Super7 Ultimate Club Grayskull Skeletor Figure Review


The second “Ultimate” figure in the latest batch of MOTU figures from Super7 is Skeletor. I’ve already written a big blurb about why these are justified in my review of the Super7 Ultimate He-Man, so go check that first paragraph out if you missed it. Skeletor offers more bang for the buck for those that missed the initial Club Grayskull release from Mattel.

I took a look at the first Club Grayskull Skeletor figure when it was first released and, just like He-Man, I found myself having to buy more of these guys due to the extras that came along with this release. It turns out there were even more differences than I had anticipated and I actually should have snagged a third for my display shelf because, as you’ll see, both head sculpts are different from the Mattel release.  I figured this would be the same figure but with extra accessories and one extra new head.  I was wrong.

This figure, like the Ultimates Club Grayskull He-Man, does not come in the Castle Grayskull window box packaging. Instead, it’s on a blister card reminiscent of the vintage figures.  Would anyone else like to get some kind of clam shell protection for these awesome looking cards? The art on the back is outstanding and I love the addition of all the figures included on the back.

Out of the packaging, the first thing that is apparent with this figure is that it is cast in different plastic than the original Club Grayskull figure. As well, the colours are slightly different than the first release, too.

The articulation on this guy is actually pretty tight all around.  The legs are the loosest part of the figure but not as awful as some other figures that have been released by the company, so that’s not too bad.  They don’t prevent the figure from falling and the ankles are tight enough.

Comparing the one from Mattel (on the left) with the new Super7 one (on the right), you can notice that Super7’s figure

  • is more glossy (which isn’t a surprise at this point) with a different skin tone
  • has a smaller and less buff chest
  • has a different colour armour and loin pieces
  • have a tighter grip for the accessories (so tight, you have to move the thumbs to get things in the hands)
  • doesn’t feature the side-to-side rocker ankles Mattel’s does
  • seems to be a tad shorter


Skeletor comes with two heads: one that’s close to the one that came with the first release, albeit with slight changes to the colour, and one that is new.


Instead of writing a lot of words, I’ll share a close-up of the Mattel head (on the left) with the Super7 head (on the right). I actually think they’re both good and one doesn’t blow the other one out of the water for me.


The second portrait seems to be inspired by the Laughing Prince Adam release.  Skeletor did laugh many times in the Filmation cartoon and I think it’s time we allowed Skeletor to laugh it up on our shelves.  While writing this, with my photos finished, I really wish I took a pic with Skeletor with his arms bent in the air doing his “curses” yell.


The figure comes with four accessories: the Havok staff, a sword, his own battle axe, and the Diamond Ray of Disappearance.

The Havok staff looks like it’s the exact same one that came with the Mattel figure but with a slightly different colour.  I really like the look of it but I like the colour of Mattel’s better.


I think the axe and the sword are fantastic accessories and the figure looks really cool posed with them.  It’ll be interesting to see how collectors will pose Skeletor.  Will people pose him holding the staff with one hand and a weapon in the other? How about having Skeletor hold his Havok staff with both hands? Could he just have a weapon in each hand? There are quite a few options here.

I think adding the Diamond Ray of Disappearance was a good idea.  In my video review (embedded at the end of this feature from my YouTube channel) I show the size difference between this one and the one that came with Lizard Man.  It is quite smaller and that’s OK because it seems like it’s more to scale now.

Just like He-Man, there is a lot of value with this figure; not only for those who missed out on Mattel’s version, but also for those wanting to pick up another Skeletor and have the first Club Grayskull one.  I don’t think many will be too disappointed.


Enjoy the video review (and toss me a sub, please!)