Super7 Ultimate Club Grayskull He-Man Figure Review


It seems like ages ago that Mattel/Matty Collector was producing MOTU figures. The last ones produced ended up being the first wave of Club Grayskull, giving us figures based off of the Filmation cartoon designs.

He-Man and Skeletor were huge sellers, of course, and the aftermarket price on them ended up being quite high. Seeing how many people were late to the party with this line (and can’t/refuse to pay the aftermarket prices), Super7 decided to reissue He-Man and Skeletor under the “Ultimates” banner.  Not only could people get the main hero and villain, but more accessories and heads that were not included with the original releases were thrown in for those that already had them, giving an incentive to buy the characters yet again.

This review is all about the man himself, He-Man! I’ll be showing some comparison pictures with the first release and be referencing it often. You can also take a look at the review I did of the first release just to give you a better sense of similarities and differences.  Actually, there are quite a few differences…more than I had anticipated.  If anyone was expecting to get the same figure Matty Collector produced but with the plastic Super7 has been using, you’re in for a surprise.  I was.  I really thought we’d be getting as close as possible to the same figure but that’s not the case.

The first thing you’ll notice is that although this is a “Club Grayskull” figure, it’s not in the Castle Grayskull packaging. The figure comes on a blister card, which is a throwback to the vintage line and follows the style of the other “Ultimates.”  I love the look of it and I really dig the the artwork on the back. It’s also cool to not only see the other figures released, but also the more limited releases.

My first of impression of He-Man out of the packaging was, “damn! Another glossy figure!” Thankfully he’s still not as glossy as the Holiday He-Man release. The articulation on this guy is pretty solid and thankfully there aren’t any loose joints and the figure.

I have to point out an immediate strike for me on this figure.  The scabbard (his sword holder) is actually glued on facing the wrong way.  How in the hell can a company mess that up with He-Man?!??!  My mind is blown!!

If you place the new figure from Super7 (on the left) beside the one from Mattel (on the right), you can see they’re different in many ways and you can immediately see you’ll never mistake one from the other.

Not only are the portrait sculpt different, Super7’s He-Man is:

  • glossier
  • not as beefy looking in the chest
  • has a right shoulder piece that sits lower than the left one
  • includes a harness that is a lighter colour
  • doesn’t feature rocker ankles
  • has a shorter loin cloth (that’s also a different colour, like the boots)
  • has a head sits lower on the neck
  • has hands provide a very tight grip on the accessories.  So tight, that you have to move the thumb to get him to be able to hold any of the accessories.


This figure comes with four heads, which is a huge incentive to not only buy another He-Man, but to buy more than one (like I do)! I ended up buying four figures total and no, my wife didn’t murder me. I wanted one to keep on card and three to display loose with the alternate heads. Seeing how the main “standard” head is completely different than the first Club Grayskull He-Man, I should have snagged one more. That’s the collector bug in me.

Version 2

Anyway, comparing this head to the first edition, you can see how different they are.  Gotta say, I like the look of the Mattel one better, especially with how the hair is done.


The second head the figure comes with is the laughing portrait that came with the Laughing Prince Adam figure. I think this is a good call because we just can’t have Prince Adam only having the laughs on our shelves.  He-Man laughed often throughout the cartoon series.  My daughter was so surprised when she saw that I had a laughing He-Man beside a laughing Prince Adam and immediately wanted to play with them together.  That made spending the dough on this worth it.



I have more comparison action to go through here. The first things you probably notice are the differences with the shine/gloss of the skin and the colour of the hair.  The other thing that’s pretty nuts is the difference in height with these two.  I go through it in the video at the end of the feature but I have no idea how they messed up the height of the Laughing Prince Adam so badly.  I’m curious to see if the upcoming Wave 4 Prince Adam will be with its height.  Again, you can see how low the head sits on the neck compared to a previously release.


The third head allows you to have a robot He-Man from the episode The Disappearing Act.  I think this portrait turned out really well. The eyes bulging out give it a slight creepy factor.  At first glance, it looks like there’s blood dripping from the eyes but if you look closely, it’s actually wiring.  I made sure to get an extra figure in my order to always have this look represented on my shelf and I don’t regret it.


Finally, the last portrait the figure comes with is the Filmation Faker head.  I’ll start off by saying that the prototype looked a bit better because the paint was applied more carefully.  The mass produced ones look like they’ve been sprayed carelessly.  Thankfully, the one I’m showing you is the best out of all the ones I had to choose.  I don’t think it’s too bad and certainly not as bad as some of the ones I’ve seen online.  The bonus thing about this head is the eyes being able to glow in the dark!

I think it’s great that this version of Faker has been released.  He sure looks different than the blue skinned character that we’re used to.  Faker only appeared once in the Filmation episode, The Shaping Staff and will be making his return in the aptly named The Return of Faker later on this year courtesy of James Eatock.  I can’t wait to see how Faker returns intact.

The accessories the figure comes with are the Power Sword, a huge Shield, and his battle axe.  I know there are people who are still clamoring for the perfect Filmation Power Sword and don’t think this is it.  I don’t have it down to the minute details others do, but I think this is pretty good.  From what I’ve seen, though, the one with the upcoming Club Grayskull wave seems to really make the nit-pickers happy.  If they’re happy, then I’ll really be happy because this one isn’t too shabby.

The shield is huge and over-the-top. I think it looks great and is probably my favourite out of the three accessories, although the axe is pretty sweet, too.


IF you don’t have the first version of the figure, posing it in the iconic poses should make you happy.  He does look good if you’re not thinking about how this isn’t the Mattel figure or constantly comparing it like I am here in this review.  I really can’t help it as they had a stellar figure to measure up to.



While I find the overall aesthetics of this figure to not be up to par with the one Mattel released before giving the license over to Super7, I’m sure many will find it to be satisfactory.  People like me, who have the first release had many reasons to get yet another He-Man due to the new weapons and heads.  I think there is a lot of value for what you get with figure and I’m happy the release of this figure also helped us get a few other versions of He-Man (and a Filmation Faker) on our shelves.  For that, I’m more than happy to have those other versions.


Enjoy the video review!