Super7 Club Grayskull She-Ra Figure Review


I’m staring off my look with the most recent batch of Super7’s Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull figures with the one people were anticipating the most and then got let down by the most: She-Ra.  It’s no surprise to most reading this that the figure shown and announced as “production” turned out differently, mainly with the face.

I’ll be running down the hits and misses with this figure.  I know many reading this probably already have their figures in hand but I love sharing my thoughts, hence why I do this site as a hobby.  I just get my figures shipped late because a) I place large orders and b) they take longer to get to Canada.  So I am usually late to the review party.  That doesn’t stop me, though!

The package is the usual Club Grayskull stuff we’re used to by now. It does come with a slipcase but I didn’t take any photos as if you really want to see it, you can check out the other CG reviews I’ve done, or you can check out my video review at the end of this feature.

Getting her out of the package, you can see under lights that she’s suffering the same fate as many of the other Super7 figures – the gloss is intense.  At least I can say her skin tone is better than Super7’s Teela and the gloss isn’t as bad as the Holiday He-Man figure.

The articulation on the figure doesn’t have much resistance to it at all, so to me, it’s on the looser side.  The knees are the tightest part of the figure while the ankles on mine suffer from being extremely loose.  She falls over easily.  It’s odd to see how the left shin area is sculpted (or warped?) to the left.  Look how weird it appears when you’re looking at her from behind.  All those issues already make this figure lose points with me.

The actual outfit for the figure is decent.  There’s not much to it but I’ll say the sculpt is to the point and the paint on it is pretty clean.  You can’t tell by looking at it but there’s an articulation cut under the belt that allows you to turn the figure slightly left or right.

The cape is made of a very soft plastic and mine doesn’t have a lot of slop on it. I suppose it’s so pliable to help She-Ra to be able sit on Swiftwind.

Check out the hair as well on the left side of my figure.  There’s this dirty, fuzzy look to it because it’s like the soft plastic is cracking and the yellow paint being affected by it.  How that is happening on a brand new figure is beyond me.  Sigh.


I wonder why on Earth the pieces in the shoulder articulation cut are so damn small.  If you have her posed the way I do in the picture below, it’s a distraction because it looks off and unappealing.  I had to go and check if the other Super7 figs, especially the females, had this issue and they didn’t. It’s yet another thing to ruin the look of the figure.  More points lost.

Speaking of the arms, they don’t have directly down.  They float along her sides.  She also has weird ball joint elbows that also just don’t look right in many poses.


Now we get to the real issue with the figure for many: the face.  What we were shown as a production sample looked awesome.  It looked magnificent and so many people were pumped, but we ended up getting this.  Now, the sculpt is there to a degree, but the paint ruins it, particularly with how the eyes are stamped on.

If you look at the figure straight ahead, it’s not too bad.  It’s not as good as what was advertised, but it’s too bad.  Now look at it from different angles and you can really see where the ball was dropped.  The placement of the eyes are a bit too apart or something happened to squish the great sculpt.  It’s just such a piss-off.  I don’t feel it’s as bad as what happened with the CG Teela and Sorceress, but it’s still not something that makes me happy.

The tiara and the paint on it is nice, though.  Is that worth a point?

The head also has very little movement due the hair hanging on either side of her neck.  It’s understandable that because of that, there’s very little left to right movement, but I’m still not happy about the lack of up and down movement with Super7’s MOTU figures.

The figure comes with three accessories: the Sword of Protection, her shield, and a boomerang.  All three are sculpted well although the colour of the plastic for all three just seem drab. Thankfully there’s a dab of colour courtesy of the jewel.  My shield has some slop on it and marks on it, though and you’ll see the issues with the sword in the video review – it looks like there is crusted up toothpaste on the other side of it!


Having She-Ra raise her sword does show some sign of a good figure. Getting the angle just right does make you breathe a sigh of relief that all is not so bad in the grand scheme of things.


She-Ra can hold the shield with no issues.  You just have to work the wrist just a bit to make it look like she’s holding it upright properly.

She-Ra can hold her boomerang well, too.  I’m not sure how many collectors will have her posed with it, though.  I suppose it does add some variety for those wanting something different.  I’ll have it laying at her feet on my shelf.


If you’re wondering how She-Ra sits on the Classics Swiftwind, look no further. OK, you can actually check it out in the video review, too, where I think I got her placed just a tad lower.  I never have figures posed on their animal counterparts on my shelf so how she fits isn’t too much of an issue for me.  For others? I think this will probably work well once you have her actually posed decently, which I didn’t do.


For comparison, here’s the newest Super7 She-Ra beside the first Classics She-Ra and alongside the Super7 CG Teela.  As you can see, she is shorter than the Classics version so those looking to mix and match with that line may be a bit disappointed.  Thankfully she’s taller than the Teela figure and with those two figures side by side, it makes it even more apparent how much of a train wreck Teela is.

So, there are a few positives about the figure but the negatives far outweigh it.  Three waves in and we should not be getting a figure that looks different from what we put our money down for.  It’s just not cool.  I know things happen but, as mentioned, this is the third wave of Super7’s Club Grayskull and the kinks should have been worked out by now.  I think this figure is more of a disappointment for me because they were almost there and production messed it up.

Oh well. It is what it is and I won’t be losing any sleep over it, although looking at this figure, along with Teela and the Sorceress, you can’t help but think about what could have been.  The female curse with this line continues.  At least She-Ra isn’t the worst figure Super7 has put out, nor the worst female figure from the company.

Stay tuned for my look at the next three figures in this wave.  There is light at the end of the tunnel with what else was released alongside this figure.


Enjoy the video review!

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