Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Mosquitor


Mosquitor was the final regular-sized subscription figure of 2012.  He wasn’t the final figure to close the year out but he was part of the last dash to the finish line.  Many fans were super pumped when he was announced and I was in that crowd that could wait any longer for Mosquitor to make his debut in Classics, even with other highly demanded characters still needing to be released at this point in time.

I loved the vintage Mosquitor figure when I was a kid.  Not only did he add more members to my favourite faction, The Evil Horde, he was just awesome looking with a really unique action feature.  Seeing  how the character is based off a mosquito, and mosquitoes suck blood, the vintage figure had an action feature where it looked like blood was flowing through his body after draining a victim.  It was pumped around the chest piece by pressing a button on the figure’s back. How cool is that?!?

He was introduced with the figures in the video embedded below. It’s a stellar cast of characters, I might add.  If you want more excellent info on the character, its development, and more, check out Adam’s feature on Mosquitor over at Battle Ram Blog!

The bio for the figure has its ups and downs.  There’s no real motivation behind him joining the Horde besides his life being dull and he’s made out to be another brainless character.  I’m still not a fan of the alliteration style first and last name (or even what they came up with), but that’s just my two cents.  The thing I do like is how Mosquitor is made out to be fierce and powerful, with even Hordak keeping his distance.

I’m still really happy with how this figure looks and the bulkier armour gives him the width that makes him more intimidating.  From what I remember, there was quite a bit of new tooling on this figure.  All the joints and articulation on my figure is in-tact and cause no issues.

The paint on the figure is pretty clean and nothing has rubbed off in time, especially with my toddler handling him as of late.  See? Even 3 1/2 year olds know how cool this guy is!  It must also have to do with the boots.  I’d wear those all the time.

As mentioned, the armour piece is bulky and I think because it’s cast in black, it actually helps the figure look broader in conjunction with the antenna/leg pieces that protrude from the back.

Speaking of the antenna (or leg) pieces, those can be positioned in various ways thanks to the ball joints.  The piece in between them looks like a spine is raised up, making him appear like he has scoliosis, which, of course, is odd because invertebrates have no spine!  Then again, this guy has legs and no wings, so he’s quite the amalgamation.

Due to the no action feature policy, we weren’t getting the blood seeping through the torso area, but we did get a translucent red chest piece to make it look like the figure was filled with fresh blood.

I find it quite amazing, though, that there’s no apparent Horde emblem anywhere on this figure. I wonder why.  I know the shape of his chest piece is supposed to represent it, I don’t see the Horde emblem in that at all, and rightly so.  Why would someone born (hatched?) already have an emblem for a faction in their DNA?

Mosquitor has one of the most unique looking heads/portraits in all of MOTUC, namely due to the shape. His face almost looks like he’s slightly robotic due to the silver bridge and proboscis.  Although mosquitoes have compound eyes, Mosquitor has one pupil on each eye that are centered.  I wonder what the figure would have looked like if they would have had the pupil parts painted so you could see them when looking at the figure head-on.

Version 2

Mosquitor’s only accessory is his blaster.  While a character like him shouldn’t rely on a weapon, I think it’s cool to envision him using this weapon to stun his enemies and then go in to suck their blood when they’re down.  Also, I’m sure he does needs something for long range combat.

I will also state that I’m a fan of this weapon because the design of it is also a unique piece and designed well.  It’s great to see some extra paint on it to make it pop more.


Mosquitor having the ability to hold his blaster with two hands makes posing him with it even better, not that he looks like any slouch with it in one hand.  Mosquitor is a simple pleasure to pose and reposition on my shelf.

Mosquitor is simply an awesome character and figure.  It’s too bad he never made an appearance in the 200X cartoon but at least NECA and the Horsemen gave him some love in the Staction line.  Those updates blended with the vintage figure to give us this excellent Classics release.  I think the Matty crew picked a great regular-sized figure to end 2012 with and, for people like me that received them a month after release, a good start to 2013.