Funko Savage World 5.5″ Horror Figures Review


Here’s something a tad bit different for my site and collecting – new 5.5″ figures! Not only that, these throwbacks to the old Masters of the Universe vintage figures are horror icons!

Funko released these Savage World figures back around October of 2018.  Of course, being Canadian, they were hard to come across and even wanted over $20 for them when they first appeared.  I ended up getting Jason Voorhees and Leatherface for $12 and the packaging was so dinged up and bent to hell, I got another two at $9 each when the prices on them dropped a few days later. Amazon actually gave me some credit for the ones I kept.  That’s why I have have them loose and on card to showcase in this feature and in my video review at the end.

I snagged Freddy on Ebay in December because I could not have the aforementioned two without Freddy in their ranks.  I wasn’t too concerned if I found Pinhead and Michael Myers immediately.  Thankfully, I got them last week from EB Games for $12 each.  They had a Freddy, too, and I was this close to picking up another just to have loose with the other two.  I think I may do that eventually.

For this feature, I’m just going to give my two cents on the figures.  I’ll state I really like the unique take on the figures and that’s part of the charm of this line.  Even though they only have five points of articulation (head, arms, and legs), there’s just something neat about seeing these guys as if they were thrown into the MOTU world.  I would have loved that when I was a kid.  I think doing this line was a cool risk and it payed off.  They’re not worth, to me, more than $15 Canadian each, especially with the card backs being so delicate, but if you get them for that price or lower, I think you’ll be happy.


Michael Myers

I’m not going to say too much more about the cards after saying my piece here.  All the figures come on the same bland card that features the name of the character and the movie they’re from on the front, while the back showcases all five figures available.  As you can see, this Michael Myers was licensed from the Resurrection film for some reason.  Perhaps it was the cheapest one to get the rights to be able to do a Michael Myers figure.  Considering Funko was doing something a bit different with the outfits for all the characters in this line, the actual movie in the Halloween series didn’t matter much.

I think the thing that I find the most shocking about this figure is just how buff it is.  Can you imagine Michael Myers walking around this ripped with his muscles showing.  I think the whole vibe of the movie would be quite different.  The outfit is just so odd.  It makes him look like a professional wrestler, perhaps someone who’d hang out with Bray Wyatt.

I really like the portrait sculpt on this figure.  There’s no questioning who this is, of course, even if the hairstyle kind of looks like he’s about to hit the club.

The figure comes with two butcher knives.  They’re pretty plain but what else would really come with this figure?



It always seems like the Pinhead is always licensed from the Hellrasier III: Hell on Earth movie.  I really have to research as to why that is the case.  If I forget and any of you reading this know, please fill me in.

I really like the sculpted outfit on the figure as it is quite similar to what we see in the Hellraiser films.  The long loincloth piece seems like an awfully weird thing to be wearing.  At least the work done on the chest with the details and blood keeps my eyes from looking downward on the figure.

The portrait is sculpted well, although I would have liked to see some more nails on this forehead.  Is it me or does the look of the sculpt remind you of The Joker in a way? Perhaps it’s just the expression.

The figure comes with the Lament Configuration.  I may have said “Lamenent” or something dumb in my video as I filmed it late and was trying to do it in one take.  In addition, he comes with a knife and hook to place in his hands.  As you can see, the knife slipped out of were it was being held in the package. I think that’s a sign to buy another.


Freddy Krueger

Seeing how I have nothing more to say about the packaging, I’m getting right to the figure.  I find this one to be totally hilarious and one of the most unique Freddy figures of all time.  He almost looks like he’s out of a fantasy D&D film or something because of his outfit.  Perhaps he’s a burned member of Robin Hood’s crew.  Who knows?!?!  You’d think with burns that severe, you’d want to protect your skin.

The portrait has no resemblance to Robert England and that hurts the figure just a bit.  If the figure didn’t have the (huge) razor glove and wasn’t put on an A Nightmare on Elm Street card, I don’t know how many people would look at this and say, “Ah! It’s Freddy!” Nonetheless, it is different and different sometimes is good.  I think this figure really brings something new to my NOES collection.



Three things immediately stand out when I look at this figure a) Leatherface isn’t wearing a shirt, b) he has a massive loin cloth underneath his apron, and c) his hand is actually a chainsaw!  What in the hell?!?! This is a very interesting take on this crazed killer.  Props for the blood on the apron and his body, as well for the chain belt (with the hook).


I actually like the sculpt of the portrait on this figure.  It does look like he has a mask on and the stitching is done well.  The one thing that it loses points for are the squares for his pupils.  What a weird decision to make!

If the concept of Leatherface having a chainsaw for a hand is too far-fetched for you, you can interchange it with a mallet.  Yeah! That’s a huge improvement.  I’m being sarcastic, of course.  Leatherface needs to represent with a chainsaw so this mallet piece will never be used.


Jason Voorhees

I left Jason for the last figure to write about because he’s my favourite of the whole line.  I really like the alternate outfit for the figure and thing the belt covering his torso and the chain belt around his waist are interesting touches.  What’s even better are the exposed bones.  The ribs look good on the front, but I think the back is even better, with some poking out from the belt and the spine being exposed.  That’s all really cool.

The portrait is really awesome, too.  I like how Funko took a risk and sculpted the mask on, but left some of the face exposed to show signs of battle damage.  I sound like a broken record, but the uniqueness of some aspects of these characters are the reason why they have the charm they do.

Jason comes with two weapons: a huge bone machete and a bone axe.  I love how there’s blood splattered on them and because the blades are attached to bones, it really does portray that this Jason is indeed from a different time period.  The only thing that sucks is the figure can’t hold the weapons well at all . The bones are too thin and slip through the grip of the figure.

I’m glad I got these figures and I’m sure I’ll eventually score the other three again to have a loose set of these.  They’re fun, unique, and something that breaks up the same old representations of the characters we get.  Not saying getting many different horror icons with their classic looks is a bad thing, I just like something like this that cleans the palate and brings something refreshing to the table.  If I had my Masters of the Universe vintage figures still, these guys would be totally picking factions to hang out with.  Then again, perhaps these five would team up to be another separate force on Eternia!


Enjoy the video review!