Jabba the Hutt and Throne Environment Set by Sideshow Collectibles Review


This may be a longer than usual written review as there is a lot to take in here.  I’ll preface with saying this is vastly different than the Jabba the Hutt and Throne that were released by Sideshow back near the beginning of the decade.  It really wasn’t until I got this set in did I truly know how different they are.  Hopefully this review will help those who are still wondering which one they should buy.

I’d like to thank my local collectibles place, Heroes Comics, for getting this in for me, and, of course, my wife for being so awesome with letting me collect and buy what I do, as something like this isn’t cheap.

While I will compare the old figure and throne throughout this feature, I’ll direct you check out my past features/reviews of Jabba and the Throne, so you can compare pics.  Seeing how the thrones are so large, I don’t have the room to do side by side comparisons where I take photos.  I did do a quick comparison of the figures in the video review I have embedded from my YouTube channel at the end of this feature.  Check that out, too! It’s long but I go through it all.  Toss me a sub, too!

The box for this thing is huge.  It’s like over half a metre long! I show the back on the video review for those wondering what it looks like. The top and sides have no pictures, though.  After previously having to take the box just with the old Throne into my man cave, I was surprised with how light this box with the contents in it was in comparison.  I think the old throne weighs almost as much or more than this whole new set.


Lifting Jabba out of the package was an experience.  Not because he’s really heavy, although he does have some weight, but because I realized right away this is not an action figure.  This is basically a statue.  It does not have any moving part and it is not made out of the same plastic the first release was.  You choose the arms, eyes, and mouth piece you want to display him with.  More on that later.

He comes with two left arms and two right arms.  I show them in the video but didn’t take individual pictures of them.  The arms cannot move as they are held in place via a magnet.   There are no moving fingers either. One of the fingers on the right hand broke off before shipping and the arm was still placed inside the box.  Thankfully Heroes is getting me one from Sideshow.

The body has some great detailing on the skin (all the warts, bumps, and skin folding) and the paint really help make this look more screen accurate than the first release. It’s actually a lot larger than the first figure.  Check out my Instagram page to see where they are sitting in my man cave side by side.  Of course you can’t have a Jabba figure without the cut on his tail.  It looks really deep and like it would have pissed the crime lord off.

Jabba is shipped without any eyes or mouthpieces inserted, so you’ll pull him out of the box like you see below.  He also has no arms attached either. The eyes and mouth pieces have magnets in them that help connect them to the magnets that are in the head, creating a solid hold.


Jabba comes with three sets of eyes (open, squinty and sleepy) and three different mouths (closed, open, and tongue out).  I took pictures of the basic combinations you can create by swapping the pieces.  People that love to repose their figures on a regular basis will love being able to change up the look of their Jabba figure with ease.

Hell, if you want to combine the different eyes, go for it! There are lots of possibilities here!

The throne, while not as long or heavy as the first release, is still pretty large.  My apologies for some of the pics from here on out as my backdrop is not long enough to accommodate for how long this piece is!  The level of detail certainly is incredible and this really does look like a huge slab of concrete with all the detailing and texture one would have.

The little statue icons around the throne are done well, like the first release, and feature a metal ring hanging around the mouth.  All the rings feel rusted and it makes me want to puke when I touch them as I get that sick feeling from scraping a chalk board, if you get what I’m saying.

The railing looks like it has some wear to it, which is good.  It looks like it’s been a part of this throne for ages.  The detailing on the little switch that activates the trap door leading to the Rancor is spot on.  It’s the small details like this that make pieces come alive.

Speaking of attention to detail, Sideshow gave more love to the hookah pipe and bowl portion on this edition.  I like the materials used for the “glass” and the detailing around the hookah bowl.  I think what I really like more on this edition than the last one is how clear the water is and you can see the little creature in the water.  I said in my video that everything in the Star Wars universe has a name, and these little guys are called Klatooine paddy frogs.   There’s one permanently in the water and one that you can lay on top or try and place in Jabba’s hand (I have close ups a bit later on).

The hookah pipe is done well, too, and the best thing about it is adding the fabric to the bottom of it to give it more of a realistic look.  I didn’t notice they were adding that in the promo pics, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Seeing how pot is legal here in Canada, you know Jabba wants to partake without being hassled by the authorities.  Look at him below…he just wants to get nicely toasted.

This set also comes with Salacious Crumb.  You had to buy him separately back many years ago if you wanted him to go along with Jabba.  I got mine but am still missing the Buobo creature pack to go with my OG version.

Just like Jabba, Crumb is NOT an action figure.  It is a statue that has two sets of arms and legs you can swap. When you plug the arms and the legs in place, you can’t move them.  That’s thoroughly disappointing. For this much money, you’d think they’d be able to engineer something that could be posed better.

The detailing and the paint are upped on this version of the character and he definitely looks more screen accurate.

The figure’s two portrait options include an opened mouth and closed mouth option.  Both are done well and because the heads connect easily via a magnet at the neck, swapping them out will be something most people will probably do regularly.

Swapping the legs give you a few different ways to pose Salacious Crumb on the throne.  I prefer the crossed leg look because he seems more chill that way.

Just so you can see the huge difference, here is the old version on the left compared to the new version on the right.  Miss my review of the old figure? Check it out here.


If everything I’ve already talked about isn’t enough for you, here’s the run down of all the extras.  You get a loose frog, a plate of deliciousness, three cups, two rugs for the throne and 11, yeah 11, pillows! I really think it’s cool that Sideshow gave us soft goods pillows for this version because the older one had rock hard plastic pillows.  I’m making sure that Salacious Crumb gets to sit on one all the time.

There’s a lot to take in and digest with this set.  At over $1000 Canadian, it’s a huge investment and because I didn’t have to worry about paying shipping or extra duty fees thanks to Heroes Comics getting this for me, the price was easier to swallow as it probably saved me $300 in extra costs.


A scene from the man-cave: Jabba’s resting spots.

It really wasn’t until I had the figure(s), well statues, in hand did I realize how vastly different in size, shape, and detailing they were.  Jabba is one of my favourite movie creatures of all time and this set does him justice.  I’m very happy I have this set and I do not take it for granted whatsoever.  I hope that sharing my thoughts on this will help fence sitters to decide whether they buy it or not.  For those who can’t afford it, I hope I gave it the props it deserves.


Enjoy the video!