the dollar conversion, the shipping, and then all the other fees I get hit with.

As luck would have it, one of the members on a Facebook group I’m on put the figure up for sale and I got it for $200 Canadian including shipping.  If that’s not luck, I don’t know what is (well, getting it for free somehow, I suppose).  Getting the figure in hand really made me appreciate it more than I thought I would.

Starting off, we get the usual Star Wars packaging from Hot Toys and that shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.  The thing that I liked that they did for The Last Jedi line was putting the credits for the figure on the bottom of the box and adding another picture of the figure on the back.  Inside, instead of the usual collage or full figure shot, you get a close-up of the portrait.

The figure is a hair over 11″, keeping her in scale with the other characters in the films.  What you see is what you get: an older Leia in a dress with and gown.

All the articulation you expect from a sixth scale figure is found here, although you won’t be putting this figure into any dynamic poses.  The one place where it’s hindered just a bit is in the shoulder area as the gown prohibits her from raising her arms too high.  I don’t think that will bother too many people.


The detail and work done on the the gown and the dress is good, don’t get me wrong.  It’s apparent that a lot of work went into this to make it look screen accurate and high end.  The gown is surprisingly think and has some weight.  It’s not cheap material.

The boots look great as well, but I didn’t take a picture of them.  You can check out what they look like in my video review at the end of this feature.

The bracelet on the right hand is a cool design and doesn’t affect any of the articulation of the wrist.  Both hands have sculpted rings on them and I think that was a good call so they won’t fall off the figure’s hands.

The portrait is spot on.  While many attribute youth to beauty and probably passing on the figure because this is an older Carrie Fisher, there’s no denying this is her and it looks fantastic.  There’s no real expression on the face and it’s pretty neutral.  I don’t mind that because I don’t want her looking happy due to the events in the film and I don’t want a face expressing sadness either.

While the work done with the paint for the eyebrows, hair, eyes, and mouth is really appealing, I tell yah, I really like the earrings.  For some reason, I find they really get my attention.

There aren’t many extras with this figure.  You get three extra right hands and nothing for the left oddly enough.   You get a trigger finger hand, a gesture hand, and another open hand.  The rings are all sculpted to the same high degree so no matter what one you use, every hand has the same quality.

I’m not sure how many people would consider this an “extra” or accessory, but the bracelet she wears has to be put on by removing the left hand.


Without anything in her hands, you can pose your Leia stopping or greeting others or posed pondering her deep thoughts about the events taking place around her.

The only accessory the figure comes with is the blaster pistol.  Like other Hot Toys Star Wars accessories, the work on this thing is topnotch and I’m always amazed how much detail they can cram into these weapons.

This is the kind of figure that you really don’t expect to be packing heat, but if you really want you figure on the shelf with her blaster in hand, you can do it up.  To tell you the truth, I’m still unsure how I’m going to have her posed on my shelf.  I think I may have her holding the blaster in her hand just to let everyone see that even in old age, Leia can still bring it.

The base for the stand follows the aesthetics of the other ones that have come with figures from The Last Jedi.  I love the look of them and I find them to be visually appealing.


This review clearly isn’t as long as many others I do, especially with how much I write. Thankfully it was still fun to take pictures of the figure.  I think it’s done well and really honours the late Carrie Fisher.  I’m glad that I finally have this figure in my collection to go along with the other heroes that have aged, especially because I didn’t break the bank on it.



Enjoy the video review!  (For some reason, it’s not embedding so CLICK HERE for now until I can get it fixed).