WWE Wrestlemania 35 Predictions


Source: WWE.com

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but the build to this year’s Wrestlemania has been a dud for many of the matches on the card.  There are so few matches that I really have any investment in and so many have been thrown together at the last minute.

Thankfully, when expectations are low, the show is sometimes better.  You know the wrestlers will give it their all no matter what kind of lousy writing or booking they have had leading into the event.  Not only that, the atmosphere and environment really help elevate the matches.  No matter what, with a man cave full of people, the night is always a fun one!

Will we see John Cena, The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting, The Hardy Boys, or others not advertised?  Who is going to interrupt Elias and kick his ass? Is anyone going to confront Alexa Bliss or will she interfere in a match or enter the women’s battle royal? Is Dean Ambrose showing up and both he and WWE have trolled us with the whole contract expiration thing?

That’s some of the fun of the show – you never know who is going to show up.  Speaking of, let’s not forget the Raw and Smackdown events after Wrestlemania are some of the best of the year, keeping the momentum of the event going.

Let’s hope the wrestlers in NXT don’t show up the actual Wrestlemania card like they have the last two years.  I’m kidding.  Let’s hope they try to so the the main roster try and deliver even more than anticipated.

I’ll be running down the card with some insight as to what led us to the matches and who I think will win. I’m not a fan of so many teams/participants in matches just to get a plethora of competitors on the card.  While I understand doing this gets many hard working wrestlers onto the show, I think it takes away from a solid one on one (or one team on one team) match in many cases.  Let’s get started!


Buddy Murphy (Champ) vs. Tony Nese –
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match (Kickoff Show)

Source: WWE.com

Tony Nese is gold and I’m glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves along with Buddy Murphy on this night.  I still don’t see Murphy losing the championship because he has the better personality, but this could be the night where WWE decides to elevate another member of the 205 Live Roster.  If I was a betting man, though, I’d keep my money on Murphy.  Perhaps a title change does happen and Murphy gets called up to the main roster due to his hard work.

Winner: Buddy Murphy


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Source: WWE.com

This year’s Battle Royal has a focus on those two goofs from Saturday Night Live and Braun Strowman.  I don’t watch SNL any more and I have no clue who these two guys are, so I don’t care.  It’s all just a publicity stunt and I hate that.  I know this gets WWE media attention, but why do they need that at the biggest show of the year when the focus should be using this match to elevate someone on the roster to the next level? I can possibly see the SNL duo getting someone involved on the roster to go to bat for them, causing the elimination of Strowman.  I mean, that may be newsworthy.  On the other hand, with the focus on Strowman and a reset coming after Wrestlemania, I think this is all to keep Strowman in the spotlight.

Winner: Braun Strowman


Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal

Source: WWE.com

Look at that picture of all the women featured and tell me who isn’t damaged goods from the booking over the last few months.  While Ruby Riott or Sonya Deville would be great picks to have win this to try and elevate, the only woman I can actually imagine winning this thing is someone not pictured on the promo pic: Lacey Evans.   All the interruptions have led to her big moment here to springboard her career.  If it isn’t her, then I have no clue what WWE is thinking.

Winner: Lacey Evans


The Revival (Champs) vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins – Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

The Revival have lost on Raw so many times it’s hard to take them seriously as champs.  Zack Ryder had a great Wrestlemania moment when he won the Intercontinental Championship so could lighting strike twice? I think this would be a great stage to set up the losing duo having a change of luck.  Then again, would they just lose right away? Can WWE book teams on Raw seriously?  While I am excited to watch this match to see who would win, I’m wondering if we’re going to get a good feeling ending or a heel turn if Hawkins loses for the team once again.  Let’s go with the Ryder heel turn out of frustration.

Winners: The Revival


The Usos (Champs) vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. The Bar vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev –
Fatal 4-Way Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Souce: WWE.com

Hooray! A “get everyone on the show” match.  The Usos just supposedly signed a new contract with WWE and that’s all it takes for me to pick the winner.  The Bar has been an afterthought lately and Rusev and Nakamaura have been left to fade, unfortunately.  Black and Richochet will probably be back on Raw to challenge for that Tag Team Championship the night after Wrestlemania, if they don’t win the NXT Championship at Takeover.

Winners: The Usos


Sasha Banks and Bayley (Champs) vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs.
Nita Jax and Tamina vs.Peyton Royce and Billie Kay –
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Here’s a match that should just focus on the champs vs. the first challengers.  Jax and Tamina had their chance and don’t need to be in the match.  I enjoy the Iconics and they play their part well, but are they worthy of a Wrestlemania title match right now? I’m not so sure.  I would have loved to just see Banks and Bayley vs. Phoneix and Natalya.

