Super7 Club Grayskull Grizzlor Figure Review


While I’m a fan of The Evil Horde and those within its ranks, I was never that big a fan of how they were portrayed in the Filmation She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon.  Yeah, some of them were bumbling goofs and ineffective, much like many of Skeletor’s crew, but when the Horde members appeared in the toy line, specifically in the commercials, they were a force that looked pure evil and even more sinister than anything previously seen on Eternia.  So to see them portrayed as anything less was almost sacrilege to this young viewer.

Add to all of the above, the designs of many of the members of The Evil Horde were dumbed down in the cartoon series.  I am sure that was to keep the Filmation aesthetic and animation simple.  To me, while I did love seeing The Horde on TV, the way they were re-imagined just did not live up to the toy representation.  While I do welcome the versions of the figures into my collection, nothing beats the Classics or vintage versions.

The first of two characters from the Horde I’ll be looking at from this new wave of Club Grayskull from Super7 is Grizzlor (I already reviewed She-Ra from this wave).  This furry henchman was a favourite of mine because the vintage figure was covered in fur and the Classics’ version upped the ante to create a figure that exceeded all expectations.  For this Super7 figure, we have a character that looks like he came out of the cartoon, although I don’t think that would be quite a difficult feat.

The packaging is the ol’ CG window box with the slipcase that all the figures in the wave have, along with a picture of the animated Grizzlor on the back. The bio continues to play on the fact that he’s an idiot.  That’s too bad as this guy should be so feared, many would not want to be in his presence.

Out of the package, the figure just looks like it’s pretty basic.  The usual articulation is found in the arms and the legs but there’s nothing found in the torso area due to the soft plastic used to represent the fur.  The articulation points are pretty solid on the figure except for the legs, especially the left leg.  I show how loose it is in the video review at the end of the feature.  The rest of the joints are pretty good, particularly the knees.

I’ll state again that I hate how there’s barely any motion of the heads on Super7’s MOTU figures.  You can have them look left and right but if you want more motion for the figure to look up or down, forget about it.

I’m a fan of how large and beefy the hands on this figure are.  It gives the figure that added toughness and gives you a sense he could rip his foes apart with this bare hands if he wanted to.

The soft plastic for the body to represent the fur is really glossy and prohibits the figure from having an ab-cruch movement.  You can twist the figure at the waist for some extra posing action.  I think the lower half/plastic fur of the fig is just a bit too short around the legs.  It looks like he’s been “beast-scaping,” if you catch my drift.

While they may not be show-stopping, I have to say I like the work done on the boots.  The Horde emblem really pops and it really adds something to a pretty basic figure.

The head of this figure is a hit for me.  I like the sculpt of the face and the paint on the eyes and the teeth are pretty clean.  The sculpt of the hair around the face has just enough work done on it as well.

One thing I’m not happy with is the glue residue that is prominent under the chin of my figure.  It’s like the factory used too much and then it it dried.  I’m going to see if I can figure out how to clean it up somehow without damaging the figure.

The figure comes with two accessories.  The first is his baton/stick thing.  It’s pretty plain and doesn’t feature paint deco on it.  The large shield looks pretty cool with a huge Horde insignia on it.  Unfortunately, paint was already chipped off the damn thing when I took it out of the packaging but I placed it back on the shield for pics and tried to make it stick.  We’re paying too much to be seeing these issues right out of the packaging!

Somehow I forgot to add the shield to the video review, so my apologies for that!


Trying to get the baton/stick into the figures hand causes the paint from the hand to scrape onto the accessory (or scrape the paint on it).  The shield can be held well in either hand, thankfully.  Too bad that paint that chipped off is the first thing I’ll notice when looking at it now.

I’ve read the shield is technically supposed to go with Hordak, and forgive me if it does, but I haven’t watched POP since I was a kid.  I think Grizzlor looks pretty cool with it.


And for the hell of it, here’s the CG Grizzlor in between two versions of the Classics figure you could have on your shelf.


While I do have my gripes about how Grizzlor and his crew were portrayed in the cartoon verses how I wanted them to be in my young mind (that carries forward to this day), that doesn’t affect that I think this is a figure that captures the look of the animated character very well.  He’s kind of basic but I suppose that’s part of the charm.  I’d say that for the most part, this figure was done pretty well and he’s a welcome addition to the collection.


Enjoy the video review. Again, I totally forgot to show the shield for some reason.