My Masters of the Universe Classics & Club Grayskull Collection Video

Version 2

Hey, everyone! As I’m looking back at the Masters of the Universe Classics line in my MOTUC Rewind series, and continuing to review the newest figures I receive, I thought it was time to finally do a walk-through video of what my collection looks like.

I’ve been collecting this line since it started and got the crazy idea of buying one to open and one to keep in the box to showcase behind the loose figure.  I had no idea the line would go this long but by the time I realized that, it was too late for me give up that way of collecting or else my collector’s brain would never forgive me.

Us MOTU collectors have had a lot to be thankful for.  We’ve gotten some really amazing figures.  We’ve gotten some duds too, and that just doesn’t go for some of the output from Super7 lately, either.  These’s been some good and bad every year and I’m just in awe of watch we’ve gotten.  I think, honestly, there’s been more good than bad and honest mistakes do happen.  That’s not me being an apologist for really bad choices or QC, though.  I’ll call those out in my reviews honestly if I see ’em.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this video walk-through.  There’s a lot to take in here so it is long.  If you do like it, come back often to the site, give my YouTube channel a sub for new figures, and check out my walk-through of my Sixth Scale figure collection.  I’ll have more coming soon of other properties as well.  Enjoy!