With WWE introducing the Women’s Tag Team Championships so recently, I think it would be their best bet to keep the belts on the champs for a while.  That way, when a team finally beats Banks and Bayley one on one, it a) helps elevate the other team and b) finally breaks up Banks and Bayley for good and lets Banks start a heel run.

Winner: Banks and Bayley


Bobby Lashley (Champ) vs. “The Demon” Finn Balor –
Intercontinental Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

This back and forth hot potato game with this belt between these two hasn’t been exciting.  Adding Lio Rush into the mix also hasn’t helped.  We’re finally going to see the resurgence of the Demon, which will help with the grandness of the event.  With Finn appearing as the Demon, I think the match will now get even more attention than it would have had, although both men could tell a good story in the ring if they are given time.  If Balor loses as the Demon, then there’s no point of him having that persona.  Then again, if Balor can only win the big ones as the Demon, what does that say about his character? It’s almost like he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t

Winner: Finn Balor


Samoa Joe (Champ) vs. Rey Mysterio – U.S. Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I’m not the biggest Rey Mysterio fan so his comeback, and how many losses he’s already accumulated (like on Raw on Monday to Baron Corbin of all people) doesn’t help.  Samoa Joe has lost more than he’s won in WWE, and I can’t even remember if he’s actually won a match since he’s won the US Championship.  With Mysterio hyping up having his son by his side the last few weeks, and saying he’ll be in his corner at Wrestlemania, it just all leads me to believe that his son will be the reason why Mysterio loses this match.

As of this week, there may be a chance Rey Mysterio may not even be able to wrestle due to an injury sustained on Raw.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Shane McMahon vs. The Miz – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Source: WWE.com

I don’t like how the build of this match took away from other tag teams on the card and the other wrestlers who were in the “Best in the World” tournament at Crown Jewel, but everything led to a good heel turn of Shane McMahon.  What I like about the feud the most has been what they’ve both said on the mic during promos.  They have actually been grounded in reality and it makes for engaging TV.

Having the stipulation of falls count anywhere will allow The Miz to showcase an aggressive side we rarely see (think of him back on Talking Smack) and give Shane the daredevil moment we all expect from one of his matches.  I just pray Shane doesn’t have a heart attack during the match from being so winded.  If WWE is moving forward with The Miz being a face, he needs the big win here.

Winner: The Miz


Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

Source: WWE.com

While I’m so very happy that Reigns is on the road to recovery from his recent bout with leukemia, I’m not going to cheer for him just because of that.  I still will separate the man from his on-screen character and WWE will find out quickly that they will be in the same scenario with him if they book him like they were before.

Nonetheless, this should be a good match.  I just don’t want to see the regular old Reigns match where he gets his ass handed to him for most of it, kicks out of everything and anything, and then wins with a few spots.  I really, really think McIntyre would benefit from the win here the most.  If the Universal championship changes hands, WWE needs to build the next massive heel and they’ll have it with McIntyre getting a win over Reigns.

Winner: Drew McIntyre


Batista vs. Triple H – No Holds Barred Match
(Triple H Must Retire If He Loses)

Source: WWE.com

I can’t see Batista coming back to lose as it won’t do anything for his career.  I guess, he could come back to lose if the pay day was good enough.  HHH really doesn’t need to wrestle anymore and having one of his ol’ partners in crime be the one to retire him makes sense.  Getting a send-off at Wrestlemania is a good idea but Kurt Angle is already doing that.  Could two WWE superstars actually be retiring for good at this show? Possibly.  I just think it would be best for business if HHH lost and it would make the actual purpose of this match happening make sense.  Then again, should the match be billed as Batista vs. HHH’s Ego?

Winner: Batista


Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

Source: WWE.com

If you’ve read my predictions and write-ups on WWE in the past, you’re probably familiar with my disdained for Randy Orton.  I don’t find him to be entertaining in the least, although in the right feud, his in-ring ability does allow me to put up with him on TV for short periods of time.

That said, the first promo in the ring between these two on Smackdown hooked me on this match. Why? They both said their piece, grounded in reality, and want to prove who the better wrestler is.  That’s it.   I think this match could be one of the show stealers and rooting for AJ Styles to hand Orton a loss at the biggest show of the year is enough for me to be excited for this match.

Winner: AJ Styles


Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin –
Kurt Angle’s Retirement Match

Source: WWE.com

From a story line perspective, having this match makes sense.  Unfortunately, the fans don’t really want to see it.  Many are thinking we are being duped in some way by having Corbin come out, lose quickly and then someone else showing up to wrestle Angle.

If Corbin is his opponent, I can see Angle come out on top.  Then again, while Angle winning would be a great send off, he’s a professional and probably would have no issue putting someone younger over.  The heat on Corbin (or anyone else) beating Angle in his last match would be massive.  Just look at the heat Corbin got for beating Rey Mysterio on Monday!  The crowd will give Angle a loud, standing ovation no matter what happens and it’ll be a glorious site to see.  Thanks for everything, Kurt!

