NECA’s 12″ Head to Tail Godzilla (King Kong Vs. Godzilla) Action Figure Review


This review to kick off the week here on EP is a little bit different in a few ways.  First, it’s a NECA figure that I’m not just keeping in the box! No, hell hasn’t frozen over.  Second, it’s different because today I’m featuring a franchise I’ve never taken a look at on my site in the three years I’ve been running it: Godzilla!

Now, I’m not the biggest fanatic of Godzilla or the franchise, although one of my best buds, Brian, could binge watch them every week.  I do love the look of the character in the early movies and when I saw NECA release the press pictures of this figure, I knew I had to have it and once I got it, I’d have to take the figure out to see all its majesty.  I’m glad I did because this figure is already a contender of figure of the year.

Prepping to write this review, I learned that this was one of two movies that featured King Kong that came out of Japan.  I also didn’t realize this was also the third film to feature Godzilla.  I suppose that makes sense as both these monsters had been established already.  Check out the wiki if you want to know more and click here if you want to watch it  (if you want to see these two go at it, skip to about an hour and twenty into the film)!

The first thing you notice about the packaging is how thick and heavy it is to regular NECA single boxed figures.  The other thing that is amazing is all the awesome box art used right from the original movie poster!  The back showcases the figure with Japanese text!

Like many of the boxed NECA figures, it features window-box packaging where many “in package” collectors (like me) can still admire the figure within even if we’re keeping it in there for various reasons.


Getting this figure out of the package was an event.  Not because it was hard to do (with only two twist ties I had to deal with), but because there was so much anticipation.  I waited until the boys were over for the last WWE PPV, Fastlane, and made the unboxing an event.  Once I had to snapped part of the tail into place on the body of the figure, there’s was no issue in doing so, we admired it.

Why it’s dubbed 12″ from “Head to Tail” is because that’s the actual measurement of the figure from head to the end of the tail! It’s very long for a 6″ tall action figure.  Not only that, but the figure is thick! Look at those beefy legs!  The figure looks like it came right off the screen!

What I’m also impressed with is how the articulation cuts (giving this guy over 30 points of articulation) don’t take away from the overall aesthetics.

The skin texture all over the figure is spot on and the dark wash really highlight all the ripples in the skin to make this look like that classic costume from the film.  It’s almost like there’s a 5 1/2″ in actor in this suit!

I’m giving NECA some heavy props with the work they did with the claws.  They made them an additional piece so you can move them separately from the wrist articulation.  Very well thought out.



The tail is engineered very well.  There are four sections where you can move it left, right, up, and down, as well as rotate it.  This should be the standard with how companies make tails for their figures now.


The head sculpt on this guy is awesome.  It think it’s so on point, it’s scary (but in a good way, of course).  The paint on the eyes is pretty good, although there’s a hint of slop when you’re looking up close.  The paint on the inside of the mouth on my figure is pretty clean and I love how they went the extra mile with the detail inside the mouth.  From the teeth, to the tongue, and the roof of the mouth, it’s the little touches that make an already awesome figure incredible.

Posing this figure is damn fun.  Make sure to check out my Instagram for some photos that I posted over there the night I got him where we added some extra smoke effects to go along with him.  With all the articulation on this guy and how sturdy it is, he will be constantly reposed and on my table for my friends to enjoy during WrestleMania weekend!

The one accessory the figure comes with is his blast effect.  While some may cry that we’re only getting one accessory, I have to state that we’re already getting a lot of amazing stuff with this figure for $30.  Yeah, I paid only $30 Canadian for this at my local store, Heroes.  Plus, what else would it need?


The piece fits snugly into the hole in the back of the throat.  Adding the blast effect won’t tip your figure over but the head will hang just a bit.  My apologies in advance for all the various levels of exposure in the pictures coming because in order to get the blast effect to show, I had to turn it down in some cases.

Not only will you be consonantly reposing the figure due to all the articulation on it, you’ll also be doing with with and without the blast in.


If you have some mini figures (even smaller than those Mega Construx MOTU figs I have), you’re in for some fun.  Posing Godzilla going after them is a joy.

Fun fact: another reason I really wanted this figure is because of one key scene in a movie that is close to my heart: One Crazy Summer starting John Cusack, Demi Moore, and Bobcat Goldthwait from 1986.  I still laugh out loud when I watch it and the scene where Goldthwait’s character, Egg Stork, gets trapped inside a Godzilla outfit.  Haven’t seen it? I’ve got you covered.

This figure exceeded all expectations for me.  Hell, my wife even said that it was an amazing figure and one of her faves in my collection.  That’s recognition right there!  Not only does this figure scratch the nostalgic itch, it really just shows how far we continue to come in the world of action figures and what companies can produce.  This is toy excellence right here and I don’t have any issues or nit picks with it.

One last side note – this is the first feature starting the fourth years on my site (I started in March of 2016, so I just had my third anniversary). If you have read/watched/supported in any way, thank you.  If you periodically stop by or this is your first time, give my stuff a like, follow my social media and give me a sub on YouTube! Cheers!


Enjoy the video review!

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