A Nightmare on Elm St. Deluxe Accessory Set by NECA Review


Note: Freddy not included – only used in this feature for comparison/scale.

I’ll preface this review with another review.  A while back on my site I ranked the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies and Part 3 got top billing.  Why? It can be scary and gory, but it’s funny, tongue in cheek (literally), and is paced well.

When I saw that NECA was actually releasing an accessory set based on a few incarnations of Freddy in that movie, and tossing in two extras, not only was I in disbelief, I knew that I would be buying two no matter the cost.  Why two, you ask? If you are a first time visitor, you may see that I showcase many figs that I keep in the package/box.  It’s easy for me to display them this way and I enjoy the packaging.  I just don’t have the room to buy two of each (like my MOTUC collection) or display both the figure and packaging at the same time.  This set I needed to display and make sure I kept one for my crazy collecting psyche.

I ordered two of these online when I could and, although it took longer than anticipated to get here, they arrived and I tore one set open as soon as my daughter went to bed.  Even before my two sets arrived, I purchased another NOES 3 Freddy solely for taking it out of the box to display with my loose accessory set.   I think I’ll actually do a revisit of that figure now that I have one out of the packaging because I simply love it.

Diatribe aside, it’s time to get down to this set.  The packaging is simply phenomenal.  I’m not 100% sure if the front actually features the figures in the set but with different effects on them to make them something just a tad different, or if it’s artwork.  Nonetheless, it looks awesome.  The back features the stuff that’s included in the set and the photos are so enticing I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to pick this up.

The set comes with two Elm Street signs, one as a regular-world/day time version while the other is the nightmare version.  While these two items aren’t what I would demand, the addition of these to what else that is included in this set is icing on the cake.  If I look at it that way, these two pieces are more than welcome.  I can see people even using them as bookends for their loose Freddy figures!

The next up is TV Freddy! It make me want to sing “TV Freddy Tonight” to Black Flag’s “TV Party.” This is one of those things that I never thought I’d see made in plastic form ever in my lifetime.

If you’ve never seen the scene, I’ve included it below.  It’s probably features one of the most recited lines from the film.

This piece is lightweight but features so much detail.  The look of the old school TV really brings me back to my youth as I remember having to get up at fidget with those knobs.  I think it was such a great idea for NECA to include a small hole in the back so people could hang this piece up.  A simply thumbtack should even be able to do it.

The paint on the TV really helps with the realism and make the piece even more amazing.  I never noticed the name brand of the TV in the film was “Krueger” What excellent attention to detail!  If that isn’t enough, the screen is a lenticular sticker that makes it seem like the screen is moving.


There’s actually quite a bit of movement with the arms coming out of this thing.  I show it in the video that’s embedded at the end of this feature.  I totally love how realistic they made the arms coming out of the TV look.  The electrical burns/charring around the areas where the arms protrude from is more amazing attention to detail that shows how NECA doesn’t skimp on the gravy when creating their pieces.

The arms made up of wires and metal (all plastic, of course) and the work done on these is done with the same care done with a portrait sculpt.  I swear I sat and looked at both of the arms and all the details for at least over 10 minutes when I pulled this piece out of the package.  I was in awe with there being so much to take in with the sculpting and paint.

One little thing  I wish would be the hand and razor hand to be more articulated.  I know that may be pushing it for this scale and price point, though.

As with all the other recent Freddy releases, I’m happy with NECA’s sculpt of the portrait on this piece.  He looks as angry as he is in this scene and it really comes through with the sculpt.  Again, the paintwork help bring this to life with how it captures that plastic film over his face.

Be careful with the antennae, though.  They are very delicate and don’t move.  Dropping this piece or handling it rough may cause one of them to break.  I also say this because the head had a hard time sticking into the top of the TV and would pop out.  I finally got it to stay but it wouldn’t surprise me to find it off the TV in the future.


This thing is so fun to pose.  I spent more time with this piece I ever thought I would.  I mean, I knew I’d like it but I thought of it almost like another “extra” to go with the piece I really wanted from this set.  Thankfully I can say that this piece won me over more than anticipated and I can’t wait to show it to all my friends.

Now it’s time for the piece de resistance with this set: the worm/snake Freddy.  While I watched this film hundreds of times, I probably rewound this part of the movie hundreds more.  I wish I could go back to feel that feeling when I first saw it because it shocked me, scared me, then had me in awe.  It was one of the most remarkable things (and unexpected) I had seen in a horror movie at the time.  Remember, I was like 11.

Again…if you’ve never seen it, here you go:

Get the phallic jokes out of your head (sigh, no pun intended), and just admire how wickedly evil and awesome this snake Freddy looks! It’s just a tad over 12″ tall and is really imposing.

The sculpt on this thing is so awesome, it’s disgusting.  Just look at the veins and skin! It is very realistic.  The glossy shine on it makes it look slimy and heightens the uneasiness of having something like this in your possession.  Can I give NECA even more props with the sculpting of the spine, too?


The snake doesn’t come attached to the included base.  Snapping it in was easy when I heated both pieces with some hot water for a minute.  The base was a great idea to keep  the piece sturdy and reflect the scene where it burst out of the floor.

If just looking at this sculpt doesn’t make you bow down in thanks to the sculpting gods, I’m not sure what more I can write to convince you of its awesomeness.  This is so spot on.  I know there were a few expressions that could have been chosen from the scene, like when Freddy stares at Nancy and says, “you!” but leaving this sculpt looking more straight ahead with teeth bearing was an excellent choice.

The sliminess/glossiness is still all over the head, as is the excellent sculpting on the exposed muscle tissue, but there’s even more goodness added to the head.  For one, and I have no idea why I didn’t notice it until I edited these photos, but there’s blood running out of the left eye where he got stabbed! How f’n awesome is that?!! My eyes didn’t catch it during my first once over and therefore, I didn’t even mention it in the video review.  So many props for that paint work!

The job done on the eyes, ears, and teeth shouldn’t be ignored either.  All three sections are given the attention they deserve to bring this terror to life.  I’m going to be scaring many with this thing for years to come.

I’ve taken two photos for you to see the similarities and differences in the Dream Warriors Freddy and snake Freddy portraits as well as the height.


DSC_0014NECA certainly hit it out of the park with this release. I am seriously in disbelief that I/we have toys/collectibles from these scenes in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.  I think it’s time for me to start brainstorming different accessories and forms of Freddy we could get in other accessory packs.  Perhaps Randy and his team at NECA are already ahead of me.  I hope so! One can only dream….   (see what I did there?)


Enjoy the video!