Winner: Kurt Angle


Daniel Bryan (Champ) vs. Kofi Kingston –
WWE Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

This match seems to have been brought to us by sheer luck.  With Kingston getting added to the Elimination Chamber match due to Mustafa Ali (I guess just “Ali” now) getting injured, the crowd got behind him like no one expected.

I’m glad that Kingston is getting this push but the whole story line behind it has been a mess.  Vince McMahon has tried to prevent Kingston from getting the opportunity he deserved, taking more heat off of Daniel Bryan.  For some reason, the genius writers decided to put Kofi in a gauntlet match and still, at the end of it, screw him out of his Wrestlemania shot due to McMahon adding Daniel Bryan when the match was supposedly over.

Then next week, he talks down to Kofi and tells Xavier Woods and Big E that if they win their tag gauntlet match, Kofi goes to Wrestlemania.  Woods and Big E win and then, magically, McMahon is fine with Kingston getting his Wrestlemania match?  Vince doesn’t even show up on the go-home show after all the interference! None of it makes sense.  They could have just focused on Bryan and Kingston talking up why being the champ and better wrestler is the most important thing. Yeesh! Come on, WWE creative!!!

While I’d love Kofi Kingston to become champ and have an awesome Wrestlemania moment, I just feel like someone is going to cost him the opportunity.  It could be Vince, or it could be one of his New Day brothers turning on him for some reason.  Remember, money and opportunities easily persuade people in WWE.  Just ask Seth Rollins when he broke from The Shield.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Brock Lesnar (Champ) vs. Seth Rollins –
WWE Universal Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Colour me as someone who was totally shocked that Lesnar walked out of last years’ Wrestlemania as the champ.  We thought the whole build up to the match and Lesnar doing jack shit was more than enough to elevate Reigns to win the championship and have the crowed behind him.  We know that the crowed would have ended the show booing.  McMahon supposedly called an audible and allowed Lesnar to get the pin (and a contract extension was signed).

Fast forward a year and the same thing has taken place.  Lesnar has beaten all opponents and has rarely showed up on TV or defended the title.  People want to see Lesnar lose and Rollins is an excellent choice to dethrone the champ.  I think what’s on the back of everyone’s mind is if we are going to see the same thing happen again.  Could Lesnar win at Wrestlemania and lose the next night on Raw in a rematch or to someone else?  What would that do to Rollins’ momentum?  I’m picking my winner solely based on my disdain for Lesnar and my hope that we get a champ on TV and defending regularly.

Winner: Seth Rollins


Ronda Rousey  (Champ) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (Champ) –
Triple Threat For Both Women’s Championship: Winner Takes All

Source: WWE.com

Here’s a match that is probably the most anticipated on the card.  My hats are off to WWE and the women involved for having a ground breaking moment.   All props aside, the lead up to this match has been an overbooked mess.  Many of us wanted to just see Rousey vs. Lynch go at it one on one.  Supposed police charges, jail time, and assaulting police officers have been a part of the lead-up to this match and we have to suspend our disbelief heavily in it all.

WWE could have built this match like they have built Styles/Orton and Kingston/Bryan where the focus  is on being the best.  Then again, WWE could have given those feuds more time to breathe for a few more weeks.

Nonetheless, here we are and I’m not one to say Charlotte isn’t deserving to be a part of this.  WhatCulture actually had an excellent article on the history of WWE and triple threats at Wrestlemania and how they’ve been great.  Sometimes we’re so focused on what we want to see we may forget on how these matches can actually deliver more than a one-on-one encounter.

With Charlotte beating Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, I’m curious if the belts will be amalgamated and we’ll only have one champ for both shows, just like the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

I have no idea if we’re going to get the feel good moment here with Lynch beating both ladies to win.  All three women are more than capable of walking out of Wrestlemania as the champ and I don’t think anything will be taken away from any of them if they lose.

There could be a scenario where Rousey does come out on top of the triple threat and then we get the one on one match between Rousey and Lynch the next night on Raw, giving the people what they wanted to see and having Lynch start off the post Wrestlemania season as the champion.  If Rousey is taking a hiatus, as rumoured, Charlotte and Lynch have more than enough spite against each other to have this feud go at least another month or two.

While I want to see Lynch win this match and have that awesome feeling of positivity to end the show, I have a funny feeling that Rousey will be walking out as champ here.

Winner: Ronda Rousey.  I will say Lynch wins this for sure, though, if Lesnar beats Rollins.  I just don’t think WWE will have three major title changes on the show.  Then again, I hope I’m wrong.