Cannibal Corpse – 15 Year Killing Spree Vinyl Box Set (& more) from Metal Blade Records/NESI Media Review

Today I’m showcasing my quick video review/unboxing of the newest Cannibal Corpse vinyl! I got these at the beginning for February and I meant to showcase them a lot sooner, but, you know, life and toys!

Thanks to the power of social media, specifically Instagram, I found out that a company called NESI Media, was releasing the first ever vinyl pressing of Cannibal Corpse’s 15 Year Killing Spree. In addition, they were also doing their own versions of Worm Infested, Butchered at Birth, and the Hammer Smashed Face EPs, all in different (and limited) colours.  I snagged the ones that were limited to 100.

I see that Metal Blade has just released the Hammer Smashed Face EP to North American audiences but with an etching on the B-Side and not with the extra tracks on the NESI edition. It’ll be interesting to see if the box set and Worm Infested are next.

Anyway, find out what I have to say about them (hint: they look and sound awesome) in my video review.  Enjoy!