Mega Construx MOTU Wind Raider Building Set Review


I’ve already taken a look at some of the excellent MOTU Mega Construx mini-figs here (with more to come).  The mini figures I’ve looked at are now available as a 5-pack, in the US anyway, but the first vehicle has finally made its way into Canada!

Thankfully to Amazon (hey, I’d plug stores but I have yet to see them anywhere), snagging this set for $31.50 (CANADIAN!!) is a thing you can simply do.  If you’re a fan of MOTU, or even building cool things, why wouldn’t you want to?

I love the box art for this set.  To me, it’s a throwback to the vintage and Classics box for those version of the Wind Raider.  There’s some Classics aesthetics found at the bottom of the box with the small bio, style, and font, and I like all of this for people that collect stuff to keep it in the box or will keep the packaging after building the set as it won’t stand out in any unappealing way among other MOTU stuff.

At just under 200 pieces, this vehicle won’t take you too much time to put together.  If you’re familiar with the Wind Raider, and probably so if you’re looking at this, this little vehicle stays true to the the larger toy’s look.

The Wind Raider is about 18cm long and the wingspan is about 23 cm across, making it large enough for play and to stay in scale with the mini figures.   If you’re looking for any hidden compartments or engine parts exposed, you won’t find it on this little toy.

The vehicle’s rudder and wings can move and the anchor can also be removed and wound back into place by turning the bird head.  I didn’t take a picture of it off of the Wind Raider, but you’ll see it in the video at the end of this feature.


I really like the little touches to have the same side decals at the front as the larger versions.  While I would have like to have perhaps seen something a bit more intricate, or even a sticker here, the control area looks decent and has a place for you to place your figure’s hands to have them in complete control of the Wind Raider.

Speaking of mini figures, if you had not had the chance to get any of the awesome MOTU mini-figs, this set includes two: He-Man and Skeletor.  They are the same size as the packaged ones but there are a few minor differences to note.

I find He-Man’s face to be painted better on this figure compared to the one I bought in the store.  As well, this figure comes with his Battle Axe while the packaged figure comes with the Power Sword and his Shield.


Skeletor looks basically the same as his carded counterpart as well except I find the one that comes in this set to have a brighter yellow face.  This figure also comes with his part of the Power Sword where the carded figure comes with the Havok staff.

Reader, Jester, sent me the following in the comment section that I wanted to share:

Skeletor’s feet are painted as part of his boots, matching most versions of the original toy, versus the bare feet of the carded version (reflecting the cross-sell art and mini-comics).

He’s absolutely correct and I can’t believe I didn’t even notice that at all! Thanks for making me aware of it!


Posing these figures is a blast. They are so well articulated and balanced.  My daughter already loves playing with them, too!

No matter which one of these two you have in the Wind Raider, you’ll have a blast.  I am very pleased with this set, how the Wind Raider and the figures stand up to adult posing and toddler handling, and the overall quality.


Make sure you pick one of these up if you’re a bulider and/or a fan of the MOTU property!

Enjoy the video!