Super7 Club Grayskull Fisto Figure Review


Today I’m wrapping up my look at this wave of Super7’s MOTU Club Grayskull line with Fisto.  Not only was this character fan demanded because he looked a tad different in the cartoon than his vintage action figure, the MOTU Classics figure is much sought after from collectors who missed him.  For some reason, that figure goes for like $150 US or more, loose or carded.  Fans who missed out want a Fisto in their collection and this may be the only Fisto they may get.

If you’ve seen the packaging for this wave of CG (or any of the previous ones), what you see below shouldn’t surprise you.  The bio reveals how Fisto used to work for Skeletor, which is quite surprising.  The biggest thing about this bio, though, is there being no mention as to why he turned his back on Skeletor and decided to fight along side He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  Did something happen in an episode of the cartoon I totally forgot?

Fisto looks awesome when you get him out of the packaging, as if he was plucked out of the TV show.  That’s the main thing three out of four of the figures in this wave have going for them (no props for you there, She-Ra! You missed the mark just a bit).

The articulation on my guy is pretty tight except, surprise, the legs.  While they aren’t super loose, they aren’t as solid as I’d like.  The knees are where it’s at, though.  If all the joints were as solid as those (and it seems like that’s the trend with this wave), I’d be one happy guy.

The loin cloth area just seems off.  It’s like his loin cloth shrank in the wash.  It’s too bad that area is such a distraction and looks way too small.  On the other hand, the armour part is sculpted well and looks great even though the detail is minimal.

The head sculpt is pretty good and represents the character’s look in the cartoon really well.  The work on the mustache and the beard have enough texture sculpting to them, and the same goes with the little touches added to the hair.

The paint is pretty clean for the most part, but the area I wish was done a bit more carefully is the placement of the left iris/pupil area.  If it was as dead on as the right one, this would be a huge hit for me.  Instead, because it’s a tad off, it looks like he has a bit of a lazy eye, especially depending on the angle you look at this figure.  It’s not as bad as I’ve seen as some others online thankfully.

Version 2

Let’s take a look at what matters with Fisto: his fist!!!  This thing is pretty big, as it should be.  What I think it’s lacking is any extra colour.  Yeah, I know it’s Club Grayskull and the paint application is next to nothing to keep the Filmation look, but I wish it just popped just a bit more and some highlights would have helped.

Fisto is ready to knock the hell out of foes.  Whether you place this figure is a punching pose or a relaxed one, you can’t help but be impressed with how good he looks, minus that damn loin cloth area!


The only accessory the figure comes back is the animated version of his sword that he had as a vintage figure and in Classics.  It’s cast in one colour so it is what it is.  I’ll always have him be holding his sword in his left hand on my shelf for that extra coolness factor.


Fisto is ready to smash with one hand and chop with the other.  Imagine what this guy could also do in the kitchen!  All kidding aside, he just looks awesome in many different poses.

I’m not showing the picture to gloat (because I have two loose and one carded MOTUC Fisto), but I wanted to show the two versions of the Classics Fisto you could have in comparison to the new Club Grayskull one.


I anticipated Fisto to be my favourite of the wave based on the production photos we were shown.  In hand he’s really good minus the few flaws I discussed.  Mantenna may have nudged him out of top spot but he barely did so.  Fisto is a pretty solid figure and I think most people will be happy with him, as long as the eyes are painted right.

If you missed out on the other figures I reviewed in this wave, make sure to read my thoughts on She-Ra, Grizzlor, and Mantenna!  There were ups and downs for sure but I had fun doing photos and video reviews for all of them.  Check out the video at the end of the feature (and all of ’em on YouTube and toss me a sub!).


Enjoy the video